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  • Why I obeyed my husband 200%?

        Why I obeyed my husband 200%? Story of my marriage …..He had written on a scroll about all that had been recorded concerning…       Jeremiah 51:6 (Yes  this story of my marriage I have written from my journal  which was already recorded day to day… Thank God I recorded it already for this day to share with the readers).…

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  • Story of my baptism

          Story of my baptism   Story of my baptism   Research Assistant I got a small job as research assistant and I started to earn Rs.200/ per month, I left a very big job in Air India which had promised me a great future and prosperity, and now I opted for a small job like this. My…

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                               THE STORY OF MY MARRIAGE Story of my marriage                     Why I obeyed my husband 200% without a question or a doubt? What made me so? Was it because of my obedience to my Lord? To His Word? To the elders? Or the obedience I learnt to…

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        WALKING in THE CLOUDS   Appendix 1.   WALKING On THE CLOUDS At the age of 4 years I used to dream that I was playing with, walking on, and even eating the white clouds, at times. I used to gaze into the blue sky and white fluffy clouds for long hours on our terrace. They were fascinating me very much.…

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  • His Will in my Employment

        His Will in my Employment (Ref: Penguin in a burrow chapter/Two gifts -One to choose)    God knows which job is suitable to me. He knows the results of my “aptitude test. He waited till I finish all my own trails and errors, until I could filter three, which I thought suitable for me. I kept them in…

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  • HOW I recieved FAITH ?

    How I received FAITH… “These are written that you may believe that Jesus is the Christ, the Son of God and that by believing you may have LIFE” – John 20:31   That was the year 1974. I had completed my post-graduation only the previous year. When I attended a revival meeting conducted by Br. Joshua Daniel in the city…

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