At His Feet

The Lord’s dealing with the man is so wonderful, He never never loose hope for a human soul, He waits as long as there is breath in the nostrils of a man.
We loose hope for a man very easily; we will say a verdict that so and so is’ hopeless, useless, ungrateful, unkind, and the most incorrigible person.
Did you ever see that God is saying so about any person?Any person? Even he has hope for the most crooked of all. He waits, its his nature. The very reason that he allows a man to breath means, he has hope in him or her. He waits this person would come to Him realizing his need for Him.
Man all ways thinks of himself very high. Yes he all ways think that he ‘can do’ he ‘can manage’ he never feels the need of God , even in the direst , horrible situations,. Man believes in his strength, his own might, his own intelligence, he thinks he does not need God to help him.
But God waits for even such person, We see people even in their terrible problems, which can be repaired beyond their limit still grove to find a solution by lamenting , in front of men, or seeking human help, human intelligence, but never never try to give one minute to seek His helping hand. Even when they seek it, their heart would be on man not on God fully.
Even then God waits for man, he allows all sorts of adversaries in his life, allows all tests in his life, sometimes the very sweet life shatters to the core, and He waits for this man to come back to Him.
But man has a tendency that he could depend on his own wisdom or the wisdom of the fellow man, but not on God or His WORD. Its so difficult to him. He just cannot yield to God.
What a strange phenomena, Man knew that he was created by God, he is living because of His mercy, he can breath , he can walk, he can exist only because of the mercy of God. But he never likes to go to Him, for His help.
Man is basically a lazy bugger, he feels he could not work beyond his limits, he often likes to find a place of shelter to take rest. That is how we spend 15 hours in sleep 12+3 both day and night. But when any problem arises, man works 24 hours to find a solution. But he is still so lazy to sit quietly in one corner to seek the face of God, to find out His plan for his life, His method for the problem.
Strange Man is a complicated being, he could not understand himself, nor could be understood his fellow being. But still God could understand him and gives time to him to come to Him. There we see His abundant Love.
Often man feels to neglect or ignore Him. An atheist thinks of God more than person on this earth who claims that he believes God. Atheist all ways search God whether He is really exist or not, or to show that world that He is not exist, he searches the scriptures, he searches the temples, churches, caves and hills, only to not to find God. Only thing is he does not know God is not there. He lives in the heart of man. But atheist wont search his own heart. He likes to look at people and find fault in tier way of seeking God, certainly he finds lot of trash in their lives, thereby the atheist thinks he is the most intelligent being on the earth because he found faults in the men and their way of worship. Ofcourse he is so much make a fool of himself because God does not exist in the ways of worship.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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