Blessing in Disguise


Blessing in Disguise.

Religion has its deepest roots in the hearts of human beings.There is a void in the heart of man, only God can satisfy it.
The film “CAST AWAY” is a good example of that. A man who was in a Ship wreck finds himself on a lonely island, for many years, no one to talk, nothing lively anywhere, it was a deserted piece of land where there were no living thing at all except some trees. He made “FIRE” and to see that burning fire makes him lively again, apart from the big ocean and its waves, here is something he created with his tools of stones, that makes him to have desire to live. The fire is moving in tongues, and its burning the things, he looked at the fire in new angle, as if a little baby looks at it in awe, finds life has some meaning. But he needs to talk… to someone..the language he learned , need to be used, he need to express his feelings to someone so he got a coconut and put some features on it with the blood oozing out of a cut in his hand, and he puts it on rock and started to share his feelings.. with it. Ultimately at the end of his last of hope .. somebody found him and brought him back to his town. There he found his wife was already married to somebody else, thinking that he died , He could not face the fact, but slowly he realized his predicament, that he lost everything in his life…the film ends he standing on four road junction, trying to choose which way to go. Tom Hanks, and Helen Hunt acted in this. The whole story was 95% of it one man show, the man on deserted island.
I was moved by the way the man lives alone in an island. and the way he was trying to communicate with somebody.
That somebody  won’t answer him back or has power to change things, but he needed somebody where he could pour out his innermost feelings without any disguise. Poor man though he was communicating with that featured coconut on that little rock , though every morning he was telling all his problems, his disappointments, his loneliness, and trying to be satisfied that there is something to which he could talk and share, he never could get an answer from that coconut, never could gain a solution from that idol in the form of coconut.  He just had a satisfaction that he deliberately communicating to something there is that island, thus trying to solve his longing of communicating to an unknown being. Because he does not know to talk to the Almighty God who is not visible. He pathetically seeking that invisible God in visible coconut which had eyes, nose, and mouth which he drew with the blood oozing from his finger.
       Prayer is something else, It is the direct talk to Supreme Being in His name. His name is Jehovah meaning ” I AM I AM”  We can call His name , worship in His name because there is power in His name . There is no other name as such as this name who proclaims that “I AM I AM”.
It’s not like talking to a coconut with bloody features. while talking to that coconut, men often create their own gods, in different shapes and forms, and names. They attribute their highest qualities to it. Apply the highest values they observed and expected to have in himself, or in other friends of his, but could not attain. Therefore he tells the coconut idol that it is one of the great gods. Thus he finds a religion of his own. If possible he would write poetry on coconut, and write great books called the great books on coconut, and if could get some followers he teaches them and live by the alms given by them, or charity bestowed on him because of his knack of his oratory on talking on the greatness of the coconut. In return he would never get satisfaction, nor the his followers.
In the picture the man tried to win hiw own wife back, but disappointed utterly as she is already found her own way of living as she believed that that husband of hers was dead in the ship wreck. We cannot find fault in her too. Poor man fully disappointed in life stood on cross roads of four not knowing which way he proced.
Talking to the living  God is not just religion, and its not a religion. It’s the path of contacting Him and can be possible only by uttering His name, the name He has bestowed on His only begotten son, Jesus Christ. Son is in the Father, and Father is in the Son , they are one and the same. Talking to This Savior would not disappoint us, because there is POWER  in this TALK, its the prayer, which receives the answers and solutions, companionship, because this God answers back, communicates with us.
So when man is alone he seeks and tries to fulfill the void in his heart which seeks eternity. God has set eternity in the man’s heart. Ecclesiastes 3:11.  
If he is lesser man, a man of the soil, he tries to communicate only with the like minded humanbeings who follow the same coconut, and thus forms his own circle to socialize life, finding happiness in eating drinking, and marrying and having parties etc etc. He would bring this sort of life even in the churches where he attends. But never could taste of communicating with the Powerful God and get answers from Him.
That is the difference between talking to someone like coconut, without a name or talking to God the Creator of this world. He has revealed His name, so that we can reach Him. What loving God we have . He has given us loneliness..to know Him better, to go closer to Him. Praise God.
” One has the picture of a diver stripping off garment after garment, making himself naked, thus flashing for a moment in the air, and then down through the green and warm and sunlit water into the pitch black cold freeing water, down into the mud and slime, then up again, , his lungs almost into sunshine, holding in his hand the dripping thing he went down to get. The thing is human nature, but associated with it, all nature, the new Universe’. –C.W.Lowis
“Are we lonely with the nature or lonely with God ?–That is the question!!
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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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