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Happy Birthday ?


Oh today is my birthday, where is that enthusiasm of old good times, children are far away, friends are busy, this empty nest, and empty mind boggles me a lot, now i am 56 years old, should i feel gloomy or joyful? Certainly there are so many things to praise and to be cheerful, wah, i got good looks still, that same charm and gaiety spirit, strength to do things i like to do, good health still, wow, this is wonderful indeed, i can purchase whatever i like , eat whatever i want, and still digest and still can laugh heartily, and most of all i am independent.. doing things all by self …this year great achievement is, as my principal, has uttered, one more feather in my cap..is that i can drive my car go wherever i want to go. driving in this narrow streets of this big village is not a joke, though, and i praise God for my wonderful children and John,Jessica James, Elizabeth, and Annie, who cares for me and loves me just as i am….life is so wonderful only because of the mercy of God. whenever i kneel down i can not pray anything else except pleading Him to be merciful to me and to my children. Last night as usual, Happy has given her tips of Happiness, how i have to be happy on this particular day, thought i am alone. And at 3:30 early in the morning John called me to wish me Happy Birthday, what else i need, and James as usual so generous, to tell me to use some amount to buy the things i wish from his account. why i got so many blessings , such sweet family, though i am too far from each one of them our hearts and minds knit and woven in one beautiful piece of cloth which describes the beauty of the family given by God. where His love reigns, where His merciful showers of forgiveness and long suffering abounds, this is really something i just could not comprehend.
Once upon a time i was thinking that God is giving me all good things in my life because i was serving Him with all my might and with all my family. but now when i ponder over His mercies, i do not see any cause for his Unconditional love for me and my family. He is loving me just because he is merciful … i am wondering whether He is loving me because it was predestined? before i was born on this earth…?oh.. really there is no cause for His mercies for me.. there is basic known reason for his abundant love for me. oh how i wish i can love others just as He loves me, how i wish i can love them who hates me and treats me terribly, just as He loves me. i never love Him, i never do anything for Him, i am selfish, i receive all good things from Him but i never show any gratitude to Him not even by praising for all the things He does for me. i all ways complain that i am all alone, and i am alone, forgetting all the blessings i receive from Him endlessly. all the time complaining, NO NO, this should be changed, my attitude and my personality my life style should be changed .. Let people see how thankful i am for His mercies. Amen
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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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