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His Will in my Employment



His Will in my Employment

(Ref: Penguin in a burrow chapter/Two gifts -One to choose)


 God knows which job is suitable to me. He knows the results of my “aptitude test. He waited till I finish all my own trails and errors, until I could filter three, which I thought suitable for me. I kept them in my prayer and supplications. I prayed my Lord to guide me to choose one of these three.  His ways are mysterious, and very transparent He leads us in perfect path just as He paved the path in the Red Sea.

Soon after I resigned the job in Air India as an Airhostess because of ‘bottu’ on my forehead was a mandatory. I returned to Vizag where my parents lived. I understood that knowing the Will of God in settling in a particular job is very important.  My counsellors were telling me that Lecturer job was suitable for my aptitude. My father enrolled my name in Employment Exchange in my B.A itself, and the director of the Exchange was his good friend, with his influence he was trying his level best to get a job for me in Government. I was getting interview calls for a number of jobs. But all the job interviews fall on Sunday. As my counsellors were Sabbath fanatics they did not allow me to go to interviews on Sunday. They said I should not go. So I obeyed them. I did not go to any interview by own will according to their instructions.

Whatever be the situation, I was completely obedient to their instructions, as I was just a child in my Christian life in that organization. Therefore I was not attending any interviews, or writing any exams on Sunday believing Sunday is Sabbath.  But the merciful Lord helped me to come out of this situation in a miraculous way inspire of my ignorance.

Sometimes God helps us even in wrong places, out of His mercy. When we follow Him even in wrong situations God helps us if we are really mean to follow Him and really love Him to obey Him, just as He helped Abraham, Jacob. Abraham was rebuked by the heathen king Abimelech, Jacob by ungodly Laban. God said, “Yes, I know that you have done this in the integrity of your heart, and it was I who kept you from sinning against me”  (Abimelech)

Yes when we do something  ‘with the integrity of our heart’, God sees it and helps us to come out of it when we seek the truth.  That is exactly what happened in my life. I believed certain wrong teachings in the church I attended; thereby God did some miracles to give what I needed at that moment. It does n’t mean that the wrong belief has become right. God just tolerated till I get thru.  Like He tolerated with Abraham, when he lied, Jacob; but God did bring them out of such situations,

God’s ways are mysterious, and they are golden paths forever. God’s compassion is endless. He endures our wrong beliefs and brings us out patiently, in His time. That is what I experienced in my life in case of Sabbath turning up into Sunday which is WRONG in the root.

Thereby my father was enraged and rebuked me very much. In home we had cold war.

But I was keen to know His Will in choosing my job. My little book Titled as WE ASKED and HE ANSWERED with two columns recorded in my prayer requests.  I noted down in it what I asked Him on one side, How He answered on the other side.—

  1. LDC JOB — / Answer                                                                    2. IAS  COACHING       /Answer 
  2. LECTURER POST / Answer  

                 The above jobs were written in one column and  the answers I get I would note down in the other column opposite to the requests, after prayer.

I was praying for His answers to note down on the other column.  These three options were before me and I was seeking His Will for one of them.

At that time neither I nor my counsellors knew that there were no Lecturer posts available for those who did Social work in PG. Only three colleges had these departments. at that time. After all these 45 years also only one extra college added to the list of those three college, in ANDHRA STATE..

About  IAS  Coaching:-

Meanwhile I got an answer from God about IAS coaching. It was in Jeremiah 45:5 One day God spoke to me straight to my heart.” Should you then seek “great things for yourself’? DO NOT SEEK THEM.  That settled by great question for Higher Education especially IAS cadre. I stopped to go to the coaching; I dared not to tell my dad about my decision,

One day he asked me how my coaching was going on. I in tears told him what God told me thru Jeremiah 45; 5 that I should not go ‘for great things like that’. Oh the Hell opened its mouth, I would had drowned into it if not my mother did not come in between me and my dad who was about to beat me black and blue. That entire wrath turned toward my poor mom, instead of me. Days were going on terribly and horribly, I used to remind myself, the verse, in Romans 8:36;

As it is written: “For your sake we face death all day long; we are considered as sheep to be slaughtered.”—No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through Him who loved us” 

I was not daring enough to lift up my face in front of him, nor could I look into his eyes to speak to him, I know I offended him much by resigning my good job in Air India, for which I myself inspired many hopes in his heart. I wrote wonderful letters from Bombay, telling him that I got very good job and I almost going to finish my probation period, soon I would get good salary and I prefer him to resign his job and come to Bombay with our family. I promised him I would take care of my sisters and my parents, by providing good house and studies. I told him I would take him to different countries free of charges twice in a year. All these promises I made for him were nullified and I resigned the job just for a ‘BOTTU’, and without his consent I did it.( Bottu is mark of an idol shiva’s third eye which the Hindus put on their forehead between the two eyebrows. They also call it as Bindi, and in Air India as Tikka)

Now I came back to Vizag and eating in his home and searching for a job, and also disobeying him for all the good plans he had for me. Which father would tolerate a daughter like me unless they know the ways of the Lord? My dear father did not know Christ in his life at that time, and he felt I became as a religious fanatic following crazy church elders, counsellors who were insisting that I should not go for interviews on Sunday he was also under the impression that they only provoked me to resign Air Hostess job on pretext of not to put bottu.. All most all of the interviews from Employment Exchange fall on Sundays only. And I was not attending those interviews.  I used to hide the interview card without the knowledge of my dad and when dad enquires of the interview, and I used to answer him that I did not attend because the interview was on Sunday. The life in the family was like a battle.  My tears of agony were flowing unceasingly day and night. My bed and pillows were drenching in my tears all the time. Fear and anxiety took hold of my poor 22 years old heart. “ I was worn out from my groaning. All night long I flood my bed with weeping and drench my couch with tears. Ps 6:6

. I was like the deer running for life from the arrows of the hunter.

Life was miserable and sometimes I cried bitterly telling my mom, that I was not deserved to eat food, remembering the verse from the Bible 2Thes 3:10; “This we commanded you, that if anyone would not work, neither should he eat.”   


About  LDC  Post:-

Well, one time I got an interview for an LDC post in a reputed Government Organization. They interviewed me and asked me to work on typewriter to test my skill in typing.

Later they announced that, that particular job was given to me, and that they were about to hand over the employment order to me. I was waiting for it in the corridor of the office. Then I saw one boy dressed in poor attire running towards the office where I was waiting. He went into the office and later I saw the manager coming out along with the boy to the place where I sat. The manager said, Madam, this poor boy attended this interview, he came from a long distance, and thereby he is late. This post LDC is such a low post for your qualification. Even if I give it to you it would be only a ‘stop gap arrangement’ for you. You will get a better job in course of time for your MA qualifications; actually this job is for BA qualified person. So if you do not mind shall we give this job to this poor boy?”

I am surprised even now for I did not know why I gave my consent to him by accepting to give away my job to that boy obliging the request of the manager. I was the one who needed job desperately. Who will give away the job earned, to the other? Was I fool or was in the Will of God obediently following the instructions of the Holy Spirit?  I cannot answer now. But that was the thing that happened, and without any guilt I returned home. Sans job, sans regret.

So the two items in my prayer request book We Asked – He answered about the jobs I was seeking were now eliminated and stuck off.

Now only the job, Lecturer was left. So I was praying desperately for it. So also was my Vizag counsellor, Mrs. Ruth Jacob.

Research Assistant

I got a small job as research assistant and I started to earn Rs.200/ per month, I left a very big job in Air India which had promised me a great future and prosperity, and now I opted for a small job like this. My dad thought that I became mad, by doing whatever my mentors were telling me. He wrote a very angry letter to the Head of the Church, accusing them that they were spoiling my bright future.  This I did not know at that time, but later I got the information.

When I was asked to fill up any application for any job or higher studies, I was not willing to fill up the blank opposite to the issue, Religion. I was insisting that I would fill it as Christian but not as a Hindu.  My father told me to apply for higher studies and do ‘PG in Education’ by joining again in the University, or I should go to IAS coaching along with another girl who was the daughter of a judge.  For anything I had to submit application to join, there I need to fill up my applications as Hindu, for which I vehemently objected to write, and I insisted that I would apply as Christian, for which my father was very angry again and scolded me shouting at me.

One day he shouted, ‘Where it is written that you are a Christian?’ I was weeping bitterly then when I heard him shouting ‘ where is it written that you are Christian, I got a bright idea then and there, I told myself in my heart, ”Good,  I will get a certificate that I am a Christian  which could be possible only by taking baptism.”

Though my dad was shouting at me, and though I was weeping bitterly, suddenly all my tears stopped, and I got PEACE in my heart. Yes there is a way to apply any job as a Christian, and not as Hindu, I was ‘still’ for a moment, with great joy and peace in my heart. Anybody if they happened to see  me at that moment could never understood how my demeanour changed in a second, cool and quiet without any tears, almost hiding my smile under my lips.

Joy springing within, in times of persecution is possible; if we could hear His voice at that moment.


‘ So I worked harder in KGH as research assistant, from 8 am to 8 pm everyday in hot summer, saved every pie to go to Madras to attend a Retreat, where I could take Baptism.



My father had good respect to the local evangelist so he did not object me to go to church. Then with the money I earned by helping the Research Scholar was spent to go to Madras where I attended May Retreat and took Baptism. And I was succeeded to get a certificate that I am a Christian.  I went to Madras, (now it is called as Chennai), to attend the May Retreat. I told my counsellors that I want to take Baptism but they objected, telling me that my dad was very angry with them and that he wrote an angry letter to them saying that they were spoiling his daughter that is me. And they advised me to wait for some more time to take baptism . So I could not convince them about my need for the Baptism.

One of those retreat days, while I was sitting and praying in the big prayer hall, I saw Br. Joe standing on the dais , so immediately I got up and went to him and told him that I wanted to take Baptisim.

He said, ‘Ok take”

“Brother but they are afraid of my dad.” He laughed and asked me

,”WHO?’ I turned my head towards the rooms beside us and said .

 “They”.   I answered him with wry grin on my face and turned my head towards the rooms they stay pointing them with my eyes..

He understood immediately because there was his sister, and mother and other counsellors stay.

He laughed and said, “ Ok, but you are ‘major’, know ? Sister?”

Immediately I understood what he meant by that, I too laughed happily and affirmed, “Yess Brother” a bit louder,

We both laughed aloud knowing the meaning of the situation. (Becoming ‘major’- means one completed the age of 18 years, and they are having freedom to vote, to choose any one to marry, and to choose any religion to practice or to do any work in which they are skilled.)

That night I fasted and prayed for my baptism, I got guidance from the scriptures about Baptism,

Acts 16:11-15 ;  Especially the verses 14, 15 the verses– talked to me straight to my heart. I took baptisim certificate and came home.

After I came from the May Retreat I was insisting that I will apply for any job or any higher education studies only as a Christian but not as a Hindu. I was stubborn, my father was roaring like a lion for my obstinate behaviour. I gave him very tough time by disobeying him for the Lord.  When man’s word contradicts the Lord’s word we should obey only God was my principle. So I was ready to face any consequences at home, but while humbly and obediently disobeying him.

As my dad was terribly angry with my “Sabbath rules imposing on Sunday”, and thereby not attending job interviews on Sundays, I was put in flames of fire, every minute. I became lean and fearful. Every minute was a test to live or move in front of my dad. I was too afraid to appear near my dad. I could not bear this anymore.   I started to pray in tears, as per the advice of Mrs. Ruth;   ‘Oh Lord please do not send any interviews on Sunday because I cannot face the wrath of my dad anymore.”

I prayed earnestly. I did not know that I was praying amiss, but my intention to love my God and follow His path was true and sincere. God looked at my integrity of my heart. He also saw how I  was oppressed by the counsellors in this regard, He who found Hagar in the desert showed His mercy upon me. He proved Himself that He is seeing God once again.  Hagar gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her:  “You are the God who sees me,” for she said,” I have now seen the One who sees me  Gen 16:13—Hagar was not in the Will of God, yet, she was pitied by God,  so was I , though I was naïve in the things of God, but yet obstinate in following in the known path of mine, God was kind to help me.

Lecturer Post:-                    

One day I got comforting verse from the Lord, I Corinthians 10:13



No temptation has overtaken you except what is common to mankind. And God is faithful;                 He will not let you be tempted beyond what you can bear.                                                                            But when you are tempted,                                                         He will also provide a way out so that you can endure it.”

As my job in KGH was over and not knowing what to do, one day I went to the University and met one  Christian professor, Jaya Sthothram who helped me to get KGH job previously.  Except him all other professors of mine especially KV rman was angry with me for I left AitHostess job for the sake of bottu, he even said, that,” I must say that you are a stupid to leave such good job” and was reluctant to help me to find any part time job. Only Jayastothram was kind enough to guide me because he was a Christian and understood my plight a little.  So I request him to guide me in job searching.

He casually said,” There are no jobs available presently but try in a college, I came to know that there is new college opened in Rajahmundry by name Rajylaxmi Women’s college where the department of Social work is going to be opened. You try that, apart from that college I do not think there is any other college opting for Social work in B A degree studies. I think there is another college in Eluru, St. Theresa’s college, which is a catholic college, but I heard that post was filled in and there is no vacancy there too.”


I came home and counted the few coins I have in my little purse. They are not enough for a registered post. I have the testimonials and other copies of certificates attested by the gazetted officer, who was none else, but my father. But I did not have enough money to buy postal stamps to post.  I counted the few coins, and bought stamps from the post office nearby, and send a registered post with my copies of certificates to the Principal of Rajyalaxmi College Rajahmundry. Then I was left with only 25 paisa stamp which was an ordinary postage and also not enough for such bulk of copies of certificates to send. I did not want to ask my father for money, so I sent the cover only with 25 paisa stamps to St. Theresa’s college, Eluru. Not with much hope that it would reach them due to less postage stamps

.I was sincerely praying for an opening in Rajyalaxmi College and begging God not to allow any college to conduct interview on Sunday.  I prostrated in a closed room and claiming the promise on 1 Cor 10:36 “do not send any interview on Sunday, because I cannot bear this temptation, and YOU promised me that you would make a way for me to escape this sort of temptations which are beyond my capacity.”

That was the only prayer for a few days, and on one Saturday evening, that was my Birthday evening , I wore a saree dad bought for me as of previous years.  But I felt ashamed of myself to wear it thinking of the unceasing love of my father for me though I was disobeying him all through. I was weeping on the mat where I prostrated and praying and asking God to deliver me from this suffering.  I opened my Bible once again to read the same promise, begging God not to send any interview on Sunday and for the post of lecturer in a college.

Then there was a knock at the entrance door, I got up and opened the door, there stood the constable, and orderly, with a post card in his stretched out hand.

He said,” Sir(my dad) went on a camp and this card on your  name is in the  of your father, so I brought it for you.” Thus saying he handed it over to me and went away.

You just cannot imagine the joy I was showered in at once seeing the card. It’s not an ordinary card its miracle card.  It was from Sr. Principal, Josephine from St. Theresa’s college Eluru. It was typed post card. It’s written as this, “You are hereby informed to attend an interview on Sunday on 5th September, 1976 for a post of Lecturer in Social work in our college. Attend at 10am at our office.—Sr. Josephine (Signed in Green Ink) 

The strange thing is with the same ink the card was corrected, as instead of Sunday it was written as 1st Wednesday September,>and with the same green ink she signed as Sr.Josephine

. Can you imagine how I felt in my heart? It was something I myself could not explain it in words. The presence of God filled my heart, body and the room at once. I prostrated again on the mat on the floor, and thanked God resting on His feet. No words to express. I stayed like that for awhile and got and at once I opened the Bible and my yes fell on the verse. Joshua 1: 9

“Have I not commanded you?                                               Be strong and courageous.                                                   Do not be afraid; do not be discouraged,                             for the LORD your God will be with you wherever you go”

Can anyone describe this situation? No, no one could understand the way I felt. The way I enjoyed the downpour of His Holy Spirit filling me, my whole body was warm and rejoicing I felt like I could stood up and jump with joy. But I did not. It was like I was in some other world which I never knew before.

My mom and my sisters went to cinema so I had no one to share this joyful news immediately. (Thank God we did not have phones or mobiles to talk to, and thus loose the Heavenly presence at that time, by calling them to tell anyone the news     (Slowly I came to senses, and I could share this piece of news only on next Monday evening prayer session where I  met Mrs. Ruth Jacob.

Her eyes lit up, she almost cried aloud to her husband Br. Jacob, “Hubby see, what happened here” Looking at the post card,  she was saying “this Lecturer post is only for you Leela, see what great promise you got in’ Joshua 1:9.” I was still numb in eternal joy, and slowly woke up to realize that something great is really happening when I was hearing her joyful tone.

In that same utopian mood I got into the train to Eluru where my cousin brother Vinod came to receive me, and took me to my uncle’s house (  Mr. B.V.Raju, the post master) on 31st August to attend the interview on next day i.e., 1st September. My Uncle took me to the College, seeing that there were none called for that interview, he said anxiously to me, “Leela, it seems no one was called for this interview, except you, so I will go and tell one of my friends who was also a great friend of the principal to recommend this job only to you.”

 I said, Uncle, God is my recommendation. So do not go, but wait here for me for a while.” At that moment I was called into the Principal’s room for the interview and I went in.

There Sr. Principal Josephine and Vice principal. Sr. Placida were sitting, and asked me some questions about my education, Specialization  etc one of those questions was , Why I took Baptism and turned up into a Christian.

I answered her very briefly, like this:


                  ” I attended a Revival meetings in Vizag in my MA previous year;  there I was convicted of my sins, so I confessed them to my parents, and I restituted those things which I took wrongly from my friends, and also reconciled with my foes with whom I quarrelled, while I was trying to set right with people I wronged, I search the Lord, and begged Him to forgive me.

          The Lord led me to have faith in His Sacrifice on the Cross,  I trusted God that He forgave my sins through the verse Colossians 2:13 to 15 where it was written all my sins were nailed to the Cross and that He forgave all my trespasses. Then I prayed for taking Baptism then Lord spoke to me through the verse, Acts where Lydia took baptism her whole family took baptism 16:14-15

(One of those listening was a woman from the city of Thyatira named Lydia, a dealer in purple cloth. She was a worshiper of God. The Lord opened her heart to respond to Paul’s message. When she and the members of her family were baptized…”)


After a few more questions about my subject, she asked me, “Can you take class and teach now?”

It was a surprise to me, I said,

“Definitely Sister, but can you give me 5 minutes to prepare?”

“Sure” She answered.

“Please I need to go to the Library for a few minutes” I said.

She called for the Library attender, Theresamma and told her to take me to the Library.

She took me there and showed me the book shelf of Social work subject. I stood in front of it, closed my eyes and whispered a prayer to my Lord. “Lord help me to choose a book to prepare for the class” and then I opened the shelf. There just in front of me was the little book which I often referred in my PG studies, “An Introduction to Social Work” Written by D Pal Choudhary.  Immediately I took it without wasting any time and sat in a chair and prepared the lesson.

Later I was taken to a class of final years, where all the Heads of the Departments, the senior most lecturers were also attended. This I was least aware of, because I did not know them. I did not heed their presence, because only His presence was encompassing me at that hour.

Again sister principal called me to her chamber and asked Sr Placida, “Did you check all her certificates?”  She replied, “Yes sister, they are perfect.”

I was expecting her to tell me, that, :”Ok you can go now, I will let you know about this job by post”

I was looking at her steadily rcprctomg he above statement, and then she asked me,

When will you come and join?”

 I was not prepared to answer this question, but I managed to answer her, saying,

Can I have one week time sister?”

 ‘NoNo, you should come back within four days and join, that is on 6th September” (Monday)

For which I agreed and took leave from her and went outside where my uncle was anxiously waiting for me, and as soon as he saw me, he blurted out, “Oh sorry Leela, the man I told is on camp, I could not contact him”

It’s alright Uncle, the Lord has given this job already to me.” I said happily.


By the time I went home, my dad in uniform, sitting on the cot opposite to my mom’s bed, who laid down there with fever. Seeing me she was burst into tears, saying, “What happened Leela?” I knelt down at her bed asking why she was on bed, and replied her, “what else would happen mom, I am selected as Lecturer” and burst into tears. Do not know why I wept but I wept very much. Just before I entered into the house, my dad was saying to my mom sarcastically, “Do you think lecturer post is so cheap? Do you think she would get it? Even if she get do you think she would work in it? “—

I could not look into his eyes even at that time. But knew he was very happy with this news.

He took me on his motorbike to the clothes shop and bought three new sarees for me.

After I joined the job, my colleague who was resigning the job and created vacancy, Mrs. RaghavaRani told me , the reason for her resignation of the job.

It was a long story which we can’t imagine. It’s not mere vacancy. It  has long twisted miraculous history behind it. God when He brought the Israelites He performed so many miracles in front of their eyes; He did not prefer to bring them to the place He intended just like that without any miracles. Moses and whole congregation saw what all those miracles He performed to bring them out.

Just that story repeated in my case with different colour and shades.


This social work department is usually not opted by Government or Private Colleges. Because the Public does not have proper understanding about this Professional Social work like in foreign countries.

Only Christian colleges like Maris Stella in Vijayawada, St. Theresa’s college Eluru, and DNR college , Bhimavaram opted for this BA Social Work subject.  These colleges recognized the value of this subject as in foreign countries, where Social Work is a professional course, and every field in welfare sector need personnel to nip the crime and problems when they were in bud stage itself.

They employ School Social Workers in Schools and colleges to guide and counsel the students, teachers, and parents to solve the problems.

Probation Officers, and Parole officers are taken in Correctional field who are qualified in    Criminology and Correctional Administration Social Work;

Community Social Workers in villages, as Group workers, and Case workers are employed to help the Community problems acting as liaison officers between Government and NGOs and the public.

The Social workers are employed as Labour officers in the industry sector to solve the problems of work force and as Liaison officer between them and the Management.

They are employed as Family Counselling Officers in the Family courts to solve the family problems.

They are also employed as Psychiatric Social Workers in the Institutions’ for Mentally challenged and as Medical Social Workers in the Government Hospitals.

Em;oyed as Women welfare officers too.

Even the Private services sector seeks their expertise services in their own organizations.

This sort of atmosphere we see in the Developed countries like USA and UK.  In short we can say that these are essential to solve the causes of the problems in early stage than to try to solve problems when they roused beyond repair.

These are called Professional Social Workers employed by the Government)  Not knowing the fact, that Andhra Pradesh had hardly any courses opted for under graduated course in colleges. We were ignorant of this situation  I and my counsellor  were sincerely praying for a Lecturer job which was very rare in colleges.

  1. LDC JOB — NO                                                         2. IAS   COACHING          NO



Story of the Valley of Vacancy :-


Only Christian colleges like our college recognized the value of the subject and opted for this subject in colleges.


When this college first opened this department, they employed one Lecturer Ms VijayaLaxmi, somehow her way of dealing with the students and fieldwork was not accepted by the present principal, so before she became a permanent member of the staff, principal wanted to get rid of her, so she tried to terminate her services, but that particular lecturer was not willing to accept her termination without valid reason, which she demanded.

Therefore sister principal winded up the department itself. That lecturer went to the court to sue on the management. Ours Aided College and Management has every right to appoint or dismiss the staff in any given time. But this lady was quiet influential and went to sue in the court. Sister took the help of a famous lawyer in the town, by name Sathyanarayana and won the case.

She did not open the department immediately but waited till his daughter Ms.Raghavarani finished her Pg course in DNR College in Social work. For her sake she reopened the social work department and gave an employment to her as a lecturer in college.

Mr Sathyanarayana got his daughter married to a well educated boy and took a house for rent just in front his home and settled everything for her in fine way. She was working in the college since two years by then. She was very much liked by the staff and the principal.


But we have to remember here that I was desperately praying for a job and that too for Lecturer job.  I was praying for it for three months desperately, June, July and August.  At this time God looked at Ms. Raghavarani and her husband. He loved them so much that He wanted to give them better life and move them from Eluru so that I could get a job in her place.


Therefore He created a greater job for her husband in America, he promised his family and to the principal that he would not disturb the academic year, and he would take Raghavarani only after one year, after he settled in America. But within one week he started to give cables asking her to resign the job immediately and that she should come and join him in America. Nobody knows what to do. Sister Principal was at bay, she cannot relieve a lecturer just like that in the middle of the year, so was telling Raghavarani to convince her husband to accept her to work till the end of the year, but in vain.

But I sent an ordinary post cover with my testimonials and certificates to apply for this job. Sister thought to have interviewed on 5th September, but the pressure from Raghavarani husband was much so she preponed it to 1st September that is from Sunday to Wednesday.


Later after I joined as a lecturer in college I talked to the typist Beulah and asked her, ‘why the date and week day in the interview card sent for me was changed, whether sister principal told her any reason’

. She said, “ No Miss, she did not tell me any reason. She asked me to type the card for the interview on 5th Sunday interview , but when I took the card after I typed she struck off the date and week day and wrote with her green ink as 1st and Wednesday and then signed.”

That is the story behind the screen. And in His great mercy. God gave this job to me, in middle of the academic year, a sign of His presence once again, Its a great miracle. He protected me  in cloudy pillar and fairy pillar, day and night  and brought me thus far.


Doing the Will of God even in my search of the job was a sweet story to be memorized by me to be told by me generation to generation. Recently I realized that my generations are not only my biological generations but Spiritual generations, which is a great promise of God.



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Hello All! I am a retired Lecturer, Former Air Hostesses, and a writer. I love to share MY STORIES, WITH MY GOD.

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