Decision Making

SATURDAY, MAY 28, 2016

Decision Making

               When would you say that one is matured person        Is it by chronological age or by psychological age?

Certainly, by psychological age. When a person learned to adapt himself accommodatingly to a given situation we say he is matured or he has a personality which is adaptive and matured.
        When a person ‘Look at a situation  finds pros and cons of the situation and when he could balance both in proper way, and find a solution or a way to go further by coming to a strong decision, and follows it by all means , without looking back , however be the consequences, then we would say that person is a matured person.”

           Well some of us were very sure of this path in our past, either in the case of the course we took to study, or finding a partner in marriage, or finding a proper job in life, or to buy a good house , all those big decisions were immaculate and strong and we never regretted for what we did just as a very matured person. We faced the situation bravely even when it did not give the expected results in life even.
         But as the days go by, as the grey years flooding over us, this same Decision making ability is dwindling a lot, shaking immensely and making us to stand aloof and feel very vulnerable and useless.

         What was not a problem is a problem now. What we never thought of a adventure becomes a great feat of adventure all in a sudden. Everything seems blurred and body wont cooperate. Body, I mean not only limbs and motor skills, even the eyes, brain would not act as sharply as it was.
          There are some wonderful aged people who did great things even in their old age, but not all of us. 
         A person can continue the same work he had taken up in his youthful days and do wonders in the same chosen path of his younger days, but aiming for a new vision, a new path all in a sudden may not be very suitable at the old age.

           Many people find a very subtle and weak point in this way of deciding things.
Even to go out, or visit a friend, or to appear for a test, or doing an unknown thing, may it be so simple a task like walking in a new place takes toll of the person. 
Forgetting and being confused are the pattern of life. 
Simple tasks like meeting new people and seeing new places, or taking up new chores of life gives tremendous stress to the person. 
Do not like to change house, do not like to change a new street, do not like to stay in weddings, or birthday parties. Nothing seems to be giving any jerk in life as they used to be in the past. 
So even  to decide to go or not to go becomes a great big question. 
Umpteen times the Railway tickets cancelled, Bus reservations were cancelled, even the flight tickets cancelled or pre poned, nothing is stable, nothing can be done concretely.
Wanted to learn new things in life? music or a degree, in English litt/ or learn a new language? oh no everything is too much to this once strong brain.   Even reading becomes too much, we cannot forget those days how we read books at a stretch whole night untilthey are finished, , now even to go for one single chapter,some invisible gene sings lullaby and finds oneself dozing without a reason.

           Every sensitive issue in life becomes blurred and morose. Every nerve feels dumb and callous. 
Life seems to be standing still and not making a progress an inch per a day. The dead cells increase, more time to take bath is becoming inevitable, and simple daily chores becomes a burden and that makes a lot difference. Even to open the door, or tuning a music box takes time , unlike in the past. 
         Decision making is the most difficult thing … this would be a transitional period from strong matured individuality to becoming into vegetable condition.  

         What and what not is so difficult. Wish to have a friend, an younger one who would decide every thing in life. 
Once upon a time this very thought was looked upon with frown, did not like any one to decide things for us, do not like any one tell us this is good and this not, but now how we wish, that life ‘s little decisions like even what to eat and what not, what to wear and how, where to go and when all could be determined by some young and energetic person who loves us !!!

        It would be great blessing to have a person like that who would really love us and show it impeccably, without a trace of suspicion upon them. 
       The life is so burdensome even to take a simple decision is a problem. Let some some loving son or loving daughter or loving young friend decide things for us, and that would be a great blessing indeed. 
          Francis Bacon says in his essay on “Marriage and Single life”That a man needs a wife in his young age as a companion, in his young age as a mistress, and in his old age as a nurse” 
      MEN how selfish they are !!! Wanted to have a woman in their lives to cater their needs as a companion mistress and a nurse !!!:?what would be her plight then? Can he fulfill the same roles in her life? Wish to have such men and  sons and daughters or an young friend  in life.

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