On Women

  • Delhi Gate Gang Rape

    TUESDAY, JANUARY 8, 2013 Delhi Gate Rape   I am weeping uncontrollably here in a small town while seeing the news on the tv channels. Our youth, our future of the country are crying for justice. where are the Leaders, where are the cine actors, where are the cricket idols of this youth, why they are not supporting them? why…

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  • –Kitchen Sink Politics

    WEDNESDAY, JUNE 14, 2017 –Kitchen Sink Politics  Woman!Thy name is frailty!! Women are told that they should be well versed only in culinary art.  not in writing poems ,  can be well versed only in flirting.  Intelligence is claimed by man. .  Hello Shakespeare bro, you cannot expect more than  that from women who were stripped intelligent pursues then and now. …

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  • -NIRBHAYA CASE(Curse of Eve

    NIRBHAYA CASE(Curse of Eve)  LIFE is still the same, Dhroupathy was sold to five brothers to use as a prostitute, in royal palace, Our people colour it as Pativrata and take it to glorify it. What if anybody turn up the example of her in these modern days? Rape is killing the girl of her very essence of life. But…

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