Criminal instinct of Paranoid Spouses/Kidnappers/

Stockholm Syndrome

Life is complicated story for man. No two human beings live , think or do the same. At the same time not even one human being live the same way, with same attitudes or likings, dislikings.

Human life is never static, it’s always moves and changes, person to person, or within the same person.

Why a person oppress the other ? Why he captivates and treats cruelly? Why a person kidnap and imprison another? Why a person marries and behaves sadistic ?

Yet, the victim sometimes turns up her or his feelings towards the criminal into a bonded empathetic, sympathetic relationship?

Though we may think this sort of relationship between the criminal and the victim is unnatural, yet, it happens throughout the process in some cases.

The criminal and victim may be husband vs wife, or kidnapper and the victim; or in incest relations.

The victim tries to get free, fails, so adjust tot he situation and slowly changes her/his feelings towards the criminal or paranoid spouse into sympathetic and empathetic feelings. They develop a bondage and thinks that they can not survive without this criminal in their lives.

In Criminal Psychology it is called Stockholm Syndrome.

We often witness a wife/husband tortured psychologically, also physically by their partner, yet they adapt to the situation and live their long lives in the same dwelling and suffer till they die. They never get an idea that they could get freedom by moving away from that person. Legality of marriage, family and relatives suppress them and makes them as slaves to the criminal spouse. In course of the life time they are brainwashed to love or think about the other person sympathetically and do not find fault in them, though hating them in their hearts.  This is called Stockholm Syndrome.

This name Stockholm Syndrome emerged out of the situation in a bank robbery occurred in 1973 in Stockholm, Sweden. The victims  eventually developed sympathetic feelings towards the criminal gang and tried to understand them.

Though wife/husband hates the other, due to her social behaviour, or perverted desires, anti social deeds, the spouse feels empathetic towards the other. Basically one of them may not be from criminal background, but once married, they become like the other partner who exercise criminal behaviour, and may become worse than the other, sometimes.

They develop a sense of close connection with the perpetrator or abductor, or paranoid spouse.Though they suffered cruelly in the hands of the kidnapper or spouse, they give empathetic report about the abductor to the police.

The perpetrator is cruel but he behaves as if he is apologetic, expresses his inability to stop being cruel. The wife speaks evil and tortures the husband with terrible allegations, but expresses her dependency and her need of him,thereby the husband develops sympathy for his wife and put on with her, years together, wasting his life. The husband beats his wife, bruise her, torture her verbally and physically but suddenly changes his attitude and tells her that he is weak in his anger and he can not get rid of it, he was born like that and gives her gifts and flowers, and tames her and wins her affections, but repeats his evil behaviour again and again giving her a life like hell. She neither thinks of get rid of this brutal treatment, nor she better herself by other means, but develops sympathy towards him and stay with him all her life thus wasting whole life.  But once they were given chance to get freedom by the police intervention, or by the death of the criminal wife/husband they come with horrible stories of their oppressed lives. Even then they speak empathetically about the other person. This Stockholm syndrome.

When they live with such sadastic kidnapper or brutal spouse, they may not be sympathetic, yet times, but they develop a strategy to survive. Because they are locked up literally, or legally to the kidnapper or the spouse, yet times. They adapt to the desires of the criminal. They become brainwashed.

In one case the woman was married in her younger age, by kidnapping her,  treated beastly, for many years, once the kidnapper started to trust her, allowed her to take up a job in shop, and she used to come home every night, dutifully.

Thus a sort of evolution of relationship occured, and she became a sex slave. After seven years of captivity he offered her to be his second wife, to recruit many for sex slaves,eventually to be house maids.  He started to trust her until one day she jumped out of the car. He treated her more cruelly, then she beseeched him to kill her, but he was keeping on telling her, that he could not kill her because he is in love with her.

august 23, 2006, while she was helping him to pick up certain goods from a nearby place, he got a phone call from his business partner, and he walked away. She frantically ran over the gardens, jumped over the fences reached the neighbours shouted for help.  He was caught up by the police but he commited suicide by jumping in front of speeding train.

In another case a girl was rescued  after 10 years, when her room was not locked by the kidnapper, by mistake .This fellow wrote a suicide note wherein he mentioned that the victim developed strong bond with him and she is completely dependent on his affections. this fellow claimed that he hears voices in his head to gives orders to him to commit crime, and says it was god’s voice.

A daughter was captivated for 24 years by her own father, who was well known personality in the local business area. One day she begged him to take her to hospital as her child is sick, there she got rid of him by getting the help of the police.

These people often suffer with paranoid feelings, they cannot bear their spouses to talk to any male, even her/his own father/mother, or brother/sister, boss, or colleague. These are sadistic, deranged, legally insane,mentally ill?

But the way they organize the crime, the way they plan things to treat the other brutally, verbally, neads intelligence, and does not show that they are insane.

the evil business man who kept his own daughter captive to use her as sex slave, says, that , he knew that he was doing was not right. He said, ” I must be crazy to do so.” But expresses, that he was a ‘born rapist,’ therefore he had ‘no choice’–

These are not insane or mentally ill people. It is severe personality disorder; their Insanity defences proved effective to be sent to psychiatric hospitals.

One cruel kidnapper of two yong girls, victimied them for 15 years depicted herself, saying, “They are trying to paint me as a monster, I am not. I am sick that is all. I am sorry for them. They knew how harmoniously we lived together.”

He was given two life sentences plus 1000 years without parole. His house of horrors was demolished, and when he commited suicide by jumping in front of speeding train, he was cremated, and nograve yard accepted his ashes.

One of the rescued girls, said, ” I am given second chance to live, and I have to live, I want to help other people who were victimized like me, who do not have voice as they are scared of the things they had gone thru.  another girl wrote a book. Many do not like to talk about what they had gone thru, she said, I did not do any thing wrong, I was victim, I need not feel ashamed. As a teenager she had two children, she is giving online studies to them and wanted to do the best for them.

The beautiful thing here is the Police pursued these cases even after 20 years, never stopped to find out even if it is longer. These incidents made indelible mark on the personalities of those officers. They became excellent in their field of rescuing such victims.

The last statement for the evil couple who used her as sex slave, by one of the victims is.” I do not want to waste even one more minute of my life  on you. I am done with you. I am going to continue to live my life free from you.”

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