Cast Away……..Blessing in Disguise.

Religion has its deepest roots in the hearts of human beings.There is a void in the heart of man, only God can satisfy it.
The film “CAST AWAY” is a good example of that. A man who was in a Ship wreck finds himself on a lonely island, for many years, no one to talk, nothing lively anywhere, it was a deserted piece of land where there were no living thing at all except some trees. He made “FIRE” and to see that burning makes him to have desire to live. but he needs to talk… to someone.. he got a coconut and put some features on it with the blood oozing out of a cut in his hand, and he puts it on rock and started to share his feelings.. with it. Ultimately at the end of his last of hope .. somebody found him and brought him back to his town. There he found his wife was all ready married somebody else, thinking that he died , He could not face the fact, but slowly he realized his predicament, that he lost every thing in his life…the film ends he standing on four road junction, trying to choose which way to go. Tom Hanks, and Helen Hunt acted in this. The whole story was 95% of it one man show, the man on deserted island.
I was moved by the way the man lives alone in an island. and the way he was trying to communicate with some body.
This blog is that somebody for me, it wont answer me back or has power to change things, but I need somebody where I can pour out my inner most feelings without any disguise.

Prayer is something else, That is the direct talk to Supreme Being in His name. His name is Jehovah meaning ” I AM I AM” The Israelite called His name , worshiped in His name. there is power in His name . There is no other name as such this name who proclaims that “I AM I AM” no other one, is there beside Him, Moses the prophet found this God and found His name for us. Its not like talking to a coconut with bloody features. Talking to this God is not just religion, and its not a religion. Its the path of contacting him and can be possible only by uttering His name, the name He has bestowed on His only begotten son, Jesus Christ. Son is in the Father, and Father is in the Son , they are one and the same.
So when man is alone he depends on God more and more. As he needs to talk to some one, and that some one would be The Father God. This blog is a way of reflecting on my changing moods, my deep thoughts, my very own voice to my self. Praying is talking to God , telling Him what I am, because His name has power in it, as I do pray in His name , things get changed, and I change.. for better.
That is the difference between talking to some one unknown without a name and talking to God the Creator of this world. He has revealed His name, so that we can reach Him. What loving God we have . He has given us know Him better, to go closer to Him. Praise God.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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