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Many try to imagine this training which is beyond their comprehension. The staff who work in the Air craft are not within the purview of common people. We can imagine the teacher training or police training and other umpteen trainings , as we happened see many professionals in our daily life such as doctors, lawyers, anywhere. Seeing them at their work , we can guess the way they were trained up for some extent. But as it was very rare to travel in air planes in those days(1976) to know about Air Hostess and her life, or training was impossible, unless you know someone very close. .

As it was in those days, even now a days one cannot get right hand information about air hostesses unless one has close association with them. When I started to work as a lecturer in a college later,I found to my surprise the students used to ask many questions about my ex-training in Air India. In fact, I must say that this book I chose to write about the detailed information about this profession is the inspiration , and encouragement I got from my students.

I try to put forth all that I had undergone as an Air-hostess in Air India International Airlines, as far as I remember

DRESS CODE:—I worked in the Airlines–Air India International Air Lines. That was 1976. In those days there were 60 airports for Air India So they took 60 Pass port size photographs from us and sent them to different countries and gave us Identity cards and prepared work Visas to these countries.

As it is today , there was no Internet facility in those days Everything had to be done by transportation by air or Rail or road. And there was great value for the word of men. People used to trust each other. cheating , deceit were very rare. May be one or two rare cases like Charles Shoban Raj , a French Serial Killer used to be found. –he used to drug the people and kill them.He used to be called as Bikini Killer or Cobra. People used to tell each other many stories about such people, he used to kill Vietnamese and Indians mercilessly. But such people were very rare. We used stories in the news papers as serial episodes every Sunday in the Indian express. in 1980 The horrible kidnappers namely ” Ranga nd Billa story was published as stories.They kidnapped two children and killed them. whole country was burnt with that news, But now a days any magazine , any news paper, any page we read such crime stories in thousands Therefore travelling 60 countries getting viss was not at all tinted with deciet. Everything was genuine.

We were given copper sulfate color and bringal colored pure silk saris.,The same color silk blouses, and they should be stitched with long sleeves, and tucked into the under skirt of the saree. the neck should be round and small the saree should be wrapped around the hips and pinned and on it , the other part of the pallu should be pinned on the shoulder, it means the body should not be visible any where. There should not be any ornaments on neck or ears.Even if there is chain it should be very thin and should be covered in the neck of the blouse. No bangles, only a wrist watch was allowed.

The body structure should be very attractive , there fore we used to be very beautiful to look at. When a person was selected as Air hostess, they test the ability of languages, her out ward appearance , The post of Air Hostess was really a great and much wanted rare post in those days. Because it was International Airlines, the uniform code was very special to reveal the beauty of Indian woman . About the Make-up , from the toe to the hair the trainee should take care of them very carefully. It was like 6+6 months of beauty treatment like. . We used to have special beauty classes and special care of beauty treatment. ( continuation )

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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