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Beauty and Blessings from Broken Heart

Beauty and Blessings from Broken Heart

Beauty and Blessings from Broken Heart
(Beauties of  Fragrant flowers and Beatitudes of Garlands   from a Broken Heart)
      Life is a continuous journey- We face unlimited problems in it. This  life is narrowed only between  (15-60 yrs) Because we were not aware of much problems before 15 years and not much affected after 60 years of age. There are certain problems like storms, which ruin,disintegrate, falling to pieces of our lives which we never anticipated. Some times a great  complicated, problem comes on us all in a sudden, which make us, loose all our  strength to face them,  the heart is crushed into pieces — in such circumstances when we try to push the boat in this storm to the banks of river, with all our might and mind, even then, if we have to  face humiliation, rumours and unknown and unexpected incidents which emerge out from others–then we stand there awestruck, bewildered, unstable, weak and with Broken heart, even in such situations  can  this broken heart sprinkle flowers of fragrance and garlands of Blessings????
            Can this broken heart be glued again ?  May be a sort of thick membrane  cover it ,but when somebody fondly pinch it with their long nails, then, can those bloody tears can  they  be turned into fragrant flowers and garlands of blessings?
          We may forgive them who ruined our lives and humiliated us; but can we forgive them and forget those incidents which squeezed the lives of our beloved ones which broke them, crushed them mentally and physically , which made them helplessly close their eye lids and flew to the realms of endless distance;  can we just forgive  such people who caused all that turmoil and chaos without any reason?
         “To err is Human, To forgive is Divine”–  The imperfect man, can become the perfect person ? Is this divinity be possessed abundantly? Can the man who is dwindling between perfectness and imperfectness  get such divinity of forgiveness ?
        He is comely,  divinely perfect, perfect man, perfect lover of my soul, my king, the Lord Jesus Christ , only He showed how to forgive even such people; He gave us a perfect example of Love and Forgiveness. Yes those who could be merged in Him only can sprinkle fragrances of beauty and  garlands of blessings from their broken hearts.
       This is really a great rock of problem. From distance, it look like a pebble that we could handle with our fingers, but its not;  look like its possible but not possible, unless we are always alert and fight against it, vigilantly, forgiveness would not merge into our nature, into our disposition and we be able to live like him.
Some times in the life , we feel that we have succeeded in this area, of forgiving, feel we caught hold of it in our fist, but within seconds we find it slipped out of our fingers into the depths of earthly beams and comes out suddenly as volcano with all its rage. Then we stand immobile and feel ashamed of ourselves,put our heads down and question ourselves,”oh was that me!!?’–
       Every day is rolling by, down with words of prayer like a parrot;  but as the autumn season flooding our years finding that we cannot reach the perfectness of my Lord, our heart screams aloud with agony of repentance for not able to forgive and forget, still the wound in the heart try to erase the past like hide and seek game, wondering what is this that happening in our lives!?
       As life goes on we cherish those beauties of the fragrant flowers, and enjoy the gracefulness of the wreaths of beatitudes, all through, but yet the events of the past bring only gushes of tears again and again;,  and bring out dejected crippled feelings, what is the reason?
      Forgotten, forgiven fallen at he feet of the Most High and completely immersed into His goodness and praised God with songs of thankfulness and celebrated festivities of fortitude,  BUT –somewhere some challenge, some crooked arrow of mocking, somebody pinched the past,  then we found our selves again in that muddle of agony, indignation, volcano of restlessness.What is happening to us? why this antonym of forgiveness ?
      Where is that Beauties of flowery fragrance ? where is that wreath of Beatitudes ?
Nobody’s life is full of jubilation and celebration from the beginning to the end..Not of any Heroes of faith is full of exuberance and ecstasy. ==final goodbyes, deaths, disease, mortification, condemnation, are common phases of life. But these heroes of Faith in the epistle of Hebrew, flew into the vault of heavens like eagles. The tales of these conquerors were narrated in the epistle of Hebrews eleventh chapter with a twinkle in the eyes and smile on lips.While describing the different perspectives of   Faith, Hope,   the Winning episodes , the trumpets and  banners of these faithful warriors were mentioned sentence by sentence .
       “They intended to harm me, but God intended it for good’—We know it, we are enjoying the blessings out of it at every step of our lives, praising God, and we pray always with the same version.
But even when in the hands of Religious fanatics,  and exploiters being crushed and muted,  can theses praises follow us? Echo in our hearts?
All that was intended was only evil, –“I tried to do good to them, but they did evil to me, they ate with me as my friends, at one table,  but they lifted up their heel to kick in my heart,  they showed love by embracing me while stabbing me behind on my back,  humiliated me, left me to the fate of the life; even then, everything turned up into good for me”—Can we say this with all our heart by mighty power of the Holy Spirit ?
     In order to have a victory in these circumstances we need to get training in suffering, should we ? The broken and contrite spirit should be His offering, is it not?
   Some people’s life is like bountiful plate of blessings, live happily in serving the Lord, without any wrench, or jerk.  Still then, blessed are those who can enter into the lives of less miserable and experience their sorrows as their own.   We know those saints of God who lived with the suffering people forsaking their own pleasures and riches in life—Moses the friend of God,  St. Francis of Assisi, Florence Nightingale, Hudson Taylor, Catherine Booth–to name a few.
Our Saviour had gone through all the tribulations of life, just like us, He is the only One who can understand our weaknesses, and forgive and give victory, yes there is no one else as He is. He is my Lover, My friend, there is no other one to compare with . (Song of Songs 5:9b,16b who else is there like Him?
The Heroes of Hebrew got promises of great assurances but they did not enjoy those, they stood far and praised God ” They are still living by faith when they died.–They did not receive the things promised, they only saw them and welcomed them from a distance ” Heb 11:13  They saw the garlands of blessings but did not have chance to wear them.  They are the guides of our generation, they proved that they were aliens and strangers on earth.   the defeat and victory of life are just a shadow to them.
We are enjoying the blessings of the kingdom of God while toiling in it, and trying to bring the souls to Him, and witnessing the families come out of the dirt of sin and live for Christ, , that is enough for us as anointed oil to get healing to the broken hearts of us, nothing else we need to be healed.
He is the one who loves us eternally and unceasingly, His promises are the diamonds we pick in the problems of life,  He is the great Gardner who takes care of us, by pouring water and tending us carefully is it beyond reach to try to enter into the list of the heroes in a nook of its list? His diamonds of Promises are all that make us sharpen in our lives.. and make us diamonds to worn by the crown of the King.–His Diamonds of Promises, in His Living Word as we dug in, makes us Diamonds and Stars of Eternity,  a Promising generation , keeping us a legacy of beacon to the children, and children’s children.  Enoch walked with God and begotten sons and daughters. It was all that his testimony recorded in the word of God, what made him an unique person, loved by God so much, that He Himself just kidnapped him from the earth, without a notice served?  The mirth of God, the sense of humour of His, is  a mystery, altogether.  Can we be like this Diamond in our own little circle, may be just a family of 4 or five even?
*********************************************************************************My diamonds in my tribulations of life;
Job,13:15 Though he slay me, yet will I hope in Him,
Micah 7; 8,9 “do not gloat over me, my enemy! Though I have fallen, I will rise, Though I sit in darkness, the Lord will be my light…..Because I have sinned against him,, I will bear the Lord’s wrath, until he pleads my case and establishes my right. He will bring me out into the light; I will see his righteousness.
Job 16:19 Even now my witness is in heaven, my advocate is on High.
Habakkuk 3:19  Though the fig tree does not bud and there are no grapes on the vines, though the olives crop fails and the fields produce no food, though there are no sheep in the pen and no cattle in the stalls,  YET WILL I REJOICE IN THE LORD AND i WILL BE JOYFUL IN GOD MY SAVIOR.
Some times we could not utter one word of prayer, due to the oppression, even then He says, Numbers 3:7 was my promise, once, ” The Lord said, : i have indeed seen the misery of my people in Egypt .I have heard them crying out because of their slave drivers, and I am concerned about their suffering.”…some times our sighs become prayer.
Psalms 147:3 He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds.   Yes the broken heart will be healed.
Psalms 34:18 The Lord is close to the brokenhearted and saves those who are crushed in spirit. If only these Holy verses can be spoken with faith, that is enough in life.
***********************************************************************************cases from the Bible
1) She is in her prime of youthfulness, every thing in life is new and enchanting, engrossing her into dream lands of future, went to see the colour full world unknown, caught by the rapist who destroyed her life, her heart is broken so is her old father’s, and brother’s, who was she? can you imagine someone very near or dear in your friend’s circle.. what is your reaction? judgmental? feels empathy? any deeds of reprimand? or any kind deeds of helping? how? .
2) Loved her cousin, thought he was  harmless, and have brotherly affection, heard he was on sick bed not knowing it was the adulterous bed, went to cook for him and give him a resort of happiness, she was caught up in the net, manipulated to the uttermost humiliation, her colorful attire was torn up, thrown out of the room into the streets, weeping reached home, what is this heart says? broken into hundred pieces of glasses, what is the result ? are judgmental? feeling sympathy or empathy? what deeds of reprimand you expect from the society? how do you react to such a friends of yours?–Often these girls become dumb, and deaf, and become zombies,  no life, but breath; no words but full of agony in heart of heart. Are you able to see the tears of blood in those eyes?  Who is she ?
3}What  a terrible story.. its like this modern Nirbhaya story of Delhi gang rape,  She was just a puppet in the hands of men of the day, she had no name , no identity, no role to play, she is known as concubine, a doll to play with, sent out of the room in the darkness of the night to the hands of the rapists, they gang raped her , she at the moment of last breath reached back to the house where her husband was in, he saw her cut her into 12 pieces and sent to 12 states of the country. Horrible situation. How did you react to the incidents you heard of this sort? what was your reaction? were you just hard hearted? did you open your voice and spoke against it?  any way who was this lady in the Bible .. refer the book and chapter.
4)She was beautiful lady, clever, intelligent, and well educated, got married with many dreams to a man, later found out that he was drunkard,  useless and uncouth, stupid, and arrogant, .. how would be her heart? did you ever find a person like this? what was your reaction? suppose you are in that situation how would you react? Any way— Who is this lady in the Bible?
5) People were envious of her, she got two healthy grown up boys to do errands of the house, her husband was well known leader in the country, there were some problems in the place, they went abroad, settled well, boys got married to foreign ladies, everything was rich and good. suddenly she lost husband, even her sons by the unknown disease of the land. Left alone, reached back to the native land, her heart is broken, but her life was not forsaken by the Lord, He loves her, what happened? how she rose up to the occasion?   How could be your reaction? Judgmental? Reprimand? disapprove? Would you like to help such person, welcoming back to the town? would you take risk to visit her and lend some help to her?  Even when your self righteous congregation  points you that you are the black sheep of the family ? —Who was she in the Bible?
6)Going to the same place to worship, worshiping the same Loving God, One is happy in worshiping Him the other is not, both are blood related, cant hold the jealousy on seeing the other is rejoicing in the Lord,  he took his life as a revenge, the other’s blood is swashed around, and sunk into the soil of the earth, and still talking to His Lord, about the unjustful act of his brother Who is he, what was the repercussion of the broken heart then and there? how about the parents of these people, did they break? How do you understand the situation of these parents..? Do you understand the broken hearts of them? if you a find a family like that how do you console them? Are you sitting on a judgmental seat of self righteousness and wishing them to end up in the hell? —Who are they?
7)That is the journey of FAITH, Nobody walked in it before, leaving his own and going to the unknown, believed his kin will be his family, just because of the silly quarrels of the servants, he left him, is his heart broken? could you understand such situation? did you see any person who was cheated left alone after all that he did for his kith and kin? what empathetic words you have for such person how can you try to heal that broken heart of his?–Who is he?
8) He is a visionary, his sees things of the future, his words has meaning,  prophetic, his wisdom made him an enemy of his own, he was misunderstood, for what he forecast; sold as a slave , prisoned, and his heart was broken, into pieces, what happened to all those dreams he had? now in this dungeon, all alone, no ray of hope, heart is broken, laid down on the dirty floor and still dreaming? No dreams but God gave him wisdom to tell the meaning of the dreams of others. Still in the den of dirt, disease and squalor, his heart is broken, smashed in spirit, do you have a heart to understand him? Do you understand the person in the prison as your town?–Who is he?
9)  Sojourned.excommunicated, wanted to save his people, but thrown out by his own, fear took hold of him forgot all his royal skills, became a coward, ran away to a place unknown, heart broken, no hope of any bright future, all darkness in front, living alone in the wilderness among new people, lonely, heart broken, who can heal such heart? how can such broken heart give blessings? do you have any soft word for such person, or do you look at him suspiciously? — Who is he?

10) She was the daughter of the king, told every one she loved this man, married, but when problem rose up she married other man, when he tried to be soft on her by blessing her, instead of her promiscuous life, but she talked very lowly of him, his heart was broken, and never glued again for her. Who was she ? Who was he? What type of advise you can give to such person, How can you understand the situation? What happened to the law of God?Deuteronomy 24:4 KJV  4v. Her former husband , which sent her away, may not take her again to be is wife, after that she is defiled; for that is abomination before the Lord: and thou shalt not cause the land to sin, which the Lord thy God giveth thee for an inheritance.”Why he did he so? Should we follow the life of this man who was a king who set a wrong example in his marital life? are you bringing the creed of the culture upon him and accept him?–Who was he?

11)Life is wonderful, prosperous, , fame and name, godliness, and righteousness, model family everything is good and cool. Sudden disaster, all washed off, friends started to mock him, find fault in him. The body failed him, mind playing games, marital life on rocks,  Are you one of such friends?  Are you having some empathetic words for him? How do you judge him? —Who is he?

12) Furnace, hanging, lions den, prison, excommunication, execution, lonely fighting, rivers of blood… still with hope and faith; these hearts are sprinkling flowers of fragrance and wore the wreaths of blessings… how do you understand? do like to travel in the path of these people ? who are these heroes of faith? you are ready to go in that paths? are you getting training to do so on your knees every day?
                    Do you know how Diamonds form in the depths of the earth? It was only a stone, in the depths of the earth, hatched for many years, in terrible darkness and heat and pressure. When the earth vomits by means of volcano from the tips of the mountains, these will be thrown out on the surface of the earth. Still they just look like any other ordinary stone.
                   A christian is a stone, nothing else, he is formed from the womb of the salvation. Trails, make him a christian. But he is just like any other stone to look at.  Until he is broken like a stone broke into the heart of it.
When the stone is picked from the field ,it is brute, polished and the Lapidary with his skillful fingers, struck it into its heart with great thud of the hammer, before that he puts it under great pressure with other diamonds, to shape it into his liking. When the hammer hits it, it goes straight into it’s heart and the air out side reaches in it, and makes it a diamond.
The christian heart when it is broken it should get the breath of the God into him, then only Christian become a Diamond for God. A broken heart is all that needed. Passion held by principle of brokenness.
Some people react differently to their problems,
1) They  say, ” its all my fate, fatalism, and say they cannot rewrite any thing all that happened, they are more less like Procrastinators, they say, its written so it happened, they never bother about the past, present or future, they never can be diamonds.
2) Some people sunk into the problems, never could come out, they never try to think of the solution spiritually, they try themselves all the solutions from men and material, and find themselves more and more involved to the dearth of other problems, they become Pessimists, talk negatively all the time, no hope for life.
3)Some people divert themselves to other funny sporty type of life, entertainment, they say they forgot everything, nothing can be undo now, so eat, drink, and enjoy life… no God, no man, everything is MAYA, and try to forget themselves.. eat and sleep. These are the Entertainers. mostly like Pigs.If there is any one here that claim that they came from monkey, I tell you that you better believe that you came from Pig, because man and pig has more resemblance than ape. A man who believes he is from ape or pig behaves just like these animals, but a man who believes he is created by God behaves to live as He likes.
4) These are the people who realize the situation and knew the solution is in God’s hand, become obedient in His hands, and willing to have another blow in his heart, whatever , from the hands of God, beg the breath of God into his heart, thereby they become a diamonds in life. These diamonds always have the diamond of promises, guidance form the Book of Life.
                                         “We all the kings in His Kingdom.
We are free to do what we like,
Yet we do what He likes” -(-King of Dark Chamber)
                                    That is the real diamond in the hands of God
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