I had very beautiful childhood, fondled like a princess,  the teenage was tomboyish, which extended up to 19 precious years in life.  i knew the name of jesus Christ at the age of 4 years, and I knew the power in His name even at that age.  I knew I could claim His name to win over the powers of darkness even at that tender age. Later He used to touch my child heart through dreams, mostly, and some visions now and then. Only at the age of 20 years I found that He was the lover of my soul. started to express my deep feelings at His feet, and learned to listen to Him.  For the past 45 years of my walk with Him taught me many lessons of life till now.

               The woods are lovely , dark and deep

But I have promises to keep

And Miles to go before I sleep

And Miles to go before I sleep–Robert Frost



Leelavathi Malaka was born to Mr.Naganna Rtd DSP  & M.S Narayanamma ( School Teacher) on 28th August 1952.

She finished her UG in A.S.D Women College , Kakinada in 1970-73 with History , Economics and Advance Telugu Litt with a title Telugu Pandit in those days.. Later she chose to do  PG in Social Work in Andhra University, Waltair in 1973-75. After finishing her post graduation she was selected as an AirHostess in Air India, Santacruz Mumbai and finished the training successfully.  As per her personal convictions, she resigned the job there and joined as lecturer in Social Work in St. Theresa’s College , Eluru and worked from 1976-2010 for 35 long years teaching UG level students. She was NSS Officer and conducted 12 Rural camps and Medical camps in flood ridden areas. As a Lecturer she submitted number of papers in various Seminars all over India, say, Delhi, Gouhathi, Hyderabad, Poone, Mumbai, Banglore, Chennai,. She was an active member of Indian Association of Social Workers , and American Association of Social workers, Rotary Club,  and President of Innerwheel club. many Social Work activities were conducted for HIV /AIDS patients, and children; Physically Handicapped and Mentally Challenged  patients , Cancer patients,and Old Age people. Her contribution to OLD Rikshaw pullers was applauded by the public and recognised by Andhra Jyothi and Hindu papers.  She has love for the poor and needy and rendered much services to them by kind and cash. Later she did PG in English Litt ; Bachelor of Theology, in Eluru were added to her credentials.

She and her husband Tadigiri Yesurtnam toiled from grassroot level of LEF International Branch at Eluru from 1985-2000 leading many souls to Christ in and around Eluru. while earning their livelihood as St. Paul.

She published AMMA VODI  a monthly magazine for a decade whichwas widely circulated among Telugu reader nationwide. She translated the great allegory of John Bunyan PILGRIM PROGRESS  in simple Telugu Language for the sake of common people. Translated the book “Your Destiny is the Sky” written by                Fr. AlEfnso into ” GAGANAME NEE GAMYAM”

Later she wrote a book on first wife of King David Mchal to depict the present trend of modern girls and women who misuse the freedom given to them by Social Legislation, recently. titled as NEE PREMA NIJAMAINADHENA?.  Hwe next venture was to proclaim the power of praying woman like Deborah , the prophetess, titled as ‘THEYNA TEEGA”.

So far she wrote two bolumes of her walk with her Saviour, Jesus Christ one titled as AIRHOSTESS, and another as  NEE PRAARDHANA VINABADINADHI. Her books are read by many Telugu people through out the world. She was the member of “Single Simplicity” and attended Women Retreats in Virginia. She  is a close associate of LIGHT HOUSE in LYNCHBURG and works along with Br. Finny Mathew and Martha Brown , Virginia. her speaches were broadcased  in TV chanels since 2008 till the day. her series titled as DHEVUDU MAATLADUTHAADU; and OKA DHIVYAMINA SANGATHITHO  to reach many villages near Eluru.

Now she being the member of the Executive Board of GTCM determined to work for the glory of God under the eminent leadership of the men of God of the team.She presently working on a book in English language to reach the readers around the Globe.

Her website consists of her stories with the Lord, her musings and reflections on the Word of God.  www.mygodmystory.com

She humbly prays that sh could be remembered as “She has done all that she could”for the glory of God  Mark 14:8