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Birth day and Death day

Birth day and Death day

Sun shine?–follows dark night !!
blazing light? follows shadow of the objects– Joys? Happiness? Triumph ? There’s a day that is sorrows, worries, and defeat !!! Its the way of life ,God made Day and Night and He called it One day. God made Sun as well as Moon and stars to rule over the dark night—!
28th August is a day God sent me into this world, with a purpose , with a duty to do , and fulfill till He calls me o His bosom again, This is the day I love to celebrate because its the day of my exixtenace , its the day when two people rejoiced abundantly for my arrival, its the day they looked at me and was proud enough for thier achievement , and their fruit of their efforts, its the day I cried aloud for I left my Father in Heaven and came on this earth, soon enough i for got everything and cuddled into the bosom of my lovely mother. while my wonderful dad looking at me mzingly and with full of joy .
They selected number of names for me one of them settled, as Leelavathi. Ever since they started to call me Leela Leela, I learned to lorespond to them with a smile or a blink .. till now.
I still remember how my dad used to make me sit on his shoulders and show me proudly saying “oh see teacher who is on my shoulder this is Leela :over the wall to our neighbour Dhanamma teacher of Stall Girls High school.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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