At His Feet

This morning I was online hoping to c Happy and to talk to her online somehow I was led like that even before I read the Daily Bread, then i saw a letter from one of my close friends, and i was led to reply her then and there, and after i sent it i wondered how far my reply has substance, and here is my reply and later the daily text from Daily Bread, which consoled me a lot ………go thru, and find the strange ways of Gods answers.
“Don’t u think that we talk to each much deeply and intimately on emails rather than in person, either on phone or directly? woo wwow that was real big concern that u have showed to me by telling me that i should live with children
I do not know what Jesus would have to told us suppose He lived amongst us once again. He knows the pretty well how human mind would change and the cultures would change, I am sure that the women in those days were not at all like this as it is now. Do u know the history of the church? God u will be shocked to know the things that had had happened and the church took tyrannic actions toward the people. St Paul’s writings were very complicated, God love is the same for both woman and man, His way of teaching and caring was different, Well my views about Paul and his writings are quiet different, bec i know the heart of My Heavenly Father, I do not think that He will bring the curse of EVE still on me, even after He had come tothis world thru a woman, Tell me can u agree with St Paul the way he went and shaved his head to fulfill his vow past?
Take the present day context , move among the beaten women like me , feel with them, live with them be one among them, wear the shoes they wear, Even prostitutes, Hiv/Aids infected women, u will say what Paul said was not correct in many cases about the women………….hahah, i think i am preaching here, i have many messages in my heart, to speak but i dare not, as it is i am alone again, if i have a man in my life who supports me who really encourages me and not selfish and inferiority complexed i would have been a Revolutionist by this time in Christondom, haha well life is great and strange, and i know what I have to do, I need to seek for His directions still in many areas, wel welllllw ellllllllllllllllll i stop now,
otherwise i fear i loose a good and sweet friend of mine

That was the letter i was writing to one of my close friends,
Then i thought how wonder it is to have different opinions about the very crucial issues in life on which i did agree with many all these years of my christian life, i feel now i am different, i think different , i see the word God supports me in my views too,
Wow interpretation of the word of God is very easy, each person sees it in different angle and talks about that, actually unless and until u r there in the situation u will never know what it means, that is the reason why i like the writings of Richard Wumbrand, the great warrior for Christ, his approach for life is different from any one here , the so called great preachers, unless and until u r in the Gods underground church u will never understand what it is to read the Bible and understand, Hey again my sweet Our Daily Bread is my rescue, here it is what it says…
“So Leela right? or Leena right? why cant we agree? Different personalities, history, or knowledge can color people’s views, It does ‘nt mean that one person is right and the other is wrong, yet sometimes we can me unkind, rigid, and judgmental if there is not agreement,

Can we learn someone who sees things with different a different perspective? do we need a practice a little patience and love ? i am grateful that God is abundantly patient and loving with me.
This answer helped me a lot to revive my demeanor and disposition today/Yes this is really a daily bread for me, and i need it everyday to my starving soul.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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