Holocaust -(Part.3)-Israelite, chosen people of God?

Romans 9:26th verse:-  You are not my people, but this Title has been changed as ” “Sons of the Living God” –in the very place. that place where you brought shame to His name, where you defamed His wonderful name, God wanted to tell the world that you are His son/daughter of Him.  27th verse, Israelites are like the sand by the sea, spread all over the world, every continent, every corner of the world , they became too proud, to tell others that they are children of Great Patriarch Abraham, and their God is only One, Yashua, I AM I AM–but God says that “only the remnant will be saved” His sentence is upon the others.  verse 28th.  Isaiah 10:22,23 Though your people be like the sand by the sea, Israel, only a remnant will return. Destruction has been decreed …”God has special love, otherwise the would have become like Sodom, and Gomorrah. So What shall we say?   The gentiles who did not pursue righteousness, obtained it;   HOW? by FAITH !!          But Israel also pursued righteousness  by LAW  , did not obtained it: Why? Because they pursued it not by FAITH.  but tried by their WORKS.                                                        They stumbled over the over the a STONE a small mistake, kicked the STONE, By rejecting Christ; the Rock of Ages.  Isaiah 8: 14;28: 16 He will be a stone that causes men to stumble, and a rock that makes them fall .He is a “trap and snare”   “…he will be a stone that causes people to stumble and a rock that makes them fall. And for the people of Jerusalem he will be a trap and snare.  “He is a Spirit of judgment”         HOLOCAUST   Isaiah 8:15 Many of them will stumble; they will fall and be broken, they will be snared and captured.”   I lay a STONE- a precious corner stone for a sure foundation. Jesus is the corner stone,  One who falls on this stone will be broken to pieces; and when it falls on any one, it will crush him.”Matt 21:44′ This prophesy was forewarned to Israelites but they are too proud to accept they did not know the scriptures they wanted to crush this precious corner stone, instead they were crushed under it.    One thing is very very clear. ” One who trusts in him will never  put to shame.  Ps 19:1–4  “The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge. There is no speech or language where their voice is not heard. Their voice goes out into all the earth, their words to the ends of the world.” Recently I met an young charming Professor in Astronomy from Melbourne University, Dr. R. I asked her how she found interest in this subject, she answered   that her great great parents and grand parents and her parents are in this field, and so naturally she is.  I asked her, ” Do you believe in God?” she said she is not.  I asked her the reason, she said, the world is so vast and after death we chemical beings suck into it. I remained her the Psalm 19:1-4 that the Universe she is studying itself has a language and voice to proclaim the glory of God. and quipped at the end that ” You scientists answer every question of us which starts with “How?” But we who believe in God knows the answers for every question that starts with “Why?” The first chapter of Genesis gives every answer to the questions why this universe was created, why it is so orderly, and why it is still there ”   I  told her seek God in the Universe you studying” I met her in the Melbourne Rotary club programme. There is no excuse to any one to say, that they do not know God, and His beloved begotten only Son, Jesus Christ of John 3:16.  Most of all, Israelites who proclaim that they know God never can be excused by their rejection of Christ, the Messiah who walked among them and lived with them for 33 and half years. Crucified and died, and rose again on the third day and appeared to more than 500 people at a time.       Giving word of God to jJews, praying for them is the duty of the christian world.

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