God chaseneth ……


God chaseneth ……

God teaches many things when you are alone, when you are depressed, when you are discarded, but its very difficult to us to listen to His voice and learn His ways, in that situation. We are bewildered, unhappy and struggle to find ways and means to get out of that situation. But God would not allow us to come out, here I see His love, this time. Here I understand, the meaning of the verse, ” He chasteneth them whom He loveth”– All these years, though I know this verse very much , I was scared to understand it, or meditate on it, for I was afraid to be chasten by the All Mighty God,fearing I will die. Feeling I will face horrible things in my life. But now I understand that because He loves me He is allowing me to stay alone, all the desires of being connected to the dear ones of my fold vanished away from me completely now. Only now I understand, that I should not strive for that much longed position of Mother any more. Yesterday I attended a wonderful meeting meant for the Single women, who are separated, divorced and widowed like me and who are leading their lives lonely though they have nieces, nephews, and children, the way they are conducting themselves really an eye opener for me.
Its a difficult task for us to move from one stage of life to another stage of life. Like when we were much pampared by the parents at home, going to school , leaving them was a difficult unwanted task for a while. Later we adjusted to it, and could not leave that stage, unless we were promised for much higher stages in our lives. It was so when we get some job where we find its difficult to adjust till we learn to offer our best over there. So was with the case when we got married, the long life of married life was full of adjustments, and with ups and downs, though we put up a very beautiful appearance of good examplary couple to the society. But in all these stages we enjoyed life, we were not left alone. Once you are asked to quit the job because of ur age, and once the much attached life partner was taken away from your life, taking new twists into our lives make us worried, depressed, and lonely. To come out of that stage also need some some time, for some people it would be only one year, and for some of us it may take ten years, or more.
But surely we will come out; in the beginning days of my bereavement I started to translate a wonderful book by name ” Do not waste your worries” into Telugu language. This book consoled me and gave me much strength, to face the world.
There is hidden treasure even in the worries, tears of our lives.
only when we dig them and treasure them and use them then we can be useful to us and to others.
But this lesson is too costly to be understood and to put it into practice.

How I wish the Lord God be my Redeemer, and let me learn these precious lessons of lonely life. May the good Lord be my Lover of my soul, and guide of my thoughts, and help all my friends who are going in this path.

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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