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The Secret of the Ministry


 The Secret of the Ministry

                   The disciples had close relationship with Jesus during His earthly ministry, they walked with Him and ate with Him.. The High command was searching for the body and they had an eye on the disciples, they were worried, the last rumour was worse then the first one, they saw Him doing miracles and saw Him praying to His father. But when He was on trail and going to be crucified, they left Him altogether, they thought the dream was over, the great Master is dead, and there is nothing to do, On the third day they found the tomb was empty and there is nothing to do later, not knowing what happened to His body, they just kept quiet afraid to speak a word .

        The High command gave the bribe to the guards and told them to spread the rumour that Jesus body was stolen by the disciples So They had an eye on the disciples all the time. But disciples were having great apparitions of Jesus for 40 days, John says that Jesus did so many miracles in those 40 days and if he records all those miracles performed by Jesus the recorded place for the whole lot of books,  the world will not suffice.

     So disciples were  afraid to do any thing even though Jesus showed Himself physically and told Thomas do not live without belief and asked his disciples to trust in Him,
But even then they did not have any courage to go out and preach, they shut themselves in a room fearing the High command. they we were too scared for their lives.

           The disciples thought they had very personal experience of the resurrected Christ a very special treat by Him,  they were sure He was very much alive just like them, flesh and blood but they did not have courage to proclaim the good news of His resurrection. No body can come forward to tell others that Jesus was really alive, and that He conquered the death. They did not open the mouths.
suddenly a miracle happened 
       They became courageous, bold, suddenly they started to perform miracles, they stood at the temple and proclaimed about Jesus to the people of Jerusalem, and High priest . they were no more afraid of their lives, they were happy to be beaten by people for His name sake.

What happened, Its Holy spirit.

     How many times we too are very happy for our great work for God, how many times were are just satisfied with our testimony and with our walk with Him, with our selfish prayers, for our needs, for our family, for our health, etc , did we ever show His power in the lives of the others, We are proud of our theories, our arguments, our bible quiz knowledge, our money for the extension of kingdom, but did we any time showed the Holy spirit to win the souls as in the times of Acts.
Even we who proclaim that we are filled with Holy spirit are satisfied with the TONGUES WITHOUT  KNOWING THE MEANING  to the one who speaks or to the one who listens, Then why speaking tongues? The answer is Their Spirit is praying.
Is that all?        How could those  uneducated disciple,s the run way disciples,  get such courage to stand for Jesus and to speak about Him on the roads, without being afraid of the Roman? That is the work of  Holy spirit. 

    How Paul, the persecutor of Christians just turned into His follower in a second? its Holy-spirit. 
    How can the Cornelius the Roman soldier changed his life, Holy spirit, 
    How can the minister of Ethiopian queen has changed his life in second its Holy spirit,
    How can 3000, 5000 people accept Christianity in spite of the threats of High command and persecution of Roman soldiers? It the work of Holy-spirit.

    Do we have this power of Holy spirit to change the lives of people, to heal the people and proclaim the good news in face of the death? Is our religion is walking in silver shoes of comfort only to escape to face the threats of enemies?

       Author J,B Philips after spending 14 years of translating New Testament, sat back and reflected, and flipped the pages of ACTS again and again and said, the sick were not merely prayed over, Something happened there,  they were healed, human nature changed, dramatically, the fear of God was there in the ministry, the presence of Holy Spirit was flt in, the words of the ordinary disciples had power in it.There was POWER in their prayer, in their preaching. those were not empty words.

     LUKE MENTIONED THE HOLY SPIRIT WORK for 57 times in the Gospel  The Holy spirit guided them where to go where not to go, whom to meet and whom not to meet, They walked with the presence of Holy spirit. Is not the same Holy spirit promised by Jesus is still with us? Why we left Him and why we are not consulting Him any more, Jesus told us that we have to be filled with the Holy spirit and baptised in the Holy spirit and not to be satisfied with the baptism of John the Baptist.
He said clearly after Him it is the Holy spirit which would guide us and help us to do mighty things for God. Why we ignoring Him . Are we missing the most important thing in our lies?

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