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SUNDAY, APRIL 16, 2017



                    “Ammamma , the way you write in your blog is so interesting, i love to read, wish you could write many more. Actually what you wrote so far about your life will be liked by those who love Bible.,I too like very much.”

        The sweet thought of mine which had been lurking in my mind since many years got a strong support that I must write in good English language, for which I am doing English literature, hoping to do my level best.  

     Today I am reading an article which impressed me very much. Its amazing to read it as it is an answer to my inner questions with regard to expression of  Indian mind in English letters.
    I am so much impressed by the article , and I hereby type it as it is, because it not only strengthened me,but it I need for my future reference to inspire me much and much more This article I do not feel its others’ wrote but I feel as I wrote it here. 

       English language is being effectively used as a tool for expression by all the Indian writers. Rajarao, R.K Narayan and Mulk Raj Anand, the famous trio are largely responsible for popularizing Indian English   Raja Rao justifies the use of English language as a tool for expression, suiting the Indian context and sensibility. He says that we cannot write like the British as we think fast, talk fast and so on.( This I used to argue with my daughter often in the past, when she complained about my expression, I was telling her, now you must understand, I think fast and my fingers wont keep the pace of my thoughts while typing, do not judge me) In his introduction to the novel “Kanthapura” , he says tht people have to accept Indian English.

    In the hands of Indian writers such as Aurobindo, Arun joshi, Narayan, Anand, Tagore, Rajarao, Kamala Das English has undergone a sea change adapted to our way of conversation and thinking.  Words are not mere words They are more than blocks of stone.  They are indeed streams of suggestions, dark rooms with central lights to brighten them, waves of sound making haunting music. Words are charged with tremendous power. Aurobindo invests English words with spiritual and metaphysical denotations and connotations.  Naraya uses gentle irony in a euphemistic manner. Anand translates Hindi idioms and proverbs into English.  

       Kamal had clearly announced that her English is Indian, it may be funny or half Indian or distorted. She says–” The language I speak, becomes mine, its distortions, its queerness. All mine, mine alone.  It is half English, half Indian, funny perhaps, but it is honest, it is as human as I am, don’t you see?”

     Thus all Indian writer made use of English to express their thoughts, feelings, ideas, ideals and responses in the style and syntax which suited their context.  Our Indian English has a distinctive stamp on it like the Madras handloom check shirt or the Tirupati Doll. It is better to call it Bharat Brand of English. 

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