At His Feet

The Tenth commandment speaks stealthily to us, unlike the other commandments it give an explanation of what we should not crave from others, and speak to our hearts and the very motives of desires — the list goes like this -YOU SHALL NOT COVET–neighbor’s house; neighbor’s wife; his male servant; female servant; ox; donkey; anything of your neighbor’s—

One little boy saw a tin of cookies and wanted to eat those without telling his mom; so he wanted to eat as many as he can, but the jar of the container was too narrow, so he slowly inserted his palm into it and hold a fist of cookies and tried to pull his palm our of the jar, but he could not ” then he started to cry loudly and weep.. for he could not bring out the fistful of cookies out of the jar. When his mom came and realized the situation the little by involved she told him loveingly ‘ leave the cookies and let ur palm come out of the jar first then you can take cookies one by one by turning the jar upside down.—but the greedy boy did not like the idea, started yell at his mom, cry louder but did not loosen the fist to let the cookies go. then the song.. Greedy greedy boy.. came into existence…”

Greediness leads to theft ( 8th commandment), lies(9th), dishonoring mother by yelling at her(5th),
so on and so forth.

When people have greediness they behave awkwardly, they do not feel shame to do anything. I know a woman who goes to any where to any place to eat. Even any body die in the neighborhood she will attend the memorial day feast, Hindu, Muslim or Christian. Attends any wedding of any one if any where worhether she knew the bride or bridegroom or not. She goes there and eat so much, also takes a plastic bag with her, or a steel box with her to fill it up with the food they serve there to bring home. She is a high school teacher. She makes friendship with at least one muslim and gathers food on their festival days. goes to their houses, on that day and eats, and bring something to the house. She never spend money on food items, but saves all the money to buy gold and lands..puts all gold in locker and wears the clothes given by others. She will manage to get the clothes by asking the others to buy for her when she accompanies with them to any shopping. If taken to a hotel she will order as much food as possible and eats as much as she can and ask the hotel boy to pack everything left out and takes it to home. It means she can eat three chappathies, but orders 6 at the expense of the one who took her to hotel, and the rest 3 she will pack to take home.
I know another lady who draws more than one lakh rupees per month, but she is so greedy, never can give a little more to employ the servant to keep the house clean, she all ways worried about a plastic glass or bottle or vessel if she gives to any one. The way she shows her sorrow over the misplaced plastic things, gives me disgusting feelings. She even dares to eat the things brought for her sick mother who is on bed. she is so jealous of others, cannot bear to see them spend money for themselves, she misplaces their purses or throws them out , taking revenge for they are spending money for themselves. These things I saw with my own eyes. There is another lady who is so greedy who begs any one coyly to get gifts for herself or for her family. never feel ashame to beg in such a way. these three people I had been observing since many years, how shamelessly they employ themselves to beg or steal or other things by their covetousness. There is one boy who comes into the houses, on plea to help and promises that he would give some thing to their need and takes the things belong to them telling them he needed them and never keeps his promise. I saw others who so cunnigly ask money for God’s work and cheat people.

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