Games and playing in childhood.

Games and playing in childhood.

                            2013//  Today I went out for a walk along with Jessica, it was hardly five or six houses away, but we had a lot of fun while walking.
she talks non-stop tells me everything as if I am a little kid, I feel its nice to be treated as a kid sometimes, wah, she was telling me that I should not walk on the road but only on the foot path, for which i exclaimed and pretended as if I come to know of that new piece of information just then.
She cautioned me not to walk near the water holes, and I should be very careful there. later she picked a number of acorns telling me that she would like to plant them and see how they grow into a tree.
I told her she better take a little seed and plant and see how it grows. The acorns were in the dried up flowers, so she was so excited to see them, saying that she never knew that the acorns will be in the flowers like that. we had a nice inspection of different flowers all through the foot path,
I told her we used to play with marbles the play named “Gachchangayalu” and showed her how I could play the same game with the acorns.
she was astonished the way i played by throwing an acorn into the air and picking another one from the table and also catching the acorn in the air at the same time.
I told her we used to play the same game with tamarind seeds, and with nice stones, and also marbles and with gray colour seeds which just look like acorns in our area.
She was so happy to know that and asked me whether i was playing that game with my dad, i told her ,no it was was with my friends.
It was really nice to recollect all those old childhood plays once again and playing them with my grand child.
We also used play a game called Dhadi, where we used to make chekers on the ground, with a chalk piece, if it is in the sand we used to make the pattern of the game with our feet. we have to jump and play that game all the time. It was the most wonderful game.
and another game Ashtachemma, and also dhadi sitting on the floor. we used to play hours together, and another game called Vaikunta pali, that is the present day “Ladder and snakes” game like.
We used to play carems, cards, and dhagudu muthalu,
and many others. I used to have a lot of clothe pieces for my toys. Most of the time the we were making them of with the palm tree leaf, or some times wood toys too, we used to have one male and female toy we used to dress them differently with the clothes we have and perform marriages to them.. and used to bring some rice and cook on a three stone oven. without the knowledge of our parents.
I learned to prepare kites and so me and my friend Manorama used to fly them and enjoy a lot. me and my another friend Sobha used to have a lot of fun on summer afternoons, when elders were taking rest in the home we both used to sneek out and throw little stones at the palm trees and get nice tasty ripened Eetha kayalu. and chinthakayalu, and seema chintha kayalu.
These trees are in and around our compound. some times we used to make paper boats and see them how they travel in the puddles of the rain water in front of our house.
Once when I was in my fifth class I read a story book , in fact I was reading books right from my 4th classon wards, like chandamama, and many story books which were braought by guests to our home. those stories were about the Bhoja raju kadhalu, and Bethala kadhalu, every month we used to get chandamama to home, in one of the story book i read one of the prince became a stone and could not move, then another princess found him as a stone and she cut her finger and poured that blood on the statue of the prince and he became alive.
This i liked very much and I thought it was true, so I took my toy prince and pricked my little finger with a needle and rubbed that blood on it. Alas nothing happened, I was really really disappointed .
In our school we used to have a lot of green ground, so we used to roll on over it make our clothes so dirty. we used to play Sthambala aata too. On our way home from school there was a tall tree with white flowers with a long tail , we used to pick them in our frocks, and we used to make long garlands, by plaits of those tails, we used to call them Thokamalli puvvulu. My mom used to take the seeds of pumpkin and rub kachchika podi and spread them on cheta, and dry them on the top of the roof, after two days, we used to sit and open those seeds and eat the inside pappu, it was so tasty.
Life was full of mysteries, we used to make fans with palm leaves and run on the streets so that they can whirl round and round.
Later I learned cycling, in our town Machilipatnam., only me and daughter of the District judge used to cyle to school, The judges bungalow was in three acres of land, whereas ours was in half an acre only, she was such a beautiful girl, we both studied in Lady yampthil school in Bandar, another name for machilipatnam.
Real play time I had had when I was in the 4th class on wards to 9th class, i.e., from 9 years to 13 years of age.
we used to play many other games like Chemma Chekka, oppula kuppa voyyari bhama, vaana vaana vallappa, gudi gudi gunjam, kaalla gajji ,dhadi ashtachemmata, carems, cards, collecting guru ginjalu, so on and so forth. and even once i made dung cakes along with my friend shoba to put them on muggulu in front of our house. We used to wake up early in the morning and wait for the cows to cross over our ground, and waiting for the dung of them we both used to run to them and bring them to make small balls and keep them on the muggu we made in front of our house with some flowers on them. and in the evening we used to take them and hit them on a wall , and make a hole in between them. later when they were dried, we used to make them into a dung garland to burn them to a special festival called Bhogi,
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