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Air Hostess

To be an Air Hostess  in the year 1975 was a dream of young girls of my day, I was 18 years old, when I saw Advertisement in the Employment Exchange  office in Kakinada, to register name in the employment bureau  soon after my P.U.C. 1972                                                                                      I quickly gone through the contents, of the requirements for one to become an Air Hostess. “Tall, Thin, good structure, good  and clear completion , good teeth, good sight, fluency in English language, with an additional knowledge of understanding Hindi language.   As I  left the premises of the office along with my father, I did not have another thought about it till I saw another advertisement in Indian Express in my friends’ s house while waiting for her in 1975,  I checked the contents again with a little curiosity, Its an advertisement calling  to apply to be recruited immediately, the requirements were just as above , and asked  to send a photo in front and side pose along with application. The qualifications of studies was only S.S.L.C  —                                                                                                                                                                                                               I thought I had all those qualifications required for this post, and also I wanted to get interview  experience as much as possible by attending different interviews before I finish my PG. in Andhra University, I took the advertisement seriously. After going home, I went to the Photo Studio in Jagadhamba center in Vizag and took two photos of mine and applied immediately and for got about it all most.  In my final semester I got a call from Air India Office of Hyderabad. As I told you my intention was to get as much experience as i need to appear for different interviews once I finished my P.G.        I went to the Air India Office.  The interview was simple and to the point, as I did not yet finished my P.G the officer asked me whether I am expecting First class in my results. I answered him” God willing Sir!” for which he little bit surprised and again asked me the same question, again I answered him the same, with a smile.

I was studying hard in the P.G course I promised my dad that I would get First class in my studies, when he scolded me that I was wasting my time by going to church and to retreats etc.  But it so happened my class mates used to gain the question paper before hand somehow. They used to prepare for the given questions in the leaked out paper, wherease I did not accept this, and I was studying the whole syllubus A to Z , Naturally my classmates got first classes and gold medals, but for me I got high second class only. Which disappointed me and my dad very much . We all were in gloomy phase, then the next day, I got letter from Air India Office in Santcruz Bobmay tht I was selected as an Air Hostess, and insturcting me to come and joiin immediatly and come to madras to get into a pre arranged flight of Air India to reach Bobmay for the training.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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