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Cheaters, Magic preachers ( Part 1)

Cheaters, Magic preachers ( Part 1)
Sorry this is not beautiful story, . The name of the blog is A Beautiful story, that is all, this article I wrote with much agony in my heart, the Bible the Word of God is taken into bondage, ministers are no more ministers but became money mongers, they are playing fiddle to get more coins, they act as the dramatists, yet times and make fun of Jesus Christ, yesterday I attended a meeting where the preacher spoke about the chicken curry and fish curry for about 15 minutes, they are not conscious of the Time of God, they are cheating the audience and themselves, please pray for the Christianity, its not preparing for the Lord’s coming but for its own Dooms day. Open your eyes my friends and pray.

The ministry of God is taking new trends now a days. I see a strange spirit took over the people and the leaders. Every where the Bible is being preached, its literally taking place in every hook and nook of the world. There are so many “signs” of God exhibited in the universe. Like the earthquakes, famines, floods, wars , etc etc. These had been there even before, soon after the atonement of Jesus, the apostles then were very cautious of His coming back.
But only those little bunch of people were aware of His words, and His promise of coming back.
So Jesus did not come then.

Now one incident in one remote place of the world reaches the whole world within a few seconds. Its because of the media, TV , Newspaper, Whatsapp etc. We not only hear but actually witnessing everything that happens in the world.  This is what Jesus meant when He said about the end days. Every one will know about everything that happens in the world. Therefore we need to be alert and wait for the end.

People became very very brave, they call their foolish self will as the faith in God, they call their own plans as the leading of God, they are planning, plotting and scheming different methods of winning people and their resources saying it is the ministry of God.

There are prayer meetings hundreds of those, fasting prayers, feasting prayers; ministers are too busy to know the mind of God. They spend so much of time on their knees, but only to contemplate the ‘ METHODS ‘  of winning people to empty their pockets in better way than the other ministers.

They read the Bible not to seek the mind of God for their ministry and for their lives, but to present the word of God in attractive way, may be power point, or dramas, or through skits or special musical concerts.

Those humble men of God who waited upon the Lord saying ” Move men through God by prayer alone” are no more. The christians just cannot wait, there is no patience to wait upon the Lord. Everything should be done then and there and quickly.  No time to wait one extra minute.

The thought comes, plan comes, scheme comes, and it would be presented.
And to make it possible they beg , they dance, they act, they prostrate in front of the congregation( not in front of God) to earn the hard earned coins and currency of the congregation.

There are hundreds of “…..meetings”  I do not know what sort of meetings are these, are they Revival meetings? or prayer meetings? nah they call them some times Healing meetings, or festival of Jesus or some funny names but never seek the glory of God.

There is strange shoutings on the dais, the speaker jumps from one corner of the stage to another like an ape, and comb his hair with his five fingers frequently, and shouts at the congregation just like Christie Angel the magician, ” Are you ready” and the congregation is supposed to shout with equal fervor “Yes” -For what they are ready neigther the speaker or the congregation do know. Its just a catchy word.

Why all this drama of Christian life?
Where are those  humble, tearful, preaching of sacrificial speakers?

Because they told us” Expect great things from God and attempt great things for God” These mimicry folks tell the congregation that they are expecting to buy a big van, big airplane or big land and force the congregation to say loudly ” Amen” if they do not say they roar again with stern voice “Amen?” suggesting the audience again to shout it after him.
I am writing this article to tell my friends open your eyes and do not be cheated by these gullible faithless workers. The Spirit of God would teach you whom to follow and whom not to follow. Open your eyes and pray for the dooms days is very near. Take up the yoke of Jesus, for it is light, He teaches you His gentleness and meekness. Preach it on the streets dear folks, deliver the people from these deceitful preachers.

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