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1974 , I was studying in Andhra University , doing my M. A in Social work. I went to my friend’s house waiting for Pamela Thomas who went to the other friend’s house,Mangavalli, which was in the next street. Pamela was the daughter of the Head Master of C.B.M school, in Vizag. Her mother told me to wait there for a few minutes as my friend would come soon. I was looking into the news paper, Indian Express which was kept on the table. If I was not there in that house, if I did not see the News paper there, there wouldn’t be any story to write this book. And my life would be quiet different. But God knew that I was supposed to be there and it was already determined in His Plan for me. He had test for me and He wanted to see or test my love for Him. That was a hidden thing for me at that moment. As the life goes on I come to know that He reveals His plan to them page by page as we yield to His plan in our lives.

It was just happened I saw an advertisement there , its about Air Hostess employment availability in Air India International Air Lines. which is in Santacruz, in Bombay. I had gone through the qualifications required for this post, and they are there, she should be not less than 5.4′ feet, weight should be less than 50 kgs, with a charming skin with perfect teeth, and good eye sight , fluency in English language and also knowing Hindi . The minimum education qualifications were S.S.L.C, they asked us to send a pass port photo front and side postures.

There at the table I remembered back in the employment exchange in 1970 in Kakinada after I finished my P.U.C and I was about to join in B.A degree in A.S.D women;s college . There in the office , on the wall I saw a an advertisement . As soon as I saw it I knew its just for me, all those qualifications required for the post , I felt I have. That was all I never gave one more minute over that advertisement till I see again the advertisement in Indian Express on that day. And I never thought the opportunity of changing my life completely from that moment was just that, that minute.

Seeing the news paper and the advertisement in Pamela’ house made the sleeping desire of becoming Air Hostess was awaken. I thought it would be good if I apply many jobs and attend the jobs to earn some experience of Interviews in seeking employment. I had to finish my Post Graduation yet, but this experience would help me in long run. That was my opinion when I wanted to apply for that job that day. I used to read Competition Success and Reader;s Digest regularly to update my knowledge about further preparation in life. so I applied for the post as Air Hostess in Air 1974. Later that year I got a call letter for interview in the same post from Air India Office in Hyderabad. I went to attend the interview hope to have experience of Interviews. The officer asked me some questions and asked me’ whether I would get First class in my P.G studies ‘as I am in last semester at that time. God Willing” I answered just like that, “What?’ he stressed the question once again, a little surprise in his eyes for I brought God in my answer I suppose. I repeated the same answer ‘ If it is His grace I will get the First class , little knowing that i would be deprived of that shortly. He told a few instructions about personal care , especially hair etc. for the next meet.
Thought I did not heed much or ponder over it.

I forgot about that interview in course of time too. We finished my last semester exams, I did not quest for important questions, never asked any one about that matter, even when the opportunity was just in front of me I was never tempted by leaked questions or whatever. I studied A to Z of the syllabus so My answeres in exams was no where in comparison with the others who got certain questions to be prepared for the exam. Naturally I could not get the marks they got, or the class they got. or the medals they achieved. I told my dad that I would certainly get good first class marks but I lost it with just less 1% marks therefore my dad was very much disappointed with my performance and we both were very low in spirit that day. But the same day I got a registered letter in post informing me that I was selected as Air Hostess and they gave guidelines for me to come and join in Air Port , Santaruz, Bombay. The letter says that I would get some scholarship during the training and that I need a little money as deposit, this and many other instructions , which really filled my eyes with enthusiasm all of us in the home were uplifted in spirit with this appointment letter. I felt like I was flying into the sky like an airplane. The whole atmosphere in the house completely changed, in the place of sorrow there came joy and smiles.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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