FRIDAY, JUNE 9, 2017 POEM – LEGACY Tax evading Swiss Bank accounts, Jewellery in Lockers, Ward robe not knowing which to wear, Assistants to pick one for you, dainties on the table All for the tip of the tongue, not more than that, Craving to leave a LEGACY for whom . is unknown Its billion dollar question. Poor You !!!…

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  • why I write….

    THURSDAY, JULY 31, 2008 why I write…. Like an angel I soared higher and higher Then thought rejection dejection and death eternally Made me fold my wings & fly downwards. I had earned love passionately but garments of frustration gather around me, I became a shell, vowed never to open. In my withdrawal, I saw the pearl And felt the…

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  • Leaving a Lasting Legacy

    A BETTER PLACE TO LIVE Inner wheel is special little one within another Its the force  of outer wheel Wives, daughters,sisters, grannies With specific purpose and zeal for life Appreciating the talents of  every way  Not mere.Knitting , dishes,or colouring  Showing better deals Is all in  the show . A world of women  Action Plan, .A legacy of  deeds for…

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