Ages Passed Away

Ages passed away, since i scribbled here in my blog, i almost forgot the title of my blog too, i surfed over the net with different names and ultimately searched in Google and found my own blog, sitting there and staring at me, Strange, everything seems so futile and useless, i do not find any meaning in anything, i started to observe people from the above and i feel along with the wise king, and say loudly in my heart, How futile is this life, vanity vanity, everything is vain and useless.

20 days passed since i am retired, i praised God for i did not fall asick during my working days, Though i fall asick i could get up from the bed soon and could walk again now, These 20 days are great lessons to me, all i want is rest and rest and rest both physically and mentally, lot of sleep which is essential for my aching bones is fullfilled, and i am glad for that, and thanked God for that.

wonder why i feel that all is drama and whatever i do is just acting? i feel not to talk to people, because the way they speak i do not like, i feel lonely even when i am in midst of any group, i am not able to enjoy anybodys company,

I wish to establish the relationship once again with my saviour, but i do not see any thing to pray, except that i wish to pray for some sick people,

whatever i may find solace only in prayer, otherwise i do not see any meaning in this life…..

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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