My old friends.. and the lives (Part 2)

There she was cool and quet beautiful , tall and well dressed up with good make up , kajal lipstick, I introduced myself saying ” I am Leela, are you Dr. Nirmala?”  “Yes I am Grace Nirmala “said she with a grim face. I wondered, and thought, she must be a little
above our range of friends, I smiled and went away from her.  She was supposed to take a class for us , we went to an International Huggai Seminar in Hyderabad.We were given very good accommodation, and food in good hotel. We had nice time together , that was the last but one day of the seminar.  She was supposed to spek in the after noon session, we all sat for lunch, the seat beside me was vacant, I saw her coming towards me and sitting beside me.

As usual the mates at the dinner hesitated to speak to this posh lady, but I started some casual conversation with her, every one left the table but we both were still digging into our plates, there was still more time to go to rooms and refresh and come back to the class.

I asked about her, she told me that she is a gynecologist ,  When I asked her about her family she had a very sad story to tell me.
That brought us together so close , so knitted together and made us friends forever.
We love each other from the core of our hearts, though she is the most famous doctor she is the most humble friend I have ever, all ways find time to talk to me and exchange certain inner life issues with each other.

I visualized her story, in my mind, I like to write it here as I have it in my mind according to her version of the incidents happened in her life. I will try to put it here as coolly as possible.

“They were on holiday, went to beach to relax and enjoy the cool breez in the evening, After relaxing for some time on the white dunes of the sand, her only son and her husband thought it would be more funny if they could swim in the waters for a while. She relaxed more on the sand leaning back and looking at them as they splashing the water on one another.  She praised God for such wonderful loving husband and the son, ‘its His grace’ she reflected … the good old days so far.

Suddenly there was some horrible shouts at the beach  people running toward the waters, there she saw her husband and son were being washed off the shore further, they were breathless, shouting for help lifting up their hands, ‘help and help’   some men tried to jump into the water and tried to help them but the whirlpool sucked them at once.  People and she waited for an hour for them to emerge from the water, but no signs of them. Later in the late night their dead bodies washed to the shore  somewhere else.

She could not remember what happened then, not even a thing, she was in shock.. nothing look real, somebody escorted her to the hotel they lodged, somebody called her relatives, somebody put her back to home.

One minute and everything changed, it happened long back still the story is vivid in front of her eyes, she has not much to share about this, the voice quivers still, and the beautiful eyes has their traces of water… which were hidden back under the black kajal.

She is known for her compassionate service in her town, she worked for  patients, the cases which could not be dealt with also she did successfully because of her prayer life.  Lives alone in a big house, I thought of spending some days with her asked  her for a paying guest facility anywhere else. she said, ‘how could it be Leela , you have to come and stay with me’ that is all. ”
Though we met three years back the emails, phones, and other things go regularly. Hardly I spent 5 or 6 hours with her in Hyderabad, but the love of God implanted an indelible print in our lives.  We both knew we are going to be good friends for life. and that is true.

I will write another friend doctor’s life in next episode.

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