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                                                  I do not write to get publish by someone, or to get name or fame; I do write because I have something URGENT and PERSONAL that need to share with the world.

I am here on this earth with a purpose, my Lord gave me life, and until He takes it back I have to live with people with whom He has entrusted to me, without these people I am nothing, my surroundings, my kith and kin everything imbibed into my being made me to EXPERIENCE  and I need to put that experience on scroll of paper to be read, its my desire, my longing, my love in my life.

I can not escape it, because this craving to EXPRESS myself bestowed upon me is a TALENT , and I need to use it and get Him saying “Well done my faithful servant”—This work in Him  is different ai different times in my life. In these autumn years, Book Writing is His talent and I use it in His Kingdom.

My lonely years for the past 2 decades gave me an opportunity to venture into this.  I write just as I breath, in both languages, In English , I started  BLOG —MY REFLECTIONS  wherein I poured out my lonely tears, sighs, humiations, ; then I wrote Telugu magazines to teach the world what I learnt At His Feet. This made me to escape pessimism, gave me a new hope in Him, Its my breath, despite of my loneliness, despite of  humiliations, despite of piles of rejection and disappointment  i faced in this venture, despite of all negative remarks about my language, my write -up.But undaunted  I went on and  on and found a great FREEDOM in my soul.

I write my books, if I do not, my soul will starve; my soul swoons slowly; as I hear the dried up leaves falling silently faintly through the garden of thistles slowly on this soiled earth to mix with it. Though I live outwardly I have no breath , and my soul slowly leaves me, if I do not write.

The humanity surrounding me transcends the boundaries of class and gender, people with different faces, characters language and attitude fills my pages, I recollect the past , present, and sometimes I find a sweet smile at the edges of my lips, and sometimes I find traces of tears flowing slowly from the corners of my eyes, these real people, these realities make to look into my future with a new hope in Him. I am the Queen of my words, my wordings, my pages filled in with my musings. and human conditions surrounded my 6 decades life layer by layer.

I was behind the screen for 2 decades just serving and amalgamting my identity into my husband’s thus toiling a task of ‘King Making. I was there behind, beside, before and beyond… to do what all that I wanted to do through him and by him and in him. There was joy, happiness, peace, in sef sacrifice in trust, respect and love and passion for him.  Those years taught me many things of life, giving me great experience of walking with Him. My husband was my anchor my sanity, my inspiration,my conscience, for every decent impulse I ever have had.  The life with him gave me words to my life. As somebody said, I lived the role of “Faculty Wife’ very artistically and lively. Finally ending up making a legend of TYR for the sake of people in family and out of family. its all the part of process of living maturely, to reach the goal and fulfilling the purpose detected by conscience.

Now this new venture of doing Book Ministry is the offspring of that long journey. Its the Golden Touch of those wonderful self sacrificing years.  No wonder I face the same gender difference in this field of Book Ministry too. No would come forward to publish or to buy or read them because I am woman. Most of people donot read  my books because hey were sold only in thousand copies, Most of which were bought by my relatives and close friends who were paid  handsomely by me.Though my verses are clear and vivid and challenging the folks, but the public  cant take bold challenges from a woman. They do not have one single word of appreciation or a single act of sharing or buying the book for their friends, just because that these books are written by a woman, me. ultimately my books end up in the shelf, to read it takes some more decades,  to share it with others takes eternity may be. I dare not to have any attention from a man. Because man is the one who has to write, he is the one who should have experience in the Lord, he is the one who should express it. What is there for a woman writer. Men should review, men should have publishing houses,menshould edit, men should express in writing. then people give due weightage to his books not to woman writer for the Book Ministry.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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