At his Feet

My mind is blowing with gratitude for His love on one side and criticism of people about God and His servants on the other side.

Do the people think that God and the people who serve Him are a farce? Can people judge others with the colour glasses they wore in their lives? Can somebody’s experience be the same to every one else”s? Can they assassinate the character of the people that they never knew, never met and never listened to them? Can they just judge every other person just because they tasted the bitter roots in their lives?

Can people justify their deeds just because the whole lot they know were cheaters and all the others are cheaters? Don’t we call this prejudice and biased attitude?

It is like your lover cheated you, and you say Romeo and Juliet are cheaters ?What do you know about them except the drama of Shakespeare? Can you say just because your mom is an adulterous woman, all the other moms are the same? Just because your dad is hireling and every servant of God is hireling?

Yes it is not good to estimate every one life with the measureing rod of your bruised one.
Jesus told us “Decide whether the tree is good or not by its fruits” The works of the person , his love , his deeds tell us what he is.
When Jesus was on this earth, he was rejected person by the family
, by his town people, by his authorities, by his synagogue or church of those days. He was hated by every one except the country folks, fishermen , uneducated people. Even they misinterpreted His dealings with Samaritan woman or of the woman who pour ointment on His head or who wept on His feet, . Even now He is criticized by the foolish.
How dare you are to despise a person , or man of God with your filthy understanding of spiritual knowledge. Do you ever see Him working in your life the signs and miracles , and do your walked with Him closely?
These people are worse than Judas , because Judas did not know that Jesus was going to resurrect, and going to have victory over death.
He went and hanged himself because he could not believe the person Jesus Christ. Don’t you dare to belittle Jesus or His Servants.
Well there were people who sacrificed their lives, their families, their property everything for the sake of serving Him. Just because you cannot trust your own family member because of his negligence how can you speak about other servants of God whom you never see, on par with your bitter understanding?
While I was brooding over the criticism of such fluffy generation of the day, I have inclined to pray more for such people.
No wonder the Devil knew the scriptures, and speaks and quotes the scriptures better than any Christian. The other day it happened that I listened to a learned man speaking as he likes, about Jesus ,quoting the scriptures. But I see he was talking only half knowledge language. He did not know the context of the quotes, He did not know the other close related verses of those he quoted. Only the foolish are cheated not the people who have personal relationship with Him.
Now I tell you one more incident that happened yesterday.
“Well, the other day we both went out for shopping, it was a long day for me, too much of walking and roaming , in the shops, bought the things we needed, and reached home , tired, exhausted. Lied down on bed and got into deep slumber, in the early hours of the day I felt one of the ear rings of mine is lost, I found the screw of it on my bed. What happened to the other? I cannot ask my son to search for it, because he all ways hates gold, and he never helped me in his life from his childhood in searching for gold ring or screw of the ear ring. so I was cleaning and searching every nook and corner of the house, I did not move much that night so I knew it must have fallen somewhere in the kitchen or in the room where we take rest. I made hectic search but could not find. In between I told my son that I lost my gold earring and expressed if it was lost on the road or in shop or in taxi, or in the lift, or somewhere—-“He simply said ‘ok, if you lost its lost, what we can do? its not a big issue ‘ he did not make a move to search for it any where.
The whole day passed away , and of course my eyes were searching hither and thither, but in vain and with least hope to find too. I remembered about the parable of Jesus the coin a woman a lost and how she searched for it intently..comparing our search for the kingdom of God should be so. I felt a little ashame of myself for my zeal for God is not as much as it is of searching for the ear ring.

That eveing after the dinner, we are about to retire to bed, before that I read the book Nee Prema Nijamainadhena to my son as it is in Telugu. After he listened to it completely he said yes it is really very nice.
Just before switch off the light I once again mentioned my ear ring , casually, he said, “do not worry you can buy another one” I said its not that I am fixed to it alone, I smiled, and said Itsnot the uestion of gold, but I am just wondering about my priorities. And without any other thought I said,
“Oh Lord if it is Thine will only please …. ” —-I haven’t finished the prayer yet, and I saw it right in front of me there in corner of the door. I stopped the prayer, and said loudly ‘What what ,, what is it, see , see John… its there’, I got up from the bed and bent and took it into my hand.: “John its not the question of gold its the question of my faith and His answer:” said. —- I checked whether its the different one or the same one I already had with me, that another one is there, where I kept, (Look at my little faith !!!) I could only rejoiced .. Saying thanks to My Lord who listens to every groaning of our heart again and again.

My son said, “mom many people give colors to the Holy Spirit saying that it is this and that, and tongues etc, If not Holy Spirit who helped and answered you now?”

My children saw the Living God working in our lives all through our lives. They saw How God answers our prayers. When a person in the family loves the devil and wanted to depart,’ yes , you go, let us not have any argument, but let us depart in peace;. is the attitude of my children or me. Abraham loved his cousin Lot, brought him all the way from Ur but if he could not sustain with godly man ‘ok you go’ was the solution of Abraham. Nobody could stop any one doing their own will. Now……
Does these fellows know the hearing of God’s voice at all in their lives>? When God asked a person to leave everything and serve Him, could that be understood by common people? In Telugu there is proverb, “Somepeople guddu ki eeakalu peeku thaarata”
It means some people try to find feathers on the egg shell to pluck them off” There is nothing to criticize the children of God and there by they try to humiliate Jesus and His servants.
I told the above incident which happened two days back which assured me of His eternal presence once more. This and many incidents in my life showed His presence so closely. Does it mean that I am far above than many? Does it mean I did not commit any errors in my life? Does it mean that I am Holy and flawless? Not at all, His grace is for them who seek Him. whoever they may be , whatever they may be. Love the Lord is the criteria of His grace. When you cannot love Jesus, if you forsake Him for the love of that worldly man or woman in life, how can you understand the love for Him and for His people?
I warn whoever he or she may be its not good to touch the eye of God , He saith, ‘I consider whoever touch my servant as he touched the apple of my eye;. Its not good to criticize the men of God whom you never knew.
At the same time if you are cheated by a wolf in sheep clothes, yes its good if you expose him for the present generation so that they could escape his traps. Even Jesus did that, He did not spare the self righteous pharisees, and warned the common people to be aware of such vultures.
On the other hand as it is you never read Bible, never go to church, never trust His word, how dare to speak against the servants of God? Never never you dare to speak things which you are not aware. God judges.

You want to be critic and get name and fame and go to hell? Or trust God and walk with Him to Heaven ?
We must tremble to speak the things which we never knew.
The Devils rush in where the Angels tremble to trod upon.
Let not ruffle of the mercy of God, He is a seeing God.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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