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His presence in oregon

MONDAY, JUNE 9, 2008

His presence in oregon

when Kamal told me about the church he has been attending in Oregon, and about the wonderful people in it, i longed to see them and pray with them. After all, what is that give me joy in my life ?except that i could be in the presence of the Lord worshiping Him along with like minded brethren? so i have decided to see this church during my short stay in USA..
I came on 14th june,’08 and the very next day we went to Full Gospel Church..all of them are from Kerala closely related to one another by one way or the other, and so very loving people, that i ever met.
i met Georgine an American who is now working in Bombay along with her pastor husband. There was immediate connection between us, and i liked her on instant.
And the rest of them are too good to describe. Br. Matt and his wife, and other couples like Pu. Virgheus, and his wife , Lynda’s mom, dad and sis and bro, so on the list goes.
Of all the people Binoy Kamal’s team member in Mentor graphics.. has become very close buddy.. now a days. we have a very good time together at home and in church. i will continue how God has given me His graces during my short stay over here.

Binoy is the one who created my account in gmail, and he is the one who created this blog for me to write all my feelings,  When he saw me writing my dairy /journal  he said.’Aunty you can write in computer in a blog of your own, and this is my first posting in my blog, and I owe him all my life for such wonderful introduction of writing blog which changed my whole life.Prayer has its power, even a whisper of prayer, sometimes just a wishful thought , wherein we just depend on Him to do it, would be responded by Him in a miraculous way, in an unexpected way, in way which we never would think of ; i know i would not be given leave any more if i ask my boss, because i already availed one month leave in the very beginning of this academic year. she told me so that she would not give too. so whats next, i have to pray, pray for the leave to go to Kamals wedding, in the last month of August, he said it would be on 28th most probably, that is my birthday, oh , how i wish i could just go there, so i was anticipating to take a flight and go, not knowing whether i could get even one day leave, but i trusted inGod that He would allow me to go for wedding, so i told kamal to pray for that. so the other day, in most unexpected way my boss told me that i can go to a seminar on HIV+ and Family Education in Bangalore and that the management would pay the Registration fee, and the dates of the seminar would be from 27th to 31, 2008; wow, i could not believe my own ears. My travelling expenses would be borne by the IGNOU , great, how come God could make everything possible in sweet and stylish manner. when i come out the Boss’s chamber, i was literally walking on the clouds. WE ASKED –HE ANSWERED once again proved, that God is faithful God in spite of ME. (continuation)

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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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