distant mountains are smoother…


distant mountains are smoother…

We all ways live in hope, hope for the tomorrow, hope for the future, hoping that something good would happen and something beautiful will happen. And also we look to the distant lands, dreaming that they are the most beautiful lands to go. many times we will be utterly disappointed, not only that we will be completely devasted psychologically. Friends and relations promise us that they would show us a colorful life if only we go to them. Once we go then the real life we taste. I know an uncle who was a godly man, very good and gentle, when he became sick , his friends in USA promised him that if only he would come to them from India, they would take care of him in every detail manner. But once he left India along with his wife life they faced here was terrible. Aunty was telling me that they had done grave mistake by coming over here. We lost that dear uncle , he breathed his last in utter disappointemnt and lonliness.
He was a great hero right back in India, everybody loves him so much. he did so many great things for the poor and needy and the church.
That is life. People come to america most of them thinking that they would enjoy life to the uttermost. Relatives visit them with great hopes to enjoy life with great colors that they never imagined. But once we come here, the life is not so easy to live. first of all there is no chance to go out and visit friends, and see the places as it was in India.
The distances are too vast. the transport is too limited. Driving licens is a myth, and drivin it self is an ordeal as the rules are queit different from any country in the world. Yeddam ante theddam is a proverb in telugu. Whole consider to drive sitting on the right side of the car, but americans think sitting on left side is correct to drive the car.
while we travel on the road we consider that we need to drive on the left side road, but here they consider that right side ride to go. when we switch the light we switch it downwards, but here the switches would be upward to light the bulb. These are the only a few examples to make us confused here.
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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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