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58th Birthday


Praise God, for i have completed 57 years, and entered into 58th year… there is this little princess Keerthana beside me looking keenly at the Birthday cake , wondering ‘wow even grannies like this person celebrate birthdays? haha ha and beside her, her mom and my source of courage and role model Soundharya… she is there enjoying the moment along with me. you may be wondering why i said that she is my role model, indeed though she is much younger to me, though she was my student long long back, i saw her growing with many a problems in life but never she showed a trace of sadness to others, and only because of her i picked up courage to learn driving the car. when i sold my Fiat she volunteered to pick me up to college and to home every day. she took care of mentally ill mom till the end and still looking after physically handicapped father still along with adopting a little girl when she was 2 days old… God bless her and let her be a blessing to many more in future.
Then besides her stood Madhavi , a close and bosom friend of mine, she was the one who cared for me in my bereavement days.. and still she is, she was so patient with me all the time and took the pains to show me OOty and conoor walking with me tolerating my aching legs slow pacing … she and me visited Bangalore so many times and she had been such a good company, many a times she brought food for me in the journeys just like my own daughter she took care of me.. how can i explain this strange relationship… wow she is wonderful girl.. God bless her.
and there is American boy … we call him so , a pet name, who was the one who planned that big cool cake for my birthday, ‘mom if it is aunty’s birthday we should plan some thing wonderful for her ,”was his joyful statement as soon as he recievd the invitation for birthday dinner.. God bless this little one for i have been blessed very much by this little loving friend.
Chandhu, madhavi’s dear hubby, he speaks so lovingly just as his wife Madhavi , allways assuring me of his assistance giving me great boost for my spirits.

Baradhwaja great old friend, since a long time who takes care of my financial matters by saving my money in right Lic schemes.. since my dear hubby was there. He and his wife Rajyalaxmi are such good friends … and there were Anila, Murali Madhu likha and Chakravathy …i will write about them in the next post.. for the time being this is enough…. otherwise it would be too late again….

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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