• understanding and misunderstanding. 28/5/17

    People of different types live in one place and wonder why others are not like them. They have different tastes and desires and wonder why other person does not exhibit the same type of attitude and behaviour as they used to show. People have this same question all ways in mind , they try to understand and try to misunderstand…

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    Hate, Hatred ,Hating, are the words we do not like. They are the most mischievous words that confuse us, and trap us into the abyss of the life. We  have ambivalence for these words.When it is subjective we love it, but when it is objective , we do not like it, we hate the word hate, because this word come…

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  • Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater

    Peter, Peter Pumpkin Eater— John 21:1,2,3 verses. “ I will go for fishing” “I am confused, frustrated down casted, no hope , no future, remorseful—do not know what to do now- Jesus is no more -3 and half years he was so busy, so busy not even had time to eat or sleep—thought life serves very well, thought life has…

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