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Herod Eaten by Worms

Sin of Presumption

  Herod Eaten by Worms

Tagore in “King of Dark chamber” beautifully quoted this,“We are the kings in the kingdom of the King of Kings. We can do what we like, yet,we do what He likes.

 God wondrously works in our lives!!  God has a plan, a design for our lives, beforehand, but He reveals it to us step by step, only when we seek to find it.  And we have to pray first, some people are under the impression, that God knew our needs and we need not pray. This is wrong concept, God knew our needs,even before we ask Him, He will see whether we yield to His will and claim His promise to do.

If we do not seek His Will  we will not know it,  we cannot see it, we will never know it. , we will never know the hand of God and His will in our issues of life. Keeping our supplications at His feet and waiting for His will gives us testimony,

Thinking that all our needs would be fulfilled if it is His will; or saying all that happened because of God’s will, is like depending on Fatalism. it’s  not Christian faith , When we need any thing, if you seek His will to get it, and having it by His promise, or by doing God’s will  needs faith.. Other wise it look like , as a child  doing some thing as he likes and asking father to give permission; or doing something and saying it was done only because his father granted. If we do not know His Will, we will never could glorify Him.. and thank Him. We will not have “a testimony “to share, then we would not have others who would glorify Him along with us .  Some people when they heard my story of this HOUSE, they too would say, even that they too got their house only by God. When I enquire how it was, they would say how they tried for money, how they committed debts, how miraculously they got it by giving bribe, how they went to the court to get the site etc etc. I am really scared to listen to such presumptuous stories.  King David prayed : “Lord let me not fall into the sin of presumption .”Let them not have dominion over me !  Psalm 19:13

People pray earnestly for many things, economical or spiritual gifts. Recently I read a book by name THE SECRET by Rhonda Byrne, in that book the author took many examples of many people how they gained the houses, jobs, etc etc just by the principle ” Ask, Believe, and Receive”,The author tells the reader should  be clear about what they need, have the picture of it in the room on the wall or on the table  say, a house, and ask her/himself whether she/he really need it, Then Believe that they possessed what they asked for. and they will receive it. Doesn’t it look like the Bible verses of Faith? NO, its not, its topsy turvy principle , Wrong side up,  car driving  in reverse gear. There is no faith or prayer in it, its like telling oneself that they need it, and believing it, and getting it, by using the powers of own mind. The glory goes to her/himself..not to God, not to His Word. The Bible says, ‘God is love,”1 John 4:8– but the devil says, “Love is God” –How can it be? Love cannot be God, Love is love, that is all. But God is full of love thereby God is love. Like She is kind, but Kind is not she. Rhond Byrne’s principle of ASKING addresses whom? Own mind. Her BELIEVING  whom? Certainly not God, her/his own self, GETTING from whom? They cannot say they got it from God as Abraham said God gave him Isaac. Rhond’s disciples believe that they GOT what they wanted by their own power of mind. Thus giving glory  not to God but to themselves. like Herod, “On the appointed day Herod, wearing his royal robes, sat on his throne and delivered a public address to the people.They shouted, ” This is the voice of a god, not of a man Immediately, because Herod did not give praise to God, an angel of the Lord struck him down, and he was eaten by worms and died.” Acts 12:21_23. Devil imitates, God, It uses the Scripture for its own use, and People are accustomed to listen and enjoys even if   the Devil  speaks from the pulpit.Knowledge, intelligence is available even from the Satan, because it knows how to use the scriptures for its own advantage, as it tried to tempt Christ Himself.  Therefore many people under confusion that whatever they get by whatever means is from God. What we get from God is first it is pure,”Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.James 1:17  Whatever we get from God does not change like shifting shadows.. it is perfect and above any reproach.. So when we say a house is given by God, there are two meanings, 1 You are well equipped with money and thereby you praise God that you bought a house from that money. 2 You sought the MIND  and WILL of God to purchase a house, when, where, for how much and get answer from Him and you restrict yourself only what was told by Him. So seeking God’s will need a heart which depend only ON HIm.  There is another way of claiming that the house is given by God, where the person made many debts  (LOAN is different), cheats, and grabs and says that God has given the house. So its very necessary to check ourselves how we are giving a testimony.

Don’t boast of your godly life, and don’t try to steal the glory of God.The Word of God is the living water, without that, whatever we boast of is presumptuous sin. And Herod did it and he was dead by worms, Stealing the Glory of God for self is dangerous.


Open your mouth WIDE, I will fill it up”  Psalms 81:10   We need to have a BIG mouth opened Wide to receive His bountiful mouthful of food. 


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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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