At His Feet 2

The other day I heard a voice in my dream 1 Peter 2:5 …. When i read the verse, I found that this is the answer to the question I have deep down in my heart, in my subconscious mind… sleeping inside the folds of my brains. I was astonished How could this be possible.
I read this chapter many times since my conversion, in fact the 1 st verse of this chapter was the one all ways I remember and learnt it by heart.. and there after the verses were read and reread many a times. But never I remember this verse , or never it took my attention, never in my life.
Even after reading it, it took quiet a time to get the essence of the verse, and slowly I found the inner meaning of it , and recognized that this is the answer to my innermost question which I never expressed to any one, nor even uttered loudly to my self too.
The inner thoughts go like this….” God has given me so much light in the life, He taught me how to walk with Him, How to recognize His voice, How to be neutral in my thoughts and actions, to understand His will , His thoughts His way at every turn and twist of life. It was mere grace of Him, that I could His WILL, His THOUGHTS, His WAYS in my life. If I did not know His thoughts I did not have courage to go forward, I was scared to death. Life was mere confusion and sorrow. So many a times I sought His instructions, His support and His guidelines just to escape misery, wast of time and money, waste of energy and shame and agony. His ways were wonderful, sweeter, and gave me strength…Out side, people think that I make much ado over nothing, they think that I was waiting for long time to take even smallest decision in life, they think that some times I do not keep up my promise, but take back a step which they never expected that I would take, they think that I am crazy one who all ways speak of God’s will, so weak and meek that never could think properly all by myself to take up one single step in life immediately They also think that I am PROUD enough to say NO to certain things in life even after much coaxing and requesting me to follow them.
Oh yes, this has had been my pattern of life all these years. But ultimately I saw that all my decisions though look foolish, has had fetched me much PEACE, in my innermost being, And I never turned back and felt regretted for those decisions which stood on the moral ground of HIS PROMISES AND GUIDELINES. I can say now that is the LIGHT God has given me. But after the demise of the dear husband, I do not have the chance to build a church in physical sense, though I wanted to have one . But as a woman and culture of the country, and the very disposition of mine did not allow me to take lead and construct a Church , a visible Church such as the one we did before. so I was contemplating on an issue day and night. and wondering why I am deprived of what I wanted?/ and what shall I do with all the light He has given ito me. How stupid I am for I am exactly hiding that light under the bush and and under the cot and sleeping over it. God would ask me for my laziness. This and many other thoughts gnawing my inner soul.
Now the verse I got in my dream .goes like this.
1 Pet 2:5 You yourselves like living stones are being built up as a spiritual house, to be a holy priesthood, to offer spiritual sacrifices acceptable to God through Jesus Christ.’
I read and read this verse again and again, not understanding what it mean, and why it has come into my dream…. slowly it was understood and revealed step by step. I need not worry about my Church, God is calling me to be a living stone and to be a holy priesthood, and I here after need to give spiritual sacrifices to build up a spiritual house. Not the house which could be built with cement pillars, or tin sheds.. I am shocked for this direct answer.. from God. God is calling me to be His Holy Priesthood, to build a Spiritual house . This spiritual house would be with living stones any where in the whole world. it may be in uSA or Australia, or Delhi or Hyderabad.. Eluru or Vizag or a small village like Penumakalanka… Great God all I need to do is just give the light He has given to me at his season of my life… the leaves are falling down, the branches are being withered, life is at its wits’ end. But they that wait upon the Lord will shall renew their strength …

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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