about the book nee prema

when i read about the Indian educated girls loving and marrying an auto wallah or a tailor, or an wood cutter, John Holt could not find any thing wrong in it. he simply asked me is it wrong/ ? I could not answer him because in america this is not wrong, they never give any importance to any status symbols, because they do not like to hoard money, or save properties, but to live independently and just for the day. In Indian culture this is different , parents do not like the marriage alliance with low status, or low class people than themselves.
Therefore the incidents I quoted in this book mostly not accepted in Indian culture. The other things like the heroin of the book Mikhal loving David, or leaving him for another man, and marrying him, again coming back to David is not taboo either in western culture or in the days of David may be.
whatever this book is solely to open the eyes of the teenage girls, and their parents to understand the horrific consequences of too much freedom.

Some pastors after reading this book started to revile at me, saying that I am speaking too much about the girls, humiliating them.
But God wanted to open the eyes of these blind pstors may be, when they attended a Thanks giving prayer of one family where the girl got a good in London with scholarship, but the girl was not there. Later they came to know the girl went to Delhi to attend a seminar and supposed to attend the prayer meeting the previous day, but she was caught up in lodge by the police with her paramour and was in police custody therby could not come home, however they tried to cover up . This incident opened the blind eyes of such pastors and they begged for the book i wrote and took it to read.
The incidents written in the book are real incidents, and the real plight of the modern Indin girls and wives. This I wrote not to humiliate any one but hoping that this book be an eye opener to many and thereby be cautious and lead proper lives for the glory of God.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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