At His Feet

All relations are connected to MONEY. The mind is playing tricks with the paper money and metal coins. Even the husband and wife , or children and parents , relationship between the siblings everything is connected to the MAMMON.
Take and take and take, there is no end for this taking. If you give there are crores of people to take, if you ask for there are no one to give.
Then who is giving and who is taking?
only foolish people or dull heads are trying to give and earn something in return.
You want love? give money, you want prayer to heal? give money. you want some one to come to your prayer meeting, give money and food.
you want your wife or husband respect you? show yourself that you can earn money. I hate to write this topic even, I am shocked to see how the people are connected with paper and metal. you wrote a book? Nobody will buy it to read. If you give it nobody is interested to read it, because its free.
The salvation is free so nobody likes it. If you tell them that they have to earn salvation, then they like it, if you tell them that they have to do penance to be saved, then they like it. If you say it is free, they hate it. If you say that you can give money and have salvation, then the HUNDI will be overflowing.. to its rim.
So love and freedom or free objects are prone to be hated by people.
So give me tips to win such people who hate free salvation, but free money. whats the difference.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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