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We are full of fear, fear is not a christian habit of mind–Yet we are a people drowning in fear of one sort or the other, the 24/7 News cycle peddles fear, politicians motivate with fear, too many religious leaders fuel their causes by fear–Terrified by all this anxiety, we exert great amounts of energy trying to manage our fears, trying to avoid (or anyone) that seems threatening or risky. We want absolute security, “whatever be the cost” –apart from these earthly fears, there are certain unknown supernatural fears haunt us which would ruin us and our families or friends’ lives.

Psalm 23 teaches us, what it is like to go through these fears, to walk right through , these dark tunnels, yet, whistling free as a bird. Possible to live with the joy instead of fear, not because there is nothing to be afraid of, but because God is with us in the midst of fear.  It is always better to walk with God through the fear rather than avoid it. ”

When a person is possessed by the evil one the person exhibits two personalities.  Its like split personality, they talk in dual form,  we can recognize the devil when the person is talking,  He/she talks very highly of himself, the eyes and voice and language will be different.

When a man of God confronts that type of person, he should talk to the real person in the person, and to the devil in the person separately.

Usually the real person begs the man of God to help her/him to get rid of the evil one in themselves. But the evil spirit shouts or give answers back and exhibits hatred or terrible fear.

Some times the evil possessed man is not allowed to stay at home.  It was as in the case of  the king Nebuchadnezzar in the book of Daniel.   He is known for his evil talks, behavior like talking very high of himself, and eating grass like an animal and refusing to cut the nails of him  and refusing to eat food  etc.So was the case of the man who was living in desert and possessed by the millions of devils by name Multitude of evil spirits or Senah

Therefore previously people used to send them to the Mental hospitals or exclude them from human society. Here I must clarify one thing,  Mental illness has many causes,  like biological, or social and spiritual reasons too.   We can recognize who is biologically mentally challenged or due to depression one became mentally challenged.  Also we can recognize who is evil possessed and behaves as mental patient.

Only the children of God who has the Spirit of God can recognize this difference and deal with the people to deliver them from the clutches of the evil one. This is called discernment of the false spirit from the good spirit.

But now a days, the Devil also became “High Tech Devil”..  It has changed his tactics now

(2 Corinthians 2:11–In order to  outwit us, For we are not unaware of his schemes.” It is trying new schemes on us now.  Presently those who are possessed with evil one, is not outwardly mental patients., because they are just normal in every sphere of life.

They are educated, and work in good jobs, and but their life is of double standards, look very shocking, for eg. they take every word in opposite meaning, for eg., if we give a gift they would say, ‘there must be some reason to give it’  if we say her daughter is intelligent, they would understand that they are pointed out that they are  not intelligent and feel envious even about their own daughter. They talk about their  paramour,  and shows their love letters and tells the people ‘see how great I am , because I was the lover of such such great person, that person of such great salary wrote these letters.’even after they are married.Some times they keep on talking about their ex lover to their spouse and create great turmoil in family life. They do not mind to leave family and go after the other fellow spoiling their lives. There is no place for love and sacrifice, but only ego and selfishness being exhibited by these people

They would go and tell every one , ‘see I am Govt employee and why I should obey my boss, she is envious of me, and not treating me well, even though I gave so many gifts to her.” I will take some sleeping pills, I pretend like I am dead and you join me in the govt hospital, I will give FIR that my HM is not taking take care of me”‘How come these people ask us give bio-signature? I will get some leather thumb impression, and give to some attender to use it when I go lately’ One fellow challenged my daughter, “is not your god Jesus loving God? Did he not tell you to love your neighbor? why you are stopping my daughter from copying in public exam? You are proud girl, because you are the class leader and you are in her room she is not able to copy in the exam. I will see about you” He threatened her.

All these people are at borderline of becoming mental patients or murderers either to kill the other one or kill themselves. Psychology calls them bipolar personalities. The best example of these evil possessed persons is Nebuchadnezzar in the book of Daniel. Daniel 4:33  Their thinking would be wrong all the time. and all ways harming some one. They shout and scream for every little incident.  Unless they fight with some one or the other everyday, they cannot be happy.  The more they fight, the better they sleep.  This is just a mild example of the Devil tactics.  There are umpteen incidents where people think quiet contrarily for each instance.  They themselves do not know that they are thinking like that. and doing in double way.The first symptom of this Tactic of Devil is Disobedience to authorities and head of the the family either father or mother or husband or parents.

Therefore Devil is using people Thoda Thoda, little by little.   They behave so madly yet times, but they never feel that they did any mistake. They terrorize people but think its their right to do so.

Crime is different, but these people are different, because they do not commit any great crime but do stealing, copying, changing the rank on their certificates, talking rumors about every one , hate every one even those who helped them, even their parents. For them no one is good, only they themselves are good people. And.. they think they are very clever by doing like that. They are tools of software used by Devil.

One day one acquaint of mine who was a very good doctor of good reputation came to me and           told me that ‘she was not able to sleep, and could not able to concentrate in  reading  any book or on her duty as a doctor,did not want to give respect to her husband, want to humiliate him in front of others on one pretext or the other, but she is well know doctor for her skill. She is all ways confused and  restless getting evil thoughts about every one. ‘So I told her , Do not worry, you go home and read Isaiah 53 chapter number of times. And also do not forget to read and pray like David did in Psalms 51.  You do this number of times in a day, because you are on leave for a month .you read these chapters as many times as you could.       All such torturing thoughts would leave you”.

She accepted what I told her and went away.   The next day at about 6 pm she came where I was washing the clothes for the retreat, near a well in that rented home.  All in a sudden she came where I was,  I did not expect her to come home at that time, actually I was getting ready to go to Madras to attend the much desired Retreat, for this reason we called my brother in law,  to take our children to the their village in our absence.   I  prepared many things for the children to stay comfortably in the village. and I sent them away that day.So I told her to sit on a chair which I brought out where I was.  She sat and looking at me while I wash the clothes.  To keep the conversation go on,

I asked her, ‘ Did you read the chapters I told you to read.?’

‘yes, I asked my sister-in law to read them for me’- she had a very peevish smile on her face and answered.

But I did not like that answer some how. So I said,’ How come you asked your sister -in-law to read for you? You are an educated lady, you can read yourself. Did you read  yourself?’

There was electricity cut on that summer evening, I was washing in the light of a small kerosene light,  I was pulling the water from the well and washing the clothes.

But she laughed loudly and said,” What is there ? any body can read

I said, ‘ No , you should read yourself, I told you to pray over those words, especially over the words of Psalm 51– didn’t I  tell you to read yourself number of times?’ I went into the house and brought the Bible and asked that she should read.  She  started to read the first verse of the 53 chapter of Isaiah  Who hath believed our report? And to whom is the arm of the Lord revealed? For he shall grow up before Him as a tender plant, and as a root….”  the sentence was not yet completed  but..Suddenly her voice was changed, it was wicked, and shrieking , ugly,  ” Great, how come you talk about God’s word, while you are washing dirty clothes? Huh??” She demanded to know and pointing out my follies in her sight. I looked at her face, it was cruel, I knew instantly it was not my friend, but the evil one, so I told , her,  “The word of God says, that we can give His gospel in time and out of time” I quoted 2 Timothy 4:2 “ Preach the word, be prepared in season, and out of season,....”

But the Devil did not like my answer,  Our Lord taught us to speak to the Tempter only from the scriptures, He did it when the Satan tempted Him in the wilderness.

So when I confronted her with the word of God, the devil could not tolerate it, She shouted loudly and cried that she wanted to kill me.. the shrieks were so loud, ‘ I was afraid that she might jump into the well and kill herself.”

Thank God , in those days, I was very healthy and energetic,  so I took hold of her two arms, while shouting “ There is victory in the Blood of Jesus,’ I pushed her right to the front of the house.  The co tenants were out of station, and it was a lonely house, one girl was there but she was taking bath it seems, she was so afraid, and did not come out.” the High priest entered the inner room, ….never without blood which he offered to himself and and for the sins the people hd committed in ignorance Heb 9;7:…when Christ came as high priest of the good things ,,,, he did not enter by means of the blood of goats and calves, but he entered the Most Holy Place once for all by his own blood, ..His blood cleanse our consciences from acts that lead to death, so that we may serve the live God “Heb 9(:11-14

The doctor and me were in the darkness in the light of the moon,  there was a cot in the premises, I shouted to her,” In the name of Jesus, you have to do what I tell you.” I read from Matthew 10:1 loudly. “Jesus called his twelve disciples to him and gave them AUTHORITY to drive out impure spirits and to heal every disease and sickness”

She meekly said, ‘yes I would’

But non stop she was shouting again,  I spoke to the doctor in her, in mild voice and with much love for  the torturing soul.

‘You are tormented by the evil one but do not be afraid, God is with us. He will deliver you from this strange spirit. Confess what all that you did wrongly against the word of God. Tell Jesus to forgive you, Satan cannot touch you.’ she listened to me carefully.

There was long conversation and opposition from her. But I insisted that she had to do according to the word of God,” tell Jesus what all that you did .’ She started to shout like this”

”  I was born in a christian family, but for the sake of medical seat, I was converted into Hinduism to get some reservation quota, I performed many abortions, I hated my  husband and looked down at him.. so on and so forth”

She was bitterly crying and confessing and asking the Lord to forgive her and deliver her from the evil one.

I too was praying loudly in tears in the name of Jesus claiming victory in the blood of Jesus….

Ultimately she calmed down, and fell down on the cot listlessly, by then her sister in law came to that place, I told her to bring some hot milk with horlicks or some thing, and later prepare good sumptuous food for the doctor,

That night she slept like a baby after an year of torture by the devil,  Later we had some meetings, I took her there, I remember ,    she was prayed over by the Men of God, and casted the devil into the pit.

Later she became normal, the evil one never tormented her again, she went to her native and became a very famous doctor and served the poor.

Well this is just another instance in our ministry, there were some more.. like this. some times they used to shout at us coming home on the road, but we used to pray and forgive them.  Many times the Lord Himself used to intervene and make them realize their mistake by some terrible things happening to them.

Once a poor girl from gutter married another boy who was also from poor back ground but was in good job.  This girl speaks in broken english, with stylish accent, which is not correct, and maintained very proud disposition, by a rebellious attitude towards me,  she started to look down at her mother in law, and poor old lady used to come and eat in our home when this girl was not there, and sleep in our home taking rest. Once the couple were called and we both tried to give counsel to them. The boy was meek and listening to us, but this girl started to shout, loudly, and went on the road in front of our house, and calling me names. My husband and me were astonished and closed the doors after they left, knelt down and prayed. I was in tears while pleading for her. That night at about 2 am there was a knock on our door, we had hardly any sleep because we retired to beds very lately.  when I opened the door, the same girl was there crying, loudly and telling me that she did a wrong thing. Her only son was in her arms listless with high fever and crying in the dream, this boy was at home when this girl was shouting at our home. so there was no chance of him being afraid of her shouts at our home.

Understanding the situation we both took them inside the house, knelt down and prayed for the boy and the fever was gone, and they went home peacefully.

The Devil all ways play same part of  role in different ways in the ministry. The pastors, should be careful all the time, and pray much to have victory in the name of Jesus.   There were many other incidents,  some people who were sick because of witch craft, or black magic used to come.. I will give those instances later in the next chapter…please pray for me and for my children after you finished reading this chapter.

@1.) I too boast about Christ Power working through my weakness, I can experience His joy even in the “insults, hardships, troubles, rumours, –“for when I am ‘weak: I am strong”  I learned to be meek’ –some mock at me but a write from our Daily bread strengthen me ‘ If you think meekness is weakness, Try to be meek for a week”

@2.) Fear we are full of fear, feat is not a christian habit of mind. Yet we are a people drowning in fear.. 24 hr news cycles peddles fear. Politicians motivate with fear. too many religious leaders fuel the cause by fear. Terrified by all this anxiety, we exert great amounts of energy trying to mange our fears, trying to avoid (or any one) that seems threatening or risky. We want absolute security, ‘whatever the cost”  Psalm 23 -What it is like to go through them. to walk right through whistling free as a bird. Possible to live with joy instead of fear. not bec there nothing to be afraid of, but bec God is with us in the midst of fear. Walk with God through the fear rather than avoid it”

                                                      Christ the royal Master  Leads against the foe                                                                                                   Forward into battle See His banner go                                                                                                                  On ward Christian soldiers marching as to war                                                             Looking unto Jesus Going on before.


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