28th Sept,11 -Day 1(a)


  1. 28th Sept,11 -Day 1(a)
I know that I have to pray that the Lord is Lord of all, my resources, my life, my everything belong to Him. i used to give Him even the 10th of my time, and thus acknowledging Him over my 24 hours of the day too. I used to preach/advice others about this concept of acknowledging Him as the Lord of each life. But lately I became so engrossed over the trivial foolish things of the world, and started to feel that ‘ My time is mine, I can get up at any time, I can go to sleep any time, I can relax at any time, I can eat at any time, do my hobbies at any time.” Though it is true and look like very harmless, outwardly, suddenly I realized that there is that egoistic word,”I” is overlapping all my thinking. “I, I, I, I”
the I concept which ruined the life of the King Nebuchadnezzar, in the chapter 4 of Daniel, verses 28 to 33— the king said ” Is it not this the great Babylon I have built as the royal residence, by my mighty power and for the glory of my majesty?” I have built, my mighty power, of my majesty… And he was driven away from people and ate grass like cattle. oh I know there was confusion in the mind of the king, because he was thinking that he was the ruler of his life. —Oh what i am doing now, I am thinking that my time, my life, my earnings, my time … my time. Oh no i cannot have power over my time. any more. I should give 10th of 24 hours to Him. It belongs to Him not to me. In that case what I have to do, I have to spend that time with Him. He needs to be worshipped, He needs our love, our companionship, our stay with Him, after all we spend time with our family members, our friends to improve our relationship with them, Otherwise any human relationship is wasted in long course of time. so is with our Lord, I must be with Him and do what He wants me to do. Is it a new revelation for me, na, no, na, I knew it with my mind all these years, and I used to give Him that because I need to , but not with love, it was a duty for me, but now its my love for Him, God is love and how much love i get from Him and how much love I could give to Him.. let me learn of this at His feet alone
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