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Instead of one day I started to go to these meetings everyday. I obesrved people going to the speaker and asking him to pray over them. I thought I better ask him to pray. I do not know what to ask him to pray for. But i went to him but i did not know how to address him so I said,’ Sir, please pray for me.” Joshua Daniel asked m,” What for I need to pray sister?” I did not know what to ask for, so I answered him, ” I need blessings”
He laughed and seeing my perplexed face, he instantly prayed closing his eyes. Seeing him closing his eyes, I too closed my eyes to pray. But I did not follow one word of his prayer. His words of prayer were strange to me, when he said Amen, I too said amen. I felt dizzy, left the dais and came home. This process continued one week. Listening to different testimonies, everyday, listening his message intently, asking him to pray everyday became my wont. Everyday he was asking me what to pray for, I am telling him for blessings, he was praying, and I could not understand his prayer, but saying Amen at the end. On the seventh day he said to me, ” sister, actually we planned seven days meeting in this place, but we are extending three more days, that is ten days meeting . I never preached 10 days in one place before, may be God arranged these meetings for you only!!’ he said happily. I could not follow his words, I was too docile to follow these new words, meetings, etc. At the end of that 10th meeting he announced that ” If any body wants to talk to me personally you can come to Coromondal Fisheries Guest house opposite to Municipal office. I will be in the guest house from 10 am tomorrow.” ((Continuation))

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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