May be God has a work for you in this place….
Many a times we come to a point where we just wonder why we are placed in this place. Certainly when God’s people are given certain cozy confined comfortable environment to enjoy and to relax and nothing to do much, particularly in such haven to live in.

But everything doesn’t seem not so comfy outside your harem, your protected portals of Palace. And that news reached your ears as it did to queen Esther, what we you are going to do. The TV, the news papers, the internet is giving all that bad stuff happening to our very own parts of the body. But still are we not suffering with those limbs mutilated, eyes gauged out. heart pierced into pieces, body burnt up?

Just because we are in safe length of distance may be too far from Iran , Irac, Afghanistan, Pakistan, where our brethern are torched to death, persecuted and killed ?

Many of our friends do not have the habit of reading news paper or knowing the things that are happening around the world. They are enjoying their foolhardy, make shift life.

“For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from other place, but you and your father’s family will perish. And who knows but that you have come to your royal position for such a time as this?”
These are very strong words to think about. Remain silent at this time???? At this times of jeopardy? At this time of choas, riots, and oppression?

The response of queen Esther was appreciable. She reacted in such a way, equipping herself to put herself in the place of those who are going to be persecuted in the hands of the wicked. She put herself in a position of martyar. Even if I die , I die. was her slogan of her life.

The result of that prayer , the history of the nation was changed, the persecution stopped, the Jews were protected, and released. Are we not in those times once again?

Yes we are happy to be in safe place, but people are perishing, where there is no vision people perish. Do we have that vision of Mordacai and Esther? If only they did not pray what would happen .. yes certainly relief and deliverance would come to Jews from other quarters, but Esther name would not be in Bible, and she and her family would have erased from the history of the world. But it did not happen like that, because she gird up herself to fast and pray and do something taking risk of putting her very own life on stake.

Yes, the Jews have had many persecutions, no doubt about it, we say, its because they did not believe in Jesus or because they displeased God, and God punish them because He loves them, etc etc.

Let us see what Luke 13:1-5 says:

Pilate killed, murdered certain Galileans while they were sacrificing the goats, bulls and oxen in the temple; and he purposefully mixed that blood into the blood of sacrifices. People were thinking that they were killed because those were bad people. But Jesus was asking them a stright question, Do you think they died like that because they were bad? If you do not REPENT AND IF YOU DO NOT HAVE REBORN EXPERIENCE you too will be perished like that.

Oh my … this is too much to hear, is it not? None but Jesus said this. He also reminded them about 18 people who were crushed under the tower which was fallen on them. The name of tower was Siloam. Not the WTO twin towers. Do not think they were worse sinners, or more guilty than of us. He warned them REPENT OR YOU WILL PERISH.

The message of Jesus Christ, the essence of the gospels, was about Repentance, Rebirth. Unless we have this experience we will be perished too.

The very first message of Jesus was recorded in Matthew, was 4:7 Repent the kingdom of God is near.

The very last message of Jesus was recorded in Luke24:47 REPENTANCE AND FORGIVENESS OF SINS should be proclaimed. was His commandment.

The very essence of His message was recorded in John 3: 3..Truly Truly I say unto you, unless one is REBORN AGAIN he cannot enter into the kingdom of God.

3:7 YOU MUST BE BORN AGAIN. do not be surprised for I am telling you this.
3:11 He is asking why you do not accept my testimony, telling you that you should be REPENT AND REBORN?

John the Baptist was telling us REPENT AND BE BAPTIZED… Repentace is all the most the first step before we take up baptism. Rebirth experience is needed even before the Baptism. John the Baptist of course did not spare the Pharisees when they came to take baptisim without Rebirth experience. He called them on their face ‘you brood of vipers”

When I came to know of Christ first in my life I heard that One must repent and experience rebirth and get the assurance of forgiveness.
I wondered not understanding this word repent, especially in Telugu language the word was translated as TURN AROUND, or CHANGE OF MIND.

I could not perceive what does it mean, Change of mind..? What does it mean . Unless I change my mind, or turn around in my life, God will not forgive my sins? So I keenly noted down in my mind how the others were testifying their lives had been changed,, how they repented, how they set rights things with God and man. But still this question of Turn around was eating me up. I could not understand it like Nicodemus of the old times.
So when I learned that God speaks to us through the Bible I gird up myself to read the Bible. I thought the Old Testament was too much for me to understand it. So while I thought of reading New Testament with these questions about Repentance and Rebirth were in my mind. But the Holy Spirit led me to the last book of the New Testament.

I turned pages to the last book. There it was the book of Revelation, in Telugu it was translated as PRAKATANA rather the meaning is Proclamation.. Not knowing what i was reading, while the question about Repentance and Rebirth were pestering in my soul, I started to read chapter by chapter.

When I come to read the chapter 2, I found in verse 5-Consider how far you have fallen and REPENT. I stopped there, what , I am told to consider how far I have fallen, how much I grieved my God by my sinful ways, … Consider… all my sins from my childhood are infront of me… with tears in eyes I proceeded..

Again I saw the verse 2:11 REPENT or otherwise, I will come soon to punish you… I was a bit taken back, so I understood this venture of repenting is not a cool game, I need to change my mind immediately, or God will punish me.. fear encompassed my eyes now.

Then my eyes stopped at 2:21 God is telling me that He is giving time to me to repent… Summer holidays..) so With an expectation of deliverance I proceeded further in my reading, still having the question in my mind ” How to get Change of mind?

Then when I reached the chapter 3:3 Remember therefore what you have received, and heard hold it fast and repent. There I stopped longer period of time. God was telling me to remember how those people gave testimony of their lives, how they changed their mind, how they reconciled with their enemies, how they restituted what they took wrongly from others, how they set right with their friends all those lies they spoke and then How God lead them to repent, and in tears how they seek the forgiveness of God.. and later how they were assured that God forgave their sins and gave a promise of salvation. When I started to remember all this LIGHT was coming into my heart.

I further went in reading the Bible and I saw in 3:19 that God says, that He loves me and He disciplines and rebukes me to be earnest and repent.

This is indeed great verse for me. God is not going to punish me but because He loves me , He tells me to repent and set right things with God and man.
Wondering How specifically God speaks when we go to Him with a question, I started to read Mathew, after I finished Revelation. Now the word of God is like honey in the honeycomb, I am able to understand it unlike in previous times.

When I come to the verse 5:23-25 It says when you are praying and if you remember that you quarreled with some one , leave your prayer requests there and leave that place go and reconcile with them first and then come back to continue your prayer. I remembered how haughty I was , How I fought with the pride of my brought up in a Police Officers family, I humbled myself immediately, I left my Bible in that room I rushed to my foes and wept holding their hands asking them to forgive my proud behaviour, They were astonished and asked me why I am asking them like this, I told them unless I ask the pardon of them God will not pardon me. I told them I was reading Bible and Jesus told me so. They were Muslim family, thus my first witness started with Muslim botheren. They were astonished to see my CHANGED BEHAVIOUR and became my best friends later.

I with tears asked the forgiveness of my parents because I spoke so many lies, behaved quarrelsome and dishounered them so very much. I started to love my sisters who used to fight with me for nothing. They were the first souls I lead to the Lord by lovingly taking them to the House of God to listen to the word of God. I was telling all my relatives, aunties about the new life I found in Christ. I returned the novels I took from my friend Kamala going back to Kakinada from Vizag.
While I was seeking the Lord’s forgiveness one fine morning while I was reading the Bible this verse emerged out and out into my eyes and stuck with me since then.

Colossians 2:13-15 it goes like this When I was dead in my sins, He wrote all those transgressions on paper, struck them and erase them and nailed them to the cross, and lift them out and forgave my sins by giving the eternal life.

What a wonderful promise, it lighted the weight of sin on my back, I rejoiced utter mostly, I cried in joy. I praised Him with all my soul. Since then my life changed all the old things stopped, old friends changed , old habits changed, instead new friends, new type of books, new habits emerged in my life. The word of God became afresh and I liked to spend hours together in His presence. God started to give me visions of my future and dreams of promises and instructions, till I realized His voice specifically in my all situations. I started to recognize His voice .. and thus He started to lead me.

Dear friends, whatever church you belong, the Lord in Revelations tells all the people in all the Churches that they need to REPENT and telling them as He told to Nicodemus that one should have the experience of Rebirth. Now i have shared the meaning of these two words.. you need to make an appointe with God. and seek HIM, in your life and go into the path of Narrow way, the end of it is Eternal life.

Remember the Satan came to the body of Moses to be claimed, just because he over reacted to the commandment of God, and because God forbidden him to enter into the promised land, the satan thought he could claim the body of Moses and would not allow him to be resurrected.. But Micheal was there to protect Moses body. If Moses could not escape the viles of the Evil that one moment, who are you and me to escape after we die?

But I have this promise Colossians 2″13-15 I will tell the Devil , get away you Satan, My Lord forgave all my sins by lifting it out between Him and me.. He wrote all those sins on paper , about that list you devil pointing me out, of course, but he struck them off, and nailed them to the cross, and erased them with His precious blood, and throw them off from His presence and forgave me … who you are , how dare you are to come to claim me.. I am the child of God you get away satan.” That would be my answer… I challange my dear friends can say so ? Do you have assurance here on this earth that you are forgiven?/
If not REPENT. and have experince of REBIRTH now and now .. for this the time to repent and reconcile with God.
May be God has a work for you now… because you are able to read this blog of mine, you have work for your soul, Do what you need to do… God will bless you .

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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