Secret Heist.5)–The 7 Steps with God

 April 11th, 2018 Wednesday 

                                             As usual he was going early in the morning at 6 am and coming in the evening, only after 10pm.  Sometimes he runs on the platform, one day I saw with my own eyes. we were going to Vijaywada long with him in the same passenger he had to go to Office, me, and my children got into the train, while he was putting his cycle in the cycle stand. But the train moved and he was running after the train to catch it. At the last moment when the train was pulled out of the platform, he was pulled into the train by a fellow a passenger ( Selvaraj) . I was anxiously looking out and found he was breathless when he was in, and literally fell on the floor of the train. It was horrible incident in my memory, all ways I was fearing for his safety in his travellings. One day my mistake I found a man who looked like my husband who fell from the train, was carried into the hospital, and I was after the stretcher crying aloud. I could not be consoled until somebody told me his name was some other name while his relatives were attending him. Such was me so fearful, anxious of his journeys all ways, since we get married in 1979. Most of life spent for waiting for him to come home safely. I in humble spirit accept that I am not courageous person, certain times, but only because of His abundant mercy, I could survive till now , while passing through many tests and trails of my timid life. Passenger train travellings were great ordeal in our lives, in those days.


One day , after I got an assurance from my Lord, that he would get transfer and he would be a HELP for me to take care of household affairs, and children care along with me, so that I can go to college in time, it so happened that the passenger train was stopped at Singhnagar halt just before the Vijaywada railway station some 15 kilometers away.   He waited and waited for the train to move to railway station where his office DEN office was nearby.
As the train was not going further, and the time for sign was short, he got down and run to the road and found a  some scooter wallah and begged  him to give  a lift upto Ramavarappadu where he was going, then from there he got another  scooter fellow to drop him at Benz company circle, ( ring road circle)  from there he got a Lorry which was going towards the railway station, there he got down and with lunch carriage basket he started to run in the DEN office compound to go and climb the steps to reach his office.  At last he reached and signed.

That afternoon one lady who is known to him asked him that she saw him running in the compound fiercely and asked him what was the matter. Then my husband answered her,  ‘ What to tell you mam, my life is so miserable….’ and he started to tell her all that happened that day . to reach the office.
After hearing him she sympathetically said, “  So sorry to hear this , why don’t you try for a transfer to Eluru?” Even for that my husband told her that he tried so many times for transfer and applied but it could not be done. Understanding the plight of my husband she said,’ Sir, again you try , your supervisor is my husband, I too will tell him about your problem.”
This time its the turn of my husband to be surprised.  because he never thought or knew that she was the wife of his supervisor,  because this lady was a christian, and the supervisor was a Brahman man by caste.
Without another word , he thanked her and went and met the supervisor and when he was told  to submit an application for transfer he did it and he came and told me about all this episode.

In heart of hearts I knew that God, my Father started to move the pawns to do what He promised me to do about the transfer of my husband.  I knew that God in His great mercy arranged all these steps to happen in a beautiful way.

But if you think that we got transfer, in this short way, it means you are ignorant of His ways.  There were many hurdles, obstacles to overcome, not one or two, but many, which I will give an account here.

               That Supervisor was kind enough to inform my husband that,” There is man in AEN Railway office in Eluru, by name B. who  applied for the transfer to Vijayawada, it means you may get a mutual transfer, but the thing is he applied in the year 1984, now it is 1991 ,almost 8 years back;  so you need to meet him and get a fresh application from him, and we will try for your mutual transfer.”

               That day when my husband came in flying colors, to home and informed me that the next day as it was weekend holiday for him in DEN office ,Vijayawada; but working day for AEN office, Eluru.  He planned to go and meet this man B.  I knew that the Lord was doing wonderful thing in our life, and that He is going to keep His promise that my husband could get a transfer to Eluru to be a support to me to go to college in time for the next academic year.

So thanking God we retired to the beds that night, and the next morning my husband T Yesuratnam went to the AEN office with great expectations.   That afternoon when I came from College he informed me, Leela, praise the Lord, B accepted to go to Vijayawada as he wanted to do Polytechnic studies, and improve his career performance and he asked me to meet him next weekend that he would draft the letter of application for transfer and give it to me.’

We praised God once again with deep gratitude in our hearts.   All through the week we were praising God for His great love for us.   Again the week end, Saturday, my husband went to the AEN office with great expectations,  but he was utterly disappointed by the answer he received this time.

(Obstacle No.1)He told me that weekend afternoon, like this, ” Leela, B. has changed his promise, he told me that his       in- laws and his parents live in Thangellamudi, and they do not want him to go to Vijayawada/ on the other hand it seems his wife is BA., B.ed. graduate, and that she applied for Municipality teacher post, and she might get it soon , if only he would pay Rs.30000/- as bribe in the office.  Therefore he is not willing to give application for transfer to Vijayawada, now”

I saw the disappointment in my dear husband eyes, but the voice of God told me that he would get transfer, is it not? So I told him, “ hubby, this is only an obstacle in great miracle that’s going to happen .. So let us pray much more and see how God would do His plan for us”  ( I knew God is going to get this transfer, by all means )

So we both took our supplications to the Lord, who knew our problems, our sweat, our agony and my sacrificial life for peaceful married life.  One month passed on, no news of any sort, but I knew that he will get the transfer. My God can do any thing, yes, anything.

That evening he came a bit early from the office, with a suitcase in his hands,  Whenever he comes like that, he was supposed to catch a train that night to go to Hyderabad on office work.

I was sitting on the mat along with my two little children teaching them the lessons of the school, we did not have any sofas or good chairs to sit, still.  We were married in 1979  and that year was 1991.. we had 4 folding chairs for the visitors, and we used to keep those aside.

I saw him all in smiles,  so I asked him, ‘What hubby, are going to Hyderabad  tonight?, you came earlier today?”

This beautiful scene of that room and my husband smiling face while sitting in the chair opening the suite case and  brought out a bunch of typed papers, and gave it to me saying, ” See, See, what is in it”

I could not believe my eyes, this was July 1991, I got the promise from God in the month of May 1991, about his transfer,  now what I was seeing in the Government Order was….1)   A request Transfer of a man from Guntur to Ongole,  2) A requested Transfer of B from Eluru to Vijayawada,   3) A requested Transfer of Mr. Yesuratnam from Vijayawada to Eluru.

(While I am typing this incident that, “beautiful scene of that room, my husband sitting and smiling at me, while untieing his boot laces, and my sweet little children sitting on that mat looking at us expectantly trying to understand the joy of us”, brings me tears in my eyes, for His grateful love upon our beautiful family. My love for my husband was so much, we were so happy enjoying His protection.  We both had a very beautiful godly life walking with Him for 22 years of marital life which was abruptly nipped in bud, in a single second, later in 2000 year.) 
It was sealed by the Office of the DEN. and signed by the highest authority of DEN office who was known for his Bribery  life.

I found myself in abundant joy and merry noise,  many ‘ohs, ahas’  I said, “ Emandi , what happened, what is this miracle?”
He told me like this like a story in the Suspense novel,  That morning the supervisor,  came to his desk at 10 am hurriedly and asked him,

“Mr Yesuratnam, do you have the copy of the application for transfer you gave to me one month back  I need it urgently , very urgent.. can you give it now?”

” Yes, sir,”

My husband was known for his meticulous and tidy habits, he keeps the things in order, and in their place all ways.,( whereas me could not keep pace with him all ways and often get scoldings from him for my untidy way of keeping things here and there, I used to change the furniture or books or things to different positions, which often irks him , who wanted the paper or book in the same place all the time. Because I could not do like that and as I used to change the things often, he used to call me by nick name T><M = Thalakai Marchipadesthavu….   ( You change my head also , if possible, thus he was teasingly scolding me )and used to call me TM.)
So as per his meticulous habit he opened his  desk draw and picked the application from the file and gave it to him immediately.

By 3pm the same gentleman brought this GO of transfer order and gave it to my husband.

(Obstacle No.2)What happened in the Boss office was explained to my husband outside the office before he started to come home.   it seems, That morning at 10 am the Boss called the Supervisor and told him that he is going to leave for USA next day, as visa is ready by then,  and told him if he needed any papers to be signed , he would sign and go, and this trip is top secret, and no body should know about this.  so this gentleman asked my husband for the application copy  gave it to the Boss to sign with other urgent papers.  PRAISE THE LORD.   Do you know why the boss was so hurry to leave the country..?   The months May and June 1991 were the months we were praying for the transfer,  and the Lord send Vigilance on hotline on this Boss to check with his bribe habits and drag him into the trap. Knowing this the Boss left the country immediately without telling any one, and without any news of his departure leaked out to any one, except the Supervisor, and a kind person. God used him to help us in this spectacular way.  God loves every one , Hindu , Muslim or Parsi, He use any one for His purpose to be fulfilled.

Do not think the story had come to an end.. No no no no…. the real story started that night.
Before retiring to the bed after the family prayer, after the session of praise and thanksgiving, my husband said,‘ Leela, today is Friday, tomorrow even if  I go to AEN office, B cannot give his Relieving letter and join in Vijayawada because its weekend holiday in DEN office there.  so I have to go to AEN office only on Monday to submit my joining report here., though  my relieving orders apply  from today.’

I replied , “ok you can do like that.”  

Then just before he lied down on the bed and say goodnight, he said, ” Leela, B is very famous person, he being  ( Obstacle .No.3)a Muslim a member of the Majdur Union of Railways, its a very strong Union, if B tells them he got transfer like this they would take it a challenge and stop the transfer,(Obstacle No.4) on the other hand B got a very close relative an uncle in Railnilayam Hyderabad, this year,  in a very high position in Railways, if B called him on phone and tell him to stop the transfer it would be done.”

I was staring at him ,  I did not speak any thing, but as the day was a hectic day for me, very tired, I closed my eyes to sleep.   But after a few hours of sleep, I had to get up at 3am,  wide awake, no more sleep,  my thoughts went to the words he spoke at the end of the day. Great fear took hold of me, what if B goes to the Muslim Union, what if he called his influential uncle in Railways Hyderabad, What will happen..? the transfers will be stopped? I got down from the bed, the room was small one I did not have much place after we spread the beds ,everyday , in the night we spread,again in the morning we shift them to the wall. So I got down and make a little space for myself, near the bed, almost my knees under the cot,  and poured out  my fears to Him, my Friend who lends His ears all the time in a crooked place even like this.

           My Bible was with me , I opened it, it opened at 62 Psalm, I was reading the Psalm,  as if God was asking me to read it,   The psalm was speaking to me verse by verse.

1. Truly my soul rest in God: My salvation comes from Him. 2. Truly He is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will never be shaken. 3.How long will you assault me? Would all of you throw me down– This leaning wall, this tottering fence? Surely they intend to topple me from my lofty place; they take delight in lies. With their mouths they bless, but in their hearts they curse. Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.  6. Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken. 7. My salvation and my honor depend on God , He is my mighty rock, my refuge. 8. Surely the low born are but a breath, the highborn are but a lie If weighed on a balance, they are nothing; together they are only a breath. 10. Do not trust in extortion or put vain hope in stolen goods; though your riches increase, do not set your heart on them.  One thing God has spoken, two things I have heard; Power belongs to you , God, and with you, Lord, is unfailing love”; and, “You reward everyone according to what they have done.”  (New living Version)

King James Version—Surely men of low degree are vanity, and men of high degree are a lie: to be laid in the balance, they are altogether lighter than vanity

.11 God hath spoken once; twice have I heard this; that power belongeth unto God

Now I understood what God was telling me in that early hours of the day, .. He was telling me 9. “Men of low degree are vanity” It means Majdur Trade Union on which B. may lean upon, the men of high degree are a lie (his uncle in high position in Hyderabad RailNilayam Office? was he really there? was it a lie?)  Whatever they are altogether lighter than vanity. Oh selah !!  They cannot do any thing negatively to us, they are just a lie, and vanity.—My heart stood still, I heard His loving voice comforting me,  there.  Verse 11 spoke to me again, God hath spoken once  — Yes He has given relieving letter to my husband, one of the transfer process is finished— Twice have I heard this–oh yes, I heard it again, that power belongeth unto God, it means the second part of the transfer process I heard again that, The joining letter process will be over today, yes today, because I know That Power belongeth unto God.  What peace, what immense joyful peace, !! Did not He tell me, that they are nothing but “This leaning wall, this tottering fence? . Truly my soul rest in God: My salvation comes from Him. 2. Truly He is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will never be shaken,Yes, my soul, find rest in God; my hope comes from him.  6. Truly he is my rock and my salvation; he is my fortress, I will not be shaken. 7. My salvation and my honor depend on God , He is my mighty rock, my refuge. 8

Jesus told us that we should believe everything that we possessed already,  whatever I prayed for ,  yes now I knew that He is going to help us  in joining in the Eluru office just as he helped us in relieving from vij/ office. I knew it even while we were praying for it.

On Monday, in stead of going to Vij early in the morning at 6am , he dropped me at my college at 9 :15 pm as he had to go to AEN office here in eluru that day,   and as he was going back , I told him, “Hubby, I have class in the first period, after it is  over, by 11 am I will come down from the first floor to the office.  you call me on office phone and I will be there in office, let me know the good news..”    We both are light hearted and happy. Knowing God is with us.

After the first period of class I was rushing to the office then I heard the phone ringing.  The clerk who was sitting there her name Miss Leela. , seeing me entering the office room said,
“Miss this phone call is for your only”
yea I know…  I thanked her and told her yea I am expecting this call, and grabbed the phone at once,  and on the other end of the line my husband’s sweet voice ,

I heard, “Praise The Lord , Leela”

(Obstacle No.5) ——–“Poor B  is suffering from fever since three days, so he did not come to office till this morning, and when he is given this GO, he did not say anything but signed and took his relieving order from the Superintendent  here, I gave my joining report and joined in the office.
”  Oh praise God, I shouted,
he said, Leela I need to go to Vij now taking some files from here, so now i am going from here, catching some train, so evening I will come back.”
” What about Lunch?
”  Never mind today I will eat in the cafeteria”

I told leela about this good news, (Clerk Leela is my silent witness of God’s dealings in my life, even previously in occasion she saw me shouting “Praise the Lord, when a great obstacle tried to stop me to go to Retreat in 1977 ) and rushed hurriedly in to the chamber of Sr. Principal, Sr. Winifred, and while entering Into her chamber and shouted happily, “You know sister, good news, my husband got transfer to Eluru.” My face was beaming with a big grin on my face, my godly sister also beamed with joy and an big grin as well, said, “ Oh Miss congratulations, so you will be in college by 9;30 am ? hahah ?” she was laughing with joyful heart. I said, ‘ Oh no no Sister  I will be here by 9:15am itself because he has to be in the office by 9:30am,  both of us laughing like little children who found a  nice toy to play suddenly.
I rushed to the staff room and not knowing how to tell all the 14 lecturers in the room I shouted, “Hey A good news for all of you”  and again I said, oh nono, its a good news for me, its, it my husband got transfer to Eluru.”  All of them know how much I was suffering because of lack of his presence in Eluru, this group of lecturers belong to the department of ARTS we share every things with each other so they were sympathetic.

That evening there was a greater narration of the story that happened in his office that morning.  my husband told me like this, ” Leela do you know what had happened this morning in this office in Eluru?, I went there to give my joining report after B gave his relieving report,  the superintend said that there is no Head Drafts man post which is mine to work in this office,(Obstacle No.6) while saying that he wrote with his green ink across the GO underneath of it , that there is no HD post for me and he could not take joining report from me.
At that moment the Head clerk came into the room saw the GO and said, ” sir , there is this post in our office, when you were on camp, one week back there was a GO sent from head office that the post for Head drafts man was created. Because the Superintend came to office that morning only after his long camp. 
With this the superintend could not say anything, so he accepted the letter from my husband.  After this work was finished and while B and Head clerk and my husband were talking about the Office work then the post man came with( Obstacle No.7) a  Postcard for B from the man from Guntur, who was transferred to Ongole, in that he wrote he tried his level best to get this transfer in the previous year, as he needed it then, but he could not get it. Now they gave him this request transfer this year, which he does not want now, so he requested B. not to take relieving orders in Eluru office, and he suggested that they both could go to Hyderabad and stop these transfers by ‘managing things” there.  


When my husband was telling me all this , I heard him intently and said to him, ” Hubby, I often had an idea before my conversion that my dad would do any thing , he is so powerful as a Police officer, , in this case as an earthly father he might have helped us in one step or two steps, but not in so many steps,   like this ..7 steps…. oh yes we walked 7 steps with the Lord…. and its wonderful to walk with Him.

7 steps

Walking 7 Steps with God is wonderful , its a Relationship with Him, He lovingly walks with us, through all Obstacle, numbering 7 in this spectacular story of Transfer winning over Bribe. Read and share with your friends, thus partaking in the mission of spreading Good News !!!


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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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