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Life seems to be back to the old lonely years of 2000s.  Lonely, aimless , and suffering inside and outside.  Nothing seems to give me the joy of life. Feels like I am defeated in every area of my life. cheated, and deceived, not able to find loyalty, faithfulness or zeal in life. Looks as though everything stood still. thoughts of irrational, ambguise and uncouth surpasses my mind and heart. Do not like to see people, talk to peaple, feeling as though every effort of mine will kick back and ruin all my castles in the air. Feeling as if what all that I did and ambitioned come to an end. Feeling as though there is nothing to achieve or do for good to others or to my self. Detachment, affliction, indifference and senselessness overwhelms life. All my efforts to reach , teach or work or learn or create retreated back. Life stood still. No aim , no goal, nothing to do. What is happening to me presently. Cant travel, cant give messages, cant write anything. because I feel all these are futile, and look like an effort to catch the air. There is not even one one single soul whom I can I lean upon, and the friends I trust do not have time to spend for me. I see utter failure, defeat in life. I could not succeeded in rearing up the children. I have no strength to spend time with grand children. I have none in this world. Each one is busy with his own life. None has time to spare for me unless I shun some coins to them. Things I did easily before became hard tasks of life. Dead silence in and out the house. No one to speak or No one to spend time happily. I do not like to see faces or do not like to listen to others. Religion threatens me,theories of religion makes me confused. So what shall I do ?  I will take my old book again, read it and meditate on it. He is the only source of my relief. Good I found the life is empty and it drives me back to my Friend and saviour, who all ways listens to me. Who all ways has the answer  to my questions. Back to the Bible is the answer. Your word teaches me and give me solace to my thirsty soul, O Lord, My Saviour.!!!

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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