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Doing the Will of God


Everyone is interested to know the best decision to take up in any problems in life. They inquire well-wishers, friends, and relatives and sometimes, they themselves decide what decision is best for them.

A matured person is known by the way he takes his decisions in life.  He looks at the situation, weighs the pros and cons of it, and takes up a decision: once he takes up the decision he will continue it irrespective of the consequences, courageously till the end.

A matured person takes up a decision based upon his past experiences, understanding the present situation and trying to speculate the future consequences also.

The good decision is good for some time, but it cannot solve the unforeseen problems of the future. There may be a number of decisions to solve the problem in an amicable way, but taking a wise decision based upon the guidance of God by reading His Word diligently. Only God knows the best decision, as He is the only One who knew the past, present and future of our life.

For example—

What type of studies we have to pursue; what type of job to choose; whom to marry in life; what to buy and where to buy; and such different questions could be answered by our All Knowing God alone.  Yes, even these and other “Trivial matters-matters to God.”

Knowing the will of God is the most important task in the life of a child of God. Because he knows that if he trusts in The Father, he will never be put to shame.

The Word of God stresses this point always, that the wise will understand the importance of seeking God’s Will in his life time at every juncture.

I cannot boast myself that I am a wise or matured person, but God, in His eternal compassion for a wretch like me, allowed me to know His will in the important mile-stones of my life by following His counsel.

If you divide my 6 decades of life into 10 parts, I am able to put only one  part of my life into these pages of this little book –titled “Your Prayer is Heard”—In this book I tried to explain how God speaks to a thirsty soul; how He leads the wavering lamb; and how much love He could shower on worthless people like me.

He called me, and found me and loved me as the apple of His eye, and the same God is waiting for you even now, just as He waited for me in all those years of wandering even now He is trying to make me what I ought to be.

Each one of us has a ‘PAST’; that past life influences our ‘PRESENT’ decisions; and we always try to sharpen those decisions with our limited intelligence.  God knows of our ‘FUTURE’- Therefore, this Omniscient God surpasses our PAST, and moulds up our PRESENT’, and determines our FUTURE with His skilful hand just as the Potter who works with a lump of clay in His hand. (Jeremiah 18:1-5) He works on it and makes it into a beautiful masterpiece of architecture and PRESENTS it to us as a GIFT of life.  Yes, to know the Will of God is always befitting to our spiritual growth. It is as bewitching as a Corner Stone to a beautiful structure.

People have a great desire to know about their FUTURE. They are very anxious to meet the palmists, astrologists and numerologists, so they can inquire about their future life. If they were informed of some dangers, hurdles and obstacles for their progress, they strive hard to escape those by sacrificing to their stone idols, or performing some dark and evil witchcraft to satisfy the spirits whom they worship. They want to escape those problems by hook or crook, by their own efforts.  But a righteous man, whose roots are planted on the banks of the River of Life, stands tall and would not weather, and his leaf is green in every season.

For he will be like a  tree planted by the water, that extends its roots by a stream nd will not fear when the heat comes; But its leaves will be green and it will not anxious in the year of drought, Nor will he cease to yield much fruit Isaiah 17:8


Every person need to take a decision in his life one time or the other, this simple but important issues would change his life instantly.  Usually we will have two or ten more paths in front of us to go, but only one path is the right one to reach our destination, which could be safe and sound.  That path is known to God alone. We need not experiment by trial and error wasting our time and energy by searching the correct path. If only we ask the Lord, He would lead us into correct path. If we ask Him He would reveal it to us.

How to ask God about His Will?– Neutral Point (.)

When we are at the brim of deciding an issue there would be always a neutral point where we have to stand still. We should nullify all our own likes and dislikes and come to a point where our own thinking would have no influence on our decision. This could be compared to the tip point of a pencil.  When we stand on that tip, there is a chance to fall on any side of the pencil but we have to balance ourselves in such a way that we could balance ourselves on that pencil tip, to stand steadily.  God’s will is known to us only when we could steady ourselves on that neutral point.

We should come to a point where our own wishes or wishes of others would not influence our decision. This could be possible by practice, by prayer, by taking the example of great heroes of the Bible like Abraham, the patriarch. When God tested  his faith in case of Isaac; Abraham chose to stand still on this neutral point. He killed his own likings, and disliking, before he went to Mt. Moriah to kill Isaac, he was just there to do whatever God tells him.In that point  the Lord intervened and revealed His will in the case of sacrifice of Isaac.  God’s ways are mysterious and also marvellous. It is known to them who yield to His Will with all their heart. There are no short cut methods in this.

Jesus our Saviour taught His disciples how to pray, “Our Father in heaven, Hallowed by Thine name, Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done on earth as it is done in heaven….”  Here we learn to pray that ‘His will be done on this earth’, it means first and foremost ‘His will must be done in our lives on this earth’. We must learn to seek His will in our trivial matters of life so that God would care those matters to reveal His will to us.

In Mathew Jesus admonished His disciples that, there is no use of calling me “Lord, Lord and telling Me that you have done great things in My name, like casting away the devils, healing the sick etc. But you know what would I say to you? I would say to you, you people first you must know that I never I know you because you never cared to seek the will of mine in any matter of your lives. What is the use of going to church regularly and pretending that you are godly if you do not know My Will in your lives? I do not know you; get out of my sight…!!” — Don’t you think it’s a great tragedy?  Calling oneself that he is a Christian and doing great work in  His Kingdom day and night but just by neglecting to know His will loosing His presence? Don’t you think it’s a great mistake that we intentionally commit and lose His love and perish in Hell? After all, our toil on this earth is to go to heaven, if at the end our lives if we are ignored and told to get out of His sight, don’t you thinks it’s great tragedy?  -Not every one says to me, Lord Lord, will enter the kingdom of heaven, but only the one who does the will of my Father who is in heaven. Many will say to me on that day , Lord, Lord, did we not prophesy in your name and in your name drive out demons and in your name perform many miracles?” Then I will tell them plainly, ‘ I never knew you, Away from me, you evil doers.” Mathew 7:21-23

Doesn’t matter! Even now at this autumn of life also, we could learn to reverse  this. We could surrender ourselves to His will in whatever situation we are in.  Life is short, but opportunities are many to set right our lives according to His will. Every day we face an opportunity to do His will. Surrender, yield yourself completely to Him alone and seek His will to do, even in the path you all ready walking on. He will find a way to lift you up from that miry clay and takes you under His arms to teach you to do His will. We have mighty God !! What loving Father we have!! As an earthly father has compassion towards us, the heavenly Father could show His compassion to us, wherever we are!!! Don’t you think it’s a great privilege to serve such a mighty God?

  • To know the Will of God is the most beautiful thing in this life
  • We can find out the Will of God only by the Help of the Holy Spirit.
  • The HELPER comes to us to teach us to remember what all that we learn in His Word.

HELPER tells us the things that would happen in our future and gives directions to take right decision in life.

When King David  wanted to know what to do in his life, where to go, which direction he could go, he did not depend on his own wisdom or the wisdom of his advisers. Instead he sought the Will of God by  his supplications at the feet of the Lord. That is the reason he was known as the ‘man after God’s own heart’! What a title to the child of God!! He is the man who knows the heart of God and follows Him as He wishes him to walk.  King David wanted to know what God would say about his decisions in life. His priority was God.  No man like him was known to the people. A man, who loves to do His will all the time in his life, is none other than the king David. We cannot find such great biography as of  David. ‘He asked- God Answered” could be one phrase to depictthe life of King David. He wrote all those great experiences in poem book, recorded those happenings, sang those songs and proclaimed His merciful deeds to all people.  He tried to count how he was patted on his shoulder by God Himself. His only virtue in his life was nothing but asking God for directions in his life. His God is real to him; he did not want to commit a mistake by taking wrong direction in life. So he was there kneeling down in his prayer room 7 times a day, and 7 days a week. It is all ways better to remember all the good things God has done for us, and try to count them and praise God for they are more than the hair on our heads David said. Not forgetting the Psalm 51 too where he cried aloud for his sins.

We too pray and get answers from God but we do not care to proclaim them or record them as David did. 1 Samuel 23:1-3; 4-5;  10-11; 12-14; 30:8,9; 11 Samuel 5:17-21;22-25;21:1  In these lines we could see how David questioned God and how he was answered by God.

If only we too could learn to record all that entire  doings of God for us, our hearts would overwhelm with thanksgiving, the rightful thanksgiving seeks to serve Him. When we dwell in His Will we will enjoy great heavenly joy right on this earth.

I was in distress one time not knowing what to do. All that I considered valuable in my life were vanished within a second, I was alone and tearful , lonely in my room, whispering prayer to my Friend and Father , all in a sudden I heard the word Shaeltiel  thrice by a male voice in my ears. I was jerked at once.. nd could not understand what it is. I knew that this name is in the Bible, but I did not know in what context it was there, or the meaning of it. I was led to search for the meaning of it bible concordance. There I found

“I have asked of God”—Immediately the same male voice was whipering in my ears.. “ Lela, you were recording all the great answers given by God in your search of doing His will in a little book titled: “WE ASKED—HE ANSWERED, right?                                  Now it is time to ASK ;not to weep, ask and you will be guided what to do next. “The voice was so clear. All my anxiety and tears vanished.. I ASKED God and He led me to start a monthly magazine AMMAVODI,  later HE led me to venture into writing books for the Glory of His name, one by one till now.

His Will leads us into green pastures, and makes us fruitful in His Kingdom till the end. There is no uncertainty in His will. We will enjoy His heavely joy on this earth.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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