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1975-76 Dreams, visions

Most of the stories are connected to the book I wrote already” A true Story- Your prayer is Heard”
So I skip those stories in this book and write only those incidents I did not write in that book.

God started to speak to me in sundry ways, and diverse manners. Through dreams, visions, Preachings, biographies of Godly men and women, and through the Bible the most.
When I have a question I pray, When I have a doubt I pray, When I have a problem I pray, and God starts to answer me spectacularly. I will write how God answered me In the year 1975-1976 particularly.

One day I was very much burdened for the salvation of my father and mother. I was bitterly crying in my prayer and begging the LORD to save my parents.
That night I got a vision. It was so clear and vivid, as if it was real. I was on a big silver ship .All of us, many unknown people were sitting on DEck of the ship and listening to the Preacher who was preaching the gospel vehemently. I was immersed in the Listening to him. Suddenly there was a cry in the sky,Trump was loudly sounding. Somebody from the sky was shouting aloud, “ Second coming of Jesus is at Hand ” I saw people on the deck were shouting aloud crazily and running like ad people. I was also running thither and hither and closed my ears tightly and shouting for the salvation of my father and mother. Then I saw a big clock, brown in colour in the sky. I heard a voice from the sky again, “It’s God’s Clock.” This clock also has hands. But it has one hand on one dipper, and another hand on the other dipper. The hands are not moving but the dipper on the top was moving. I was staring at the strange clock then the outer dipper started to move, and stopped at 11oclock the inner dipper hand was already on 12 clock. Then I Heard the voice from the sky, Don’t be afraid, there are 5 more minutes to reach the end time. Pray earnestly for your parents and they will be saved. My heart was thumping loudly. I Woke up at once in sweat. And realized that God in His mercy gave me time to pray for the salvation of my parents,
Thus Prayed continuously for a few more years till they were saved and baptised. I was praying and following my dad in tears. Reading the Bible when he was about to sleep. I was praying for him to get rid of the evil woman whom I wanted to kill with the help of BAnamathi, an evil spirit just before my conversion.
Then the Lord started to act on the soul of my dad, He punishes them whom He loves. Whenever dad wanted to reach that woman, he gripped by the seizure and fell at the steps of that woman’s house. Slowly that woman started to spread the net to a doctor who was nuxlite. He started to write threatening letters to my dad that he would murder my dad if he contacted the woman. This woman trapped the doctor and started to live him. Mydad started to come to the church and repented for his sins sitting in the corner of his room fasting praying for 5 days. I too was praying for him in my room. He gave the bribe money to Br. Jacob to buy a place for worship. Ydad sold the fertile fields in our native place to clear his conscience. His disposition changed completely started to rea the Bible every minute of his leisure time. His voice changed. He was like a lion roaring but became like a lamb following christ. I was the happiest girl to win him for the Lord. My mom also repented seeing me leaving the prestigious Airhostell job just for objecting Bottu.She stopped to put bottu saying “Leela was much fond of bottu, but to leave that job means there must be something powerful in the name of Jesu” When I got lecturer post she was surprised by the miracle of God in y life. She too started to come to church. Then both of them repented at stuvartpuram set right thing in theri lvies by confessing at br. Dhevasahayam.
I prayed much for my siter, cried aloud for them. There was deep repentance onbehalf of them I was begging them to repent. God spoe to me that He would save them through this verse which consoled me alot andstarted to wait for their salvation which ccured in their lives slowly. Dumb and instable peole turn to the Lord. I will write in detail later.
The rest of the stories of God’s doing I will explain chapter wise.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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