Beautiful World


Beautiful World


I used to keep a small note book and pencil beside my pillow, under the mosquito net wherein I was sleeping in that winter season. My room was big and in one corner of the room there was my big writing table and chair, near was my book self. There were two doors to my room; one leads to the big corridor and another into the hall. I closed that door which leads to the corridor. On the writing table I kept one big portrait of Jesus of yesteryears, and my Bible. I had an attached back room, and another bookshelf opportunity to my bed. BY 7 pm I used to close my doors and pray for an hour or so and used to close my doors and pray for an hour or so and used to study till midnight. And just before retiring to bed I used to read Bible sometimes. Those were the references from the Bible I had an attached bath room and another bookshelf opposite to my bed. By 7 pm I used to close my doors and pray for an hour or so and used to study till midnight. And just before retiring to bed I used to read Bible and was go to bed, God used to speak to me in my dreams sometimes. I used to be very happy whenever ig et answers to my prayers thru His owrd. Some times I used to get the reference of the Text from the Bible. I was very much conscious of those dreams, and therefore I used to keep a note book and a pencil to scribble those references
`Once I saw a beautiful Bible with golden Bi edge papers and on one of the inside pages I happened to see a reference of word of God written in Beautiful handwriting in Green ink. I was Isaiah 5:7
Early in the morning to first Thing they did was opening the Bible and reading that references. Oh it was wonderful to walk with God. The verse was as follows. “With it (a live coal, taken from with tongs from alters) he touched my mouth and said, “see this has touched your lips your guilt is taken away and your sin atoned for”—That were a joyous day for me. I walked with Jesus and it was beautiful.

And on the other day—I spent my day mostly in the university along with my classmates. We all went to the beach. I felt we tarried there more than needed. I felt somehow I missed that beautiful fellowship that bound me with my Lord. Anyway He only told metro be happy in my life then why this sullen mood to me? With this question still in my mind I searched the Holy Scriptures for an answered and I found an answered all in a sudden, ECC 7:2 “Like the crackling of thorns under the pot, so is the laughter of the fools.”
I was not happy with that answered. Oh I was young and happy girl, can’t I be happier in the company of my friends, giggling all that? That night I got a verse in my sleep and I scribbled in on my little note book. It was Psalm 2:“ Serve the Lord with fear and rejoice with trembling”
When read it in the morning I found the e real meaning of rejoicing.
In those days I was very slim and I was very weak too and used to be very miserable without any stamina at all. Once I asked the Lord, “Lord you give health to your children. I am so weak and tired always. I feel miserable. Please give me good health.” That day God showed me this verse “Those who rejoice in the Lord their strength shall be renewed. (Ref—-)
There was a great burden for me for my beloved Kanthanty for her salvation and also for her family. I was waiting letters to her explaining her the way of salvation, My uncle was very angry with me and once he replied me like then” Leela, you are writing about Jesus Christ and Bible in your letters .Remember that I was born as a Hindu and I live and die as a Hindu. Hereafter if you write any more letters of this sort, you have to face the consequences which you cannot imagine _bye uncle. When I read that letter I was shocked. This uncle I loved him very much. There was a great bondage between us. Every summer since my 9th year, I used to go and spend my holidays in his home. He taught me how to draw with pencil. He taught me anything sitting near by. He treated me as his eldest child giving me first preference in all things.
Such uncle wrote to me such a threading heart wrenching letter. I t pricked my heart. Not knowing what to do with that letter I wanted to give a sharp answered describing how great is Jesus Christ and His love. Not knowing what to do with that letter, I just opened the Bible at random, and it was opened at II Kings 19:14
“Hezekiah received the letter from the messenger and reread it. Then he went up to the temple of the Lord and spread it out before the Lord. And Hezekiah prayed to the Lord. “
Oh Lord that was great guidance for me. So immediately. I spread that letter on my writing table in front of the portrait of Jesus which I told you before and I prayed, yes I prayed.
And in the prayer I asked the Lord what answer should I write to my uncle.
Oh the wondrous Lord opened my eyes on the verse in the Bible I King 18: Thirty six.36
Remain silent. Do not answer him and say nothing tin reply.”

All this happened within 5 minutes of time period. As I could not uderstand with my human knowledge. I started to pray vehemently for my uncle and his family. Later my uncle, aunty and 4 children turned to the Lord. Uncle took baptism and became Christian and died as a Christian. All that happened after 15 years after I received that letter from him… all those years I waited on the Lord, and prayed, god is the sovereign Lord who rules the human lives. When we pray unceasingly for a should to be saved He would answered definitely.

The presence of God was so near. One day I happened to observe a small spider while it is weaving its web. Suddenly a small fly was entangled in the web. However it tried it could not come out of it. It was struggling to come out and just then the spider come to the fly very fast. It started to prick it number of times, slowly and steadily until, the fly stopped to struggling to get free, and it became still, as if in unconscious stage. At this moment the spider slowly approached it and started to suck the blood drop by drop .of the fly. Oh!!
When I watched this spectacular phenomena I realized how cunning the luring of Satan is. What type of traps it would set in our lives all through, at every step of our lives. This lesson helped me a lot to watch out such traps in my university life.

Once I was traveling in a bus, an hour before there was great rain and the bus stopped at a bus halt. Was looking out the widow and saw fresh water was flowing down me into the lower part of the road. And pooled into small ditches there. I understood that Gods living water would flow and fill only the hearts who keep themselves in low spirit. Who are meek, humble and low? And I determined to keep myself in low profile always, in order to enjoy His living water in me.
Another time I was traveling from Bombay towards pune. On the way it so happened I could se Lona wala, a hill station, and this beautiful place filled with mountains and valleys and water falls. The weather was so cool and rainy, I can’t but sing the song “Oh Lord my God when I in awesome wonder,”
I could never get such joy as I would enjoy the nature.

When I went to ooty, I could enjoy every minute of my stay over there. The trees, birds, flowers, green meadows, clouds, and woods. Such joy I would never get anywhere else in my life. How I wish one day I live in such fresh country side, enjoying the presence of God in every drop of rain, and in every wave of mist. My soul refreshes in such beautiful places – sea is my passion. I Love to spend hours together at the sea.
In Des Moines, Iowa I enjoyed the snow, the birds, the chipmunks; every morning of my stay over there brought me wonderful mercies of God anew. In my long walks through the meadows among the trees, while the geese flying over my head I felt, this the life, just I needed. I live, 100% in such surroundings. I pray God to give me such surrounding in my last days of life to live and then die.

I am longing for ha beautiful world to welcome me when I close the eyes in this temporary dwelling here in this world.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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