Holocaust -(Part.1)-Israelite, chosen people of God?



God brings right people at right time, they say. God brings everything, yes, everything including books, documentary movies, information from Internet, Old books, even an opportunity to worship Yeshua in the Jewish Church, witnessing the Jews worshipping, singing songs , and proclaiming the Missionary work back to the Jews in Russia, Poland, and proclaiming the Good News of the Salvation of Christ; yes everything He brings to us, exactly depending upon our thirst, hunger, searching for the TRUTH.  I have eternal questions in my mind since many many years. Since I read the book,”Tortured for Christ” by Richard Wumbrand, in 1974, When I read that book I was in my room in Police Inspector’s Bungalow of my father, in my room . While reading the book , I remember, many a times I got up from my bed, or chair, knelt down and prayed in tears, “Lord, in case I have to go through these trails and torture like Richard Wumbrand, Can I keep my faith in YOU? Please Lord Be with me, let not my faith leave you!!”—Later I read  his other books “God’s Underground Church”  and then his wife Sabina’s book “The Pastor’s wife”  in 1975, 1976 . Later I read the books of Corrie Ten Boom ,  “The Hiding Place” “A Tramp for the Lord”, In My Father’s House” ;  Then in `1995 I read “Anne Frank Biography”  These books bought endless questions in my life, Why”\? Why?  God chosen people suffered so much in their lives, in concentrated camps , and in Gas chambers, in Ghettos? I also saw the movies on Hitler read about him in Reader’s Digest, wondered why he hated Jews so much and murdered them. Is it because in the Bible when Jesus was crucified they took a large active role and judged him unjust fully shouting “Let His blood be upon us and upon our children”?,Matthew 27:25 ? Why there was such horrible suffering of Jews in the history?  why Jesus told the women of Jerusalem, “Do not cry for me, but cry for yourself and for your children”, why He said so? Certainly He foresaw the fate of Jews in coming years!!Luke 23:28.–And in 2018  in Melbourne it so happened I saw the documentary films, World War !! in hd colour; Oscar Schindler’s List; “Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution”    Yes I do know its not possible for me to study the whole history of World War ! and World War !!; Knowing this very well, this morning with so many questions in my heart still lurking in my mind, I sat in the presence of God in my quiet time hours with Him alone, at my table, Today’s portion is Romans ( 9th chapter, from 6th verse the Lord revealed to me many surprising things to my mind, Though I read this chapter many many times in my Bible reading since 1974.  This I will unfold one by one in the next chapter.


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