an American view on modern flip of gender roles (nee prem…)

John Holt, an Amercan point of view— on listenting to the whole book NEE PREMA NIJAMAINADHENA? in English translation in one sitting. Here is his view on modern women and fmily in his own words.

Marriage in America has been drastically changed over the pst 40-50 years. What was once an institution that held the family and community together , has now became something of little importance to many Americans.Women have been making gaint leaps forward inareas such as women’s Rights,educational opportunities, and economice indeendence, but this progress has both produced positive and negative effects. I am all for honouring women in society and in marriage. I fully support equality for both sexes and never want to see the oppression of women. I do however believe there are certain Biblical standards that we should abide with.
By God’s design men have been and will continue to be the head of the house, the symbol of the power for the family, however over the centuries , men have abused this Title, and they abuse0neglected the women and their wives altogether.
Women have now begun to progress to a level of independence as never have been before, but I believe many women beginning to abuse these new rights and privieges. This is seen primarily in marriage, where once submissive wives have taken controle of the family and force the men to take back seat. I believe marriage is partnership with specifice roles for men0women.and mrriages does not work outcorrectly without honouring these roles designed by God. American mariages last on qverage 6-8 years these days and I believe that this increase in divorce is a direct result of the flipping of gender roles that were never meant to be by God’sdesign. This in turn has led to more consequences in american society, more pre-numptual agreements are signed today than ever and cohbittion or living together , raising a family without marrying is also all too common. This flip of gender roles has led to divorces increase, which in turn leaves people scared of ever getting married. This ultimates leades to different veriety of relationships which do not follow the Biblical standards and against God’s Design of family.
The children raised under these new conditions,objervant keenly as children are, and learning relationship which offend God.
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