Life is an adventure.
when I say so, do not think I am telling you a scary Friday 13th stories , or traveling into the dark wood, or wrestling with highway robbers, or jumping from your terrace.

No, No , NO.. ” its your attitude, its looking at your life  with courage and determination, living in the ‘moment’ expecting a great result, while waiting in the presence of God”

so far you had the more or less much morose type of my journal accounts of prayer and waiting.  One thing I want to tell you very clearly, that I was a good looking and God fearing girl, myself, waiting for  a letter of my marriage news from higher authorities; I determinded to be with God alone, no other things, just like I used to prepare for the public exams,  I was not talking to any one else, I secluded myself in my lonely room with my bed , easy chair, and table and chair with Bible and ODB and my little red journal and pen.  That is all, I entered into this room and the constable used to bring some breakfast and coffee for me, afternoon lunch I used to go out and eat alone on the dining table. and again retreat back into the presence of God, nights i skipped the dinner, and pray late into the nights.  Thank God I was a lecturer and we used to have two and half months summer holidays in those days, June is the last month of holidays, College reopenes on 13th of July.  So I was spending in His presence to get an answer for which I was praying… !!

Just go back with me, “Why should I pray so much for “the marriage and for a letter?” What made me to pursue so much in prayer? Can’t I just pray once and be of myself, jolly go lucky.. every cheerful girl I had been?  Remember God spoke to me the very first day that He is going to “confirmeth the word of His servant”  If He did not say that , that day, I would not have so  much passion to pray for this match.. of course I could have told myself, if not this match another would come, what is there?  I have beauty, good structure ( you know I was an Airhostess in Air India for a while) good job with a very good salary, I need not worry for “this match and a letter”,  why should I?”

The Soveriegn God brings us to the situations to prevail in prayer, heed His voice, and obey Him , then and then only we see His hand in everything.   God intended to tell me something, something more than just a promise for the marriage.    He made me to taste the first phase of His promise,  ( again I thank God for those days, where no concordance  and google to get the answers quickly, )  I had to wait upon the Lord patiently and soberly.. There is grace in such periods of time.   Wait in the Lord and know that He is good.

Are you ready or not, know that Life is an adventure for those w   ho wait upon the Lord.   With all the winsomeness and wisdom I had expected I encouraged myself to transform these very common regular situations of life into experiences worth living and adventurous.   I all ways question myself.. “Why not?” instead of “Why me?”  I learned to capture each moment and savor the present  –good or bad . Past never bothered me, no regrets for it, what is done it was done, I learn to embrace to my dreams in faith.    I am fond of adventures of this sort, dreams of this big, I like to take risks, rise up to the occasion,  and here are my wonderful adventurous stories ( pardon me , they are not juicy stories.. never and ever)

Therefore I have these adventures with God, you too can have them if only you could take time to spend at His feet like that beautiful soul, Mary Magdalene with her alabaster perfume box.

My little red journal records the great news in simple words  its a great day, and I had no words to write…20/6/1979  12:30 noon,

Thank you Lord for the date is fixed.  Just now we recieved a letter from Br. Joe.  You are faithful and caring me. —-Lord I feel still I am in some drowsy reverie,  cant come out of the dull and sweet prayer mood of the past few days… Oh Lord, its over, but cannot believe this.. my mind is playing tricks on me..

Lord … cheer up my heart.  its like dream still, as many other dreams I had had during last few days, … I am not still awaken .. Lord, Oh Lord cheerup my heart .. In Jesus name Amen

6pm:    Lord I am so happy.. for you got me through this tunnel. Lord be with me.. I am just happy.. Thank you Jesus!!    The letter from br.Joe goes like this::

( wish I could scan it and post it here.. but for the time being i type it as it is)

My dear Mr. Naganna 
 ( that is my dad’s name)               

          I met Mr. Yesuratnam on Tuesday and informed him that the wedding will be at Bezwada on July 6th morning at 8:30 at Rotary Club Hall.

            We have our Sunday services in this hall and it is a decent hall.

     Rs.650/- to Rs700/- will be your reception expenses. As people will be anxious to leave for their offices, soon after the wedding service at 9-45am , the reception will take place and the guests will be given a paper bag with sweet and savory etc and a cup of tea.
         Then for the family members and small group there will be dinner at our Bethel prayer hall (where Wednesday and Saturday prayers will be conducted)

(so with other instructions to whom to contact for other particulars was given.) 
 later it is written 

 Yesuratnam will give a ring to Leelavathi as the token of marriage, I myself gave only a ring at our wedding. 
The boy will buy his own clothes and your daughter hers.   
       With christian greetings and prayer that you will come through fully to the Lord.    
                                          Yours in Him  
                                      Joshua Daniel

Dont think the matter ended here and I was on the cloud number 9, no not yet.  The real time to climb that cloud came later.

22/6/1979     6pm  Friday                FASTING DAY

Dear Lord.. give me the Spirit of Prayer abundantly.. Lord there are so many minute things that have to be blessed by you .. like,,

Purchasing of saries, gold, travelling , emotions, words, behaviour, reception , my manners and there after life.. ( I saved money for my marriage expenses, and I gave that amount to my dad)
Oh Lord.. I am going to enter in a new life.. Oh my poor heart it shivers inside, Lord, i have so many unknown fears. Lord I donot know who he is, how he looks, his temperment, his views, his way of life.. and I must adjust and content with all that are new hearafter.  FAther, do I have that capacity? Can I be successful .. Oh ..yes Lord. yes,    //selah//
yes yes Lord, If  I love him all things are possible.. Lord let me not hurt him anyway as I often kicked your love foolishly, you have been so patient and so loving .. you are bearing all that I am, Oh Lord I am a weak vessel I donot know how to be obedient.    Oh Lord teach me and give me wisdom in this regard.. Lord made me a wise woman, a woman precious than rubies( our wedding message given by Br Joe was on this verse, A woman precious than a Ruby.. from proverbs 31)  Help me to walk with Thee from the very first step of my married life….. I LOVE YOU Lord..
in the name of Jesus
Lord I promise:
If he despises me—I must pray for him earnestly
If he suspects me—I must show myself worthy in You
If he get angry with me–Lord help me to love him                                                                          more    If he makes fun of me—Lord give me forbearance
Lord , If he loves me—Lord help me to love you more                                and more and be thankful to you.  Lord a sort of fear takes hold of me.. I am afraid of this entire new life.. Lord help me..Amen

Yes thus started my preparation of married life, with prayer.. and supplications, pouring all my thoughts and worries at His feet..
The last day before we go to Bezwada was the climax of the story.  wait for it.

I started this posting with the sentence that Life is an adventure, yes it is when you take the ‘moment ‘ of life and transforms it into prayer and expectation of the answer from Him . Try it and see it how it would be , I challenge you , God is faithful to take you into many more adventures… Life would be thrilling .. then

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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