Old and present friends … life stories in short (Part 3)

        Sweet smiles on her face for every patient that comes to her clinic, she comforts them with her skillful physician hand. There on the wall   a poster explaining that Jesus is the only Healer and Comforter of everyone.    There were New Testaments available to take away in OP for the patients.  She is slim and fair, tall, and in Venkatagiri starched handloom sarees, with short leaves and diamond bangles twinkling now and then, just as her smiles on her face. 

When she got married she did not know the Lord Jesus christ, did not know how to pray. She loved and married a christian doctor who is a Pediatrician, then she learned to love the Lord, pray, listen to the Word of God and read. 

Her parents live just 60kms afar, in a nearby city. Every week end she visits them along with her two little kids, it was 2000 August, she met a major car accident her two boys aged 5 and 6 were killed on the spot, she escaped with deep injuries. 

  Story did not end there, she recovered later, physically, courageous,  and started her life, again, got pregnant, this time her baby is aflicted with autism, furocious, unctrollable, again second pregnancy got a girl baby, a little too childish to her age. 

Life goes on, but I see the beautiful mother in her, there are many problems in life in and out, never she is disturbed. Prays and submits her life to God. She loves her children, especially her autistic boy, works for him day and night, works for him , made him a champion of swimming, got some state level awards.

For some the life is bed of roses, the thorns are invisible, but for some life is bed of thorns.. still the oozing blood could not disturb them they live like the roses on the thorns. What we learn and what we do not learn from them left to the learning heart of people. Those who go deep into their lives, those who have a desire to learn from other lives have this wisdom awaits to grab it. 

  Life seems to be good for some one not so good for someone, bad for some one and worst to some one… still Life this life given by God is a gift.. only His name and His blood gives us to forebear everything in it. God bless these dear friend of mine. Whisper a prayer for her. You will fall in love with these wonderful people, I thank God for He has given me such beautiful friends in my life who trust you and still a blessing to others in spite of the terrible things that happen in their lives. I question myself what faith I have ?What am I in comparison to their love , faith, or devotion to YOu Lord. They are tested and pruned in the fire of life, still shining as the stars on this earth, the rarest phenomenon of the creation of God.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.