At His Feet

The world is changed, and the meaning of values and principles has been changed all together. What we thought was right, now became wrong .
for example:–

arewho is my neighbor? the answer was whoever is in need if you, if you help them you are a good neighbor.

But alas now if you go out of your way and help them people are under the impression that you are a fool to use your resources or energy or time because you are doing so because you have plenty of resources and you do not know how to use them so you are using for others.

If you go further they are under the impression that your a fool to use your time and resources for others.

And yet there are some others , once you give them your time and talents.. they are many chances for them to become pests and parasites and suck your blood, till the last drop of yours.
.And even sometimes the person who borrowed your money will turn to be a murderer– such umpteen cases have been reported lately you know.

once we used to follow the principle of paying the wages of servant on the same day of his work.
oh now a days, if you start to give the wages everyday to the contract laborers , you fall in the trap, they will ditch you in the middle of the work and go away, and you have to be on the roads in search of them, on the other hand you can not employ any other worker because the unions of the coolies will not allow him to work to finish what was left by the previous one.

once we used to give loans liberally because the loaner used to feel grateful for your compassion, and they were obliged to pay you back .

But now a days if you give loans, they conveniently forget that they have taken the money from you, and may fight with you or even kill you if you remind them to return the money back.

Why even while you drive and follow the traffic rules by maintaining your distance from the vehicle in front of you , the fellow behind you think that you do not know how to drive fast and conveniently come in between you and the vehicle before you and make you go behind in the traffic. and thereby you never can reach your destination in time.

.These are only a few instances where the people with principles feel confused and find the life at the bay. what do you think now tell me. you can add some more your observations.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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